Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

True Parents Who Made A World Of Goodness

Dae Mo Nim
July 5, 2002
The 527th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung

Now the world is totally different. In the past, evil was the master of the world. The true master exists, but because we did not become Godís people, there are no people of God. The world is filled completely with people of evil. Evil ceaselessly lives as if it is completely the master.

You should be grateful, grateful and more grateful to True Parents. True Parents without looking after their family, without looking after the True Children, walked on a lonely path where there was no one else, with the sole desire to liberate God.

Imagine that you had many children but lost them all and you are all by yourself. Would your heart be in peace? Godís heart was also not in peace. Because there were no absolute good spirits God was so lonely.

True Parents who knew about this had the sole heart that "I should not be looking after my family, but rather I should liberate God and create an original world centered on love from the world that has gone wrong, since the Fall of Adam and Eve.

I said this to the Chung Pyung staff members, "Whether you look in the spiritual world or the physical world, it is like being inside a coal mine." Since your spiritual eyes have not opened up, you think that nature is just wonderful. But if you look spiritually, the world since Godís creation is like a world that has completely gone inside a coal mine. When God sees this, imagine how sad and troubled He is.

True Parents, who knew about this, worked like mad to liberate God and mankind and worked to make a world of goodness. Finally he liberated God. When? On January 13th, 2001. You, members, may think that the Coronation of Godís Kingship was merely just another event. But this is absolute not true.

True Parents broke through the evil world that has been covered like concrete where God, who was lonely by Himself, hid from evil, that came closer and closer, with His light, and True Parents made God to come out and liberated Him. True Parents allowed God to be in His original place.

Members may think why did God who is omniscient and omnipotent remain as He did when the world became this way. Why didnít God use his omniscience and omnipotence when members are living with diseases and living in pain. You could think this way, but God could only be this way because of the environment God was in.

But now, God has become free. Because God is in his original place. In the past, evil made a loud noise even coming to this place, but now is the time when good will act where God and True Parents are standing. Together with what? Because now is the age when God is acting together with absolute good spirits, you will go wrong or go to ruins if you go in the direction of evil by smoking or drinking alcohol.

With whose side should you go with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience? Where should you go? You can only live if you go where God and True Parents reside. God and True Parents and heavenly fortune are now working with us. Therefore, if you only go to that direction, then you can live in joy and happiness. Now we are living in a completely good age that if your lifestyle is in the way of goodness, without working like mad, you can live well. Really it is this way.

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