Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Special 12-Day Period of Separating Spirits Given to Blessed Families

Dae Mo Nim
September 8, 2002
Chung Pyung Training Center
539th 2-Day Workshop

The absolute good angels, who were liberated in the Total Liberation Ceremony of 6,000 Years of Providential History and were blessed, will come here in a few days. When do you think they will come?

When they were educated for 100 days in spirit world, they looked around all of spirit world. Until now they were Satan, but now, from the position as absolute good spirits, they completely looked at the world they made. And they are making plans on what to do from now.

On September 12, they will come here. After coming here on September 12, for twelve days they will have a great event. They will do great works.

Our members now think that they are healthy, they have nothing wrong with them, and concerning the 2nd , 3rd and 4th generation, there is nothing wrong with them. But when I look at them, that is not the case.

Nobody knows when, where, how and what will happen to them. To that degree, there are countless number of evil spirits that they(the once fallen angels) put into our bodies. So, more and more, evil spirits are taking possession and control over us to create diseases, to give us pain and to prevent us from living with our own (sane) mind.

Now, there will be many people among us who will say that they are spiritually the master. In other words, in the world there will be more and more shamans and spiritual mediums. If there are those among our members who say they received a revelation, saw a vision or heard something spiritually, they should not believe in it. If you hear such words as, "You are the Lord," "I have come to you," or "I am so and so," you should not believe in it. The age has come when Satan will say to us that they are the masters.

So, before the restored angels do works on the people of the world, these 12 days are set so that they will separate spirits in the blessed families. Before, there was a nine day concentrated period of separating spirits. Many miracles were made. But like last time, I did not sent out an official notice.

Last time, members came whenever they had time. If they wanted to come for the evening holy song session, they came for the evening session. If they wanted to come for the morning session, then they came in the morning. Especially in the case of Korean members, they came in tour buses and left.

However, that will not be the case this time. Members will have to spend the complete twelve days in the training center. During the twelve days, members cannot come and go as they please. Do you understand what I am saying?

During the twelve days, the (fallen) angels, who were liberated in the Total Liberation Ceremony of 6,000 Years of Providential History, now as absolute good spirits, will separate the spirits (in our bodies) because they (the once fallen angels) made it this way. In other words the generals are coming. Do you understand? (Yes) They know all about what God created, and they made all of the world into evil and (full) of diseases.

I donít want this to happen in the No. 8 Hall. I want this to be a period of grace and that, if it is possible, members, who have diseases, pains and difficulties, to come and fill up the Main Hall, Small Hall, the No. 8, No. 7, and No. 6 Hall so that even the Tree of Love Square is filled up.

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