The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

The Fearful Reality of the Spiritual World

Dae Mo Nim
November 24, 2002
549th Chung Pyung Special Workshop
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

What I see and feel whenever I go to spiritual world is that the spiritual world is in one word a fearful place. I know all the methods not to be captured by evil spirits and Satans. I know so well how to live in the spirit world, how to avoid, what place is hell and what place is the bottom of hell. Even though I know all this, it is still scary. I don’t want to go there and live there. However, we are now living in a very fearful environment. Currently, we are surrounded by many spirits. Also in our bodies, there are countless number of spirits, countless number of sins - ancestral sins, collective sins and individual sins - and a great amount of fallen nature. Even the environment that we are living in is fearful, but when I go to spiritual world and see there is completely no peaceful place in the world that spirits are living in.

First of all, there is no freedom. Brothers and sisters, have you ever lived a life with no freedom? What comes close to this on earth is living in a prison. But living in hell is much more fearful than staying in a prison and that is the current world that spirits are living in.

Therefore, the pain of our ancestors or spirits living in these places are indescribably great. Indeed, one day feels like one thousand years. These are such fearful words. However, when someone seunghwas or when someone who is not blessed passes away, members come to Chung Pyung after 40 days or after 100 days. However, if they truly knew about the spiritual world, they would come to Chung Pyung right after the seunghwa ceremony. Brothers and sisters need to have the heart to send their parents or relatives, as soon as the seunghwa ceremony is over, to Heung Jin Nim’s Training Center, where there is no suffering, by coming (and liberating them) at here[Chung Pyung Training Center]. But since they don’t see[spiritually] nor have any sense[spiritual], they are so absent-minded.

In all aspects of our lives, we are faced with many difficulties. The only way to solve these matters is by getting help from our ancestors, after we liberate them and after they are made into absolute good spirits. We cannot live if we do not receive help from our ancestors.

Why is it this way? Adam and Eve fell. Because Adam and Eve became evil people, were there any absolutely good people that could give-and-take with God? No, there weren’t. The whole mankind has been made after Adam and Eve fell? Whether on earth or in spirit world, mankind is not of goodness. It is of evil. Mankind has a blood lineage that is made up of fallen nature, hereditary sin, collective sin and individual sin. All of human history since 6,000 years up to now has been centered on evil, not goodness…

In your reckoning, you think that Paradise is not as good as the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven but is a place that one can live. You can think like that, but evil has already passed by Paradise. Evil has passed Paradise in making it into its world.

The sun rises from the east. Where does it go after it rises from the east? It goes to the west. But on the contrary, evil has risen from the west, has passed Paradise and has come near where God resides, occupying 80 percent of the spirit world. As there will be darkness if the sun sets in the east, evil has started from the west and went where? Evil has come more and more and has made the whole world like a shadow. It has created darkness. It has already passed Paradise…

But how many people are there centered on Adam and Eve and Satan. There are many on earth, but in spiritual world there are more than several hundred billion of them, more than nine hundred billion. Therefore, it is a completely evil world. Also on earth, it is a completely evil world.

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