Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Way to Live Well: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience

Dae Mo Nim
August 24, 2002
Chung Pyung Training Center
537th 2-Day Workshop

You should realize that the age has come when absolute good spirit world must help you in order for you to live well. You should understand that the more God comes to your family, the better your family will live and that if God does not come to your family even once, your family will crumble.

Therefore, you should lose the type of fallen lifestyle that only I want to live well... You should lose all your bad habits and you need to go to the direction where God and True Parents reside.

Today I will teach you a secret on how to live well. If you attend God and True Parents well, then you can live well. Do you believe it? Through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, your family needs to attend God and True Parents...

I asked God, "What kind of family is it most difficult for You to visit?" God replied, "A family that is fighting." What is the kind of family that Satan likes best? It is a family that is fighting with themselves. The only way to attend God is by the family members not fighting with themselves, by the husband loving his wife 100 percent and by the wife attending her husband 100 percent. Where else would the wives practice the life of attendance? By attending the husband, you are attending True Parents, and by attending True Parents, you are attending God. Husbands need to give absolute love so that the mind and body can unite, and wives need to return with beauty.

In ourselves, we should not have any fallen nature. In all of us, when we look at each individual, each one of us has fallen nature. Envy, jealousy, hot temper, complaint, displeasure, all of this is in us. But we think we donít have these characteristics. That is the problem.

These days there is a message that I am giving to our members. All the sins and evil have been made into our fallen nature. Sin! More than being frantic to take off your sins, you should be working like crazy not to commit sin. Also, absolutely do not smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs. God canít come to you if you do these things. Since you give off the smell of hell, He canít come.

Next, other than your loving husband and wife, do not look, touch or eat the fruit of another woman or man. After the Registration Blessing, there is absolutely no forgiveness. But after year 2002, August 25th, is there forgiveness or not? You donít know how big of a liver one member has. Even though the member knows about the root of sin and the original sin, the member fell. Where will the member go 100 percent? To hell, lower than hell. The member will go to a place that is several hundred meters below hell. The member will live in a place where there is no freedom, no love, no light but just darkness. Absolutely you must not look, touch or eat.

And you should fear public money. Tithing money, 10 percent of what to earn or receive, is public money. Next, do not violate peopleís hearts. In order to attend God, you should use good words, nice words, thoughtful words and words of love. God does not come to those who use words that express their hot temper, words of jealousy, words that express greed and false words. Words of love! One has to be like God for God to come to the person.

Whether we live well or not all depends on our lifestyle. From now, we should practice well a life of doing kyungbae (bowing), and I ask for you to be members who go to church on Sundays.

Fellow members, from now, it is the age when anyone can attend God and True Parents. As I mentioned before, it depends on how one lives whether one attends God and True Parents a lot, a little or not even once. So therefore, the way for a family to live well is by attending God and True Parents a lot. And I ask that we, all centered on God and True Parents, have the heart of a owner to restore the whole heaven and earth and practice this in our lives.

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