Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Notice for the Special 537th 2-Day Workshop

Dae Mo Nim
August 18, 2002
Chung Pyung

The 537th 2-Day Workshop, which is held on August 24-25, has special significance because the spirits, who were liberated on April 4th, on the lunar calendar 2002 on the second month, 22nd day, 22nd hour, 22nd minute and 22nd second and were blessed on July 13th, will return to earth after 40 days is over on this workshop.

Dae Mo Nim said, "When it became 2001, through True Parents special privilege of their victory, they performed the Coronation of God's Kingship, and they performed the Ceremony for the Total Liberation of 6,000 Years of Providential History, and the Blessing of spirits who participated in the Ceremony for the Total Liberation of 6,000 Years of Providential History was held. And after the Conference on the Unification and Settlement for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, goodness is completely developing. When is the point that absolute goodness is starting? We are looking at August 25th, 2002. God did not show his omnipotence up to now, but when August 25th comes, the precious age when God can show His omnipotence will be unfolding. This will be the age when you can see with your own eyes when goodness will develop and evil will gradually collapse."

We invite you to come to the 537th 2-Day Workshop when absolute good spirits will return to earth and when absolute goodness will start. Please come and attend and listen to Heung Jin Nim's and Dae Mo Nim's valuable message, participate in the holy song sessions, and also through the lecturers' words let us get rid of our bad habits and lifestyles and be reborn into new beings! 

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