The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Living Life With God

Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim's Speech at the Graduation Ceremony for the 777 Couples Wives 40-day Workshop)

God and True Parents' Blessing

It is a big deal for families when the mothers come here for 40 days. It really is. But have you thought about how much blessing you have received? You received so much. We have received both physical and spiritual blessings and this cannot be exchanged for anything.

Satan had developed the world until now and this put God in a position where He could not be liberated. God is surrounded by light. But the absence of absolute good spirits or absolute good people meant that He could not help us directly. This was His situation.

However, the age when God can help us and work with us has arrived. True Father said that this is the age of "the settlement of high noon." He said that God can work with us when we live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, as well as with one heart, one body, one mindset, and one harmony. Yet God knows even better than we do that we have been living mired in evil and Satan's influence for 6,000 years and that this lifestyle has become habitual.

God asks, "Are you able to live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience while living on Earth?" but knows that our reality is that we cannot. He knows how our lifestyle habits have come about. Therefore He says, "Have the desire to live without falsehood and to come step by step before me, and when you draw near, I will work with you." Do you believe this? (Applause)

The Lifestyle of Asking and Reporting to God

A lifestyle of always reporting to God and True Parents is necessary. Even if I am just sitting down, I report, "Father, these kinds of situations arose today. So I did this and this today, what do You think?"

You need to be charming with God. He likes softness. God really loves a child-like lifestyle. Therefore ask Him, "Is this pretty to You?" even when you put clothes on. When you put clothes on, stand in front of the mirror or in front of True Parents picture and ask, "What do you think?" "Hmm, that color isn't so good." "Why is it not good?" "There are more workshop participants who don't like that color. Everyone is supposed to live for the sake of others. So from my point of view, I wish you would change before you go." Do you believe this? (Yes) This is really how it is.

Even when you buy one item of clothing or a pair of shoes, have give and take with God and True Parents by asking, "What do you think? Are these shoes good or are those better?" Beginning with such a lifestyle of reporting makes it easier to come close to them. Your sensibility develops.

Even in your families, you have to think, "We live together with God. God is watching us," and keep your houses clean. We do not know when God will come. He may come at any time.

We wear comfortable clothes while doing work out and around the house, but after the work is done, we have to wear clothes that are beautiful and clean in God's eyes. We have to become people who can live like this at home. We have to attend True Parents in our families with the heart that they will come at any time, and to change ourselves within this lifestyle. Do you understand? Thus, when you go back to your family, I ask that you invest your best effort to create a true family.

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