Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

God Who Gave A Present Of Love

Dae Mo Nim
August 3, 2002
The 534th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Training Center

I want to express my thanks to you who came instead of your ancestors. When I came to liberate the 49th to 56th generation ancestors, I told them (57th generation ancestors), "Just wait a little bit more." The father and mother of the 56th generation ancestors are the 57th generation ancestors. When the son, the 56th generation ancestor, came to be liberated, he said, "Father and mother, please wait just a little bit more. Even though it is not filial to go ahead of you two, the law is this way, and I canít do anything about that. But since our descendants have five months, when it is time to do the 57th to 63rd generation ancestor liberation ceremony, I will make them to be there on the first day." When the parents and child were in a difficult place and the child was able to come out from that place first, how difficult his heart must have been when the son knows about that fearful place.

You donít know how much the ancestors of non-members grab onto me saying, "Please liberate me as well. If you first liberate me, then as an absolute good spirit I will witness to my descendants." Whenever this happens, I hope you understand that I want to persuade them, and I want to scream and convey, "I wish this world quickly knew God and True Parents."

So on this wonderful day, when the 57th to 63rd generation ancestor liberation is held, what kind of present should I give to you? I pondered a lot about this. Your ancestors are very excited. Because among all our members their descendants came on the first day, they are so grateful, and they donít know what to do. I found your ancestors and put them below the Tree of Love, and since it is raining, I said, "I am sorry." As I passed by them, they said, "It is alright. We are sorry for giving off a bad odor in this clean place. We are sorry that figures such as we came to a clean place like this." With this happiness, what should I give to our members? What would be good to give to you as presents?

The reason why I think this way is that you donít know difficult it is for me to find your ancestors, when I see scenes of them in pain. I hoped for many people to come today. Also, yesterday, there many people were here, but as if they had no relation to their ancestors, as if history has no relation to them, all of them went away.

Because I had the heart to give a present in front of the footsteps of the figures that found their way here, I asked God, "God, all those who knew went away. Those who were here went away. The ones who are most lacking in this world, the most lacking among blessed families came here. Please give them a present." I donít how I look in front of you, but my eyes have become swollen. Because I cried a lot and was holding on to God, my eyes became swollen, and I canít open my eyes.

In order to give you a present I said, "God, please give it to them. God, please give it to them. The most unfortunate people of this world came here. Please give." After I said this, God replied, "I will give." Therefore, after we do the ancestor liberation ceremony and after we eat, I will give it to you. Are you looking forward to it? (Applause) If it is a whipping, how come you are clapping? What will you do if you get a whipping of love? (Dae Mo Nim gave the Fulfillment of Hope candles to all the 534th 2-Day Workshop members after lunch on August 7th.)

We have come to a good age like this. When I lecture to people who donít know what kind of environment that God is living in, I get angry at times. In the past, God was a God of tears and a God of sadness, but now a days, God is so happy that He does not know what to do. Why? It is because God has come to the position where He can show His omniscience and omnipotence. It is because God can visit blessed families that were established since 6000 biblical years. Because God can be inside blessed families, God is so happy that He does not know what to do.

Do you think God, as a parent, wants to come directly to His children who are sick and who are in pain and cure them or not? Yes, He does. But until now, God was in an environment that He could not cure them. But now is the age when He can come directly and cure them. We came to an age where we are so happy that we donít know what to do. Therefore, I ask that all blessed families, different from before, can be members who can work to their upmost.

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