Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Difference Between Angels and Our Ancestors

Dae Mo Nim
July 27, 2002
The 531st 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Training Center

This time, I put your ancestors in your bodies so that they can separate the spirits. But there are some members who have not done ancestor liberation at all. Today, there are many members who came to liberate the 1st to 7th generation ancestors. But they are at a loss. Why? Your ancestors have gone into your bodies and are "dusting off" spirits. But for those who did not do ancestor liberation, I canít put their ancestors in them. Because there are no absolute good ancestors, I canít put them into the membersí bodies. Then do I leave these members with nothing? That is not the case. I put angels into them, but there is a big difference. There is a big difference from angels "dusting off" spirits and ancestors "dusting off" spirits.

The reason is that because the originators of the problem came here, it is easier to have an agreement. Our ancestors are very wise. They say, "Please come out (of the descendantís body) I have done wrong. First of all, come out and letís talk." They donít discuss from there, but they say, "Come out of there. Since the person himself (who cause the problem) came, talk to the originator (of the problem)."

Then since the originators (of the problem) told the spirits who have a lot of resentment that are inside the body to come out, the spirit come out. Then there is no time to discuss. As soon as the spirits come out, there are angels who take the spirits away. The angels take the spirits to spiritual world.

Then suppose members have only blessed (their ancestors) from 1st to 7th generation, and letís say a lot of family members came. Then how many spirits are there from 1st to 7th generation? There are not too many. Including the grandmothers there are 14 spirits. If there are more people who came to the workshop that there are ancestors, then I put angels in the people who are lacking (enough ancestors).

Therefore, it is best for you to do the ancestor liberation on time. And now, all of the world is dominated by evil spirits. All of the world, mankind and the great nature- all of it is dominated by evil spirits. In order to survive inside (this world), there needs to be many absolutely good ancestors. You should understand the truth that there needs to be many (absolutely good ancestors) in order to live with heavenly fortune.

Where did our fallen nature come from? It came from our ancestors. (Our fallen nature) is even now connected to our ancestors. Because through the ancestor liberation ceremony, the content that is connected (to us), due to the ancestors doing wrong, is cut off, the fallen nature that we inherited from our ancestors can be put in order.

Sin makes jealousy, hot temper, hatred, falsehood, greed, arrogance and complaint. It is important to separate spirits, but it is also important not to sin. In order to not call in sin, evil and spirits, we need to live with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. And we need to live in a way that we can forget about our (bad) habits more and more.

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