The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Importance of Liberating and Blessing Our Ancestors

Dae Mo Nim
December 12, 2003

From Dae Mo Nim's speech at the 621st 2-Day Workshop
(Dae Mo Nim's words at the 621st 2-day workshop, December 12, 2003)

I do not detest people who come to see me, no matter how heinous a sin they have committed, because I know that behind each individual there are obviously spirits that manipulate his character, lifestyle, and way of thinking. If these spirits are liberated, then s/he can become a beautiful blessed family member. So why would I detest such a person? Since I know that spirits are behind the sins committed, I do not hate an otherwise detestable person. Rather, I feel pity for the member and want to clean out the spirits.

It is difficult to remove those spirits with only the aid of the angels. So it is wonderful that in this present age we have absolute good spirits, our ancestors, to help us. With their support, nothing is impossible. Through the Ancestors Liberation and Blessing Ceremonies, the blood lineage of our ancestors is transformed and they become absolute good spirits that can help us.

Human history until now has been the history after the fall of Adam and Eve. The resultant blood lineage is therefore evil. If you go to the spirit world and ask someone, "Are your lineage and ancestors evil or good?" and they cannot find any absolute good ancestors, then they are certainly of the evil lineage.

The absolute good spirits! "Absolute" spirits means that they are flawless, clean, and absolute good spirits. They become ancestors worthy to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. They become part of God's bloodline, God's lineage. This is the work of the Ancestors Liberation and Blessing Ceremonies.

We do not know when we will go to the spirit world. We may go there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, in a year, in ten years, in twenty years. No one knows. The Ancestors Liberation and Blessing Ceremonies, centered on God, restore absolute good ancestors and an absolute good blood lineage. It is truly amazing.

It is wrong to think that we can live on our own, without the help of the spirit world. We absolutely cannot live well without the aid of the spirit world because of our sin, evil, satanic characteristics, and lifestyle in the present era. So we have to liberate our ancestors as quickly as possible. If possible, we should participate in the first Ancestors Liberation Ceremony for each new set of ancestors. You can receive and live with more blessings if you come to the first Ancestors Liberation Ceremony for generations 85~91, the next group. Waiting to liberate your ancestors means you are that much further behind. There are people who are liberating generations 1~7 or 1~84 this time. The longer you wait, however, the later you receive the protection of goodness.

The people who come to meet me in the Prayer Room after the 2-day workshop are those who have not liberated any ancestors or who have only liberated up to the 14th or 28th generation. People who have already blessed up to 77 generations do not seek to meet and consult with me. Why? Absolute good ancestors are helping them so their difficulties are being resolved. Hence, their lives become joyful and happy.

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