Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Realm Of Life: God And Me Living Together

Dae Mo Nim
August 17, 2002
536th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Training Center

Goodness has also developed. When is the date that good will show its omniscience and omnipotence, stronger than evil? When do you think it will be? Starting from August 25th, 2002. The angels who became absolutely good and the spirits who became absolutely good, received the Blessing on July 13th, and went to spirit world will return on August 25th. What did they do to history for many thousands of years? They made it to destruct. They are the originators that made evil to develop, making history to destruct. They are the originators who made this world to be full of diseases and pain, making it impossible to even breath. They have great skill.

While educating them, Heung Jin Nim asked them, "How did you make this world so intensely covered with diseases and pain? All of you spirits and angels come out and explain." Normally, they come down after 40 days, but what is the reason that it is taking them longer? They are still reporting. "I did so and so to make human history bad. I did so and so to make human history bad." During the whole 40 days, they are disclosing about all the bad things that they did. Do you understand?

Then what will God and Heung Jin Nim do after they receive all these reports? They will say that since you became good spirits and since you were educated in the methods to develop a good world, can you do as you were told, in the opposite way(from evil)? In the past, evil advanced and but what will develop? Can you be individuals that can develop goodness? They said, "Yes."

No matter how intelligent and capable Lucifer is and no matter how much he knows about Godís omniscience and omnipotence, does he know better than God? No, he doesnít. Who is there together with Godís omniscience and omnipotence? When will those, who completely led the world, work with True Parents? August 25th is the date when the good world will begin.

Therefore, True Parents said that now, "If you do not live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, then you will be faced with difficulties. You will come to ruins. So, through absolute love and absolute obedience go into Godís realm of heart, His realm of life." The rally is to say that this realm of life is embarking.

We can think, "A few days ago, there was the Settlement Rally. Why do we have now the Rally for the Realm of Life?" However, now is the age when God and True Parents is starting the realm of life of the absolute good world.

Therefore, all aspects of our life should be absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and we have to go to the direction where God and True Parents reside. What is that direction? It is the way of living a Principled life. It is not just knowing the Principle in our heads. We need to change so that we can live that way. Therefore, now is the age when God can come inside of us.

Do all of you members have an absolute good spirit inside of you? You have one. How was it made? The spirits, when you came here, sang in the holy song sessions and dusted them off, became absolute good spirits and returned inside your bodies. Therefore, inside our bodies there is goodness. Consequently, God can dwell inside of me, I can dwell inside of God, and God and me can live together.

God, who wants to come to our family... The age has already been made for God to already come to us. And I asked God, "God, did you visit our families?" God replied, "I did." But I asked God what was the most difficult families to visit. What kind of families do you think they were? The families were ones where the couples were fighting. You all should not forget that Godís purpose of restoration is to realize true families.

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