Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

True Parents of True Love

Dae Mo Nim
May 5, 2002
The 519th 2-day Workshop
Chung Pyung

What is it that we should understand about True Parents to be very noble? They, starting from the place of evil, went to the place where God resides and brought God here. If True Parents because of a personal reason, only took care of their family and themselves, if they lived, being elated from their emotions, then they would not have liberated God and could not offer the Coronation of Godís Kingship. If evil covered us up to our heads, we could not help but be forms that would be in pain from indescribable diseases and suffering.

We have to give thanks to True Parents for setting indemnity conditions for enabling us to be taken out and be saved from this sinful world. We have to give thanks to True Parents for living their lives with only unchanging and sincere heart to save us before our sins were completely filled and overflowing and before Satan and evil dominated us 100 percent. People, you should understand this well. There were many saints and priests. Where was the love and mental power of these saints and priests that they could rescue even if they had to take upon themselves their love for the sake of others and even if they had to sacrifice themselves? This did not exist. True Parents saved us before we were covered up 100 percent, and we should not forget to be grateful to True Parents and not forget to be filial sons and daughters for setting us up with a free body.

The age has passed where man can live by his own powers. Let us see you kick and struggle that you will live by your own powers. Man and what else? With spiritual world. Do not forget that the time has come when things will be realized when we are one with God, True Parents and absolute good spirits.

Do you all believe in True Parents? There are some here that do not believe in them. If you go to the Kingdom of Heaven, True Parents are there. When I saw this, I was so surprised. "Oh, the Messiah!" When the Christians who were against True Parents up to now were liberated and were brought to the Kingdom of Heaven and when they saw that True Parents were there, then they did not need to be given the Divine Principle and words. The Christians understood that True Parents are precisely the Messiahs. Do you understand why?

True Parents are eternal beings. Even though they are residing in the physical world, they also exist in the spiritual world. So even though True Parents later on take off their physical bodies and go to spiritual world, they will come to us. Therefore, before this happens we need to open our eyes, nose and mouth so that we can greet them. We should not be individuals that hold on to imposters thinking that they are True Parents. When Satan takes on True Parentsí appearance and appears before us, if we hold on to them thinking that they are True Parents, we will be carried away and be taken to hell.

Therefore, in order to be people who can truly see True Parents we need to take off evil spirits with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We need to take off the evil spirits that covered our eyes. We need to be individuals that can take off the evil spirits that covered our ears and we need to take off the Satans that covered our senses.

We truly need to be filial sons and daughters that understand True Parentsí sorrowful hearts, and we need to work hard thinking that in light of the way of Godís will that all that needs to be done is my responsibility. Also in the providence of Chung Pyung, if we just believed in Godís and True Parentsí powers and stayed still, then the work could not have been accomplished. The work could be accomplished because of the mental power to get things accomplished while truly investing everything in oneself. Therefore I hope you can inherit Godís and True Parentsí abilities and become filial sons and daughters who can invest everything that you have.

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