Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Notes from the 509 Liberation session

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim)
March 9, 2002
Chung-Pyung Training Center, South Korea
Translation by Mrs. Soon-Ja Park/Richardson
Notes by Carlton Johnson (incomplete, snippets...)

Featuring 50-56 generations liberation; Coincidental with The 19th 21-day workshop for Blessed Wives of the Registration

We came late into the opening lecture by one of the coordinators:

I. First Coordinator, conclusion of opening remarks:

Father is standing in the middle of War (at this time of securing the requisite conditions and foundation to execute this 144,000 couple Blessing of Christian Ministers/Spouses)... We must be taking particular care of the families who are on the front line. During this time period between March 1st through April 27th, focus with resurrected spirits. Centered on True Parents 144,000 minister couples must be restored, to open up Cheon-il Guk substantially, for Cheon-il Guk to proceed to be settled on the earth.

Such a grand investment has been made. Through the 21-days Blessed Wives workshop we are able to repent and change of our past mistakes, re-focus on the main providence. We, here, ourselves, must be able to create the atmosphere for victory through April 27th. Here, all the prayers we make shall be such a strong support. We must think aobut why we need this 21-day workshop: To reduce and eliminate our fallen natures; to resurrect the evil spirits in through and around us.

We must make ourselves available to God, through our renewed relationship with God and the highest spirits, we must be cleansed and made worthy to enter the holy of holyies.

I am the tool to be used by God.

Prayer is the breath of spiritual life. Our eyes, ears, and mouth shall be the tools used for love. We need to realize such a truth, throughout our lives, throughout Cheon-il Guk...

Again: let us support our National Messiahs on the front line. Let us ask our Heavenly Father to please guide us: for our eyes and hearts to be completely in that oneness, that same direction our True Parents are headed; with absolute Faith, absolute Love, and absolute Obedience.

II. Notes from Second Coordinator

(Shorter, more stocky brother, with the funny sense of humor--sorry I did not catch his name).

We are not so appreciative of light, of water, of air... simple elements we take for granted.

In order to come to Ancestor liberation we have to be responsible for some offering, financially. Isn't that right? Yet, in our innermost hearts, we complain, and wonder if we are not being deceived, cheated, being hoodwinked into paying 'indulgences' for safe passage... No?

What if we could have our spiritual eyes open and see our ancestors sitting in hell. We would be so anxious to speak about it to our relatives and friends; if we knew that someone like Tae Mo Nim could help find and retrieve them.

If, instead of Tae Mo Nim, we had to go ourselves, we would not care how expensive it is to be here at Chung-Pyung. But how flippant and carefree we are in considering our part, our conditions, our offering.

Even many of the elders and leaders wonder, those who have been in our movement for a long time. "The Divine Principle says this... the Divine Principle says that..." "It doesn't say anything about Chung-Pyung," they say.

But we believe, even through the Divine Principle, that more truth shall be revealed in the fullness of time. The Divine Principle covers up to the time it was written, up to as far as 1959. After that Father had the Blessing Ceremony. Nothing is written in the Divine Principle about that Blessing and the subsequent Blessings.

The process of 're-creation' is not written out clearly in the Divine Principle. We cannot say that "Because it is not in the Divine Principle it is not correct."

We all know, through the Principle, that Resurrection is, itself, a function of the times, the merit of the age. Upon the foundation of the Mosaic Law, Jesus came with something new, more wonderful: The New Testament. Through time... resurrection; through the growth stage.

In the Divine Principle, is there anything written about the removal of Original sin? In the first, original Blessings, to qualify we had to confess all of our sins and repent and accept pardon as part of the condition to receive the Blessing. Yet, from 6000 Couples Blessing on, our sins were forgiven upon easier and easier conditions. Father would say, subsequently, "I will not ask about your past... just repent and recommit..."

Because I am Blessed my ancestors can be blessed. They need the benefit of this physical body of mine. Because of the merit of True Parents, spirits can be blessed. Sometimes we forget how marvelous is the merit of the age, and how much True Parents have contributed to establishing and multiplying that merit.

But, as we get sick, we suddenly get the heart to connect to God. Even so, this way evil spirits can resurrect--though not all of a sudden, not without foundation.

This Chung-Pyung Providence: How Does It Compare With the Healings Jesus Administered?

Jesus went to Peter's house, sick children were brought forth for healing. Go back and read the accounts in Matthew, again: Evil spirits were removed. Jesus cast out spirits. After chasing out the evil spirits the various persons could be healed.

When the Jeong-Shim Hospital is open, there will be new evidence, new records, and new words will spread far and wide. Outside hospitals are they using religious ways? I believe in the new millennium very new ways of medical healing will be provided. Tae Mo Nim explains that 90% of the illnesses in the world are caused by the influences from the spiritual world.

Even after spirits are cleaned away, full health is not easily restored if the patients have waited too late to address the problem. Those who come early are more likely to go back to normal, and quickly. And for those who come too late, at least after ansu they will not have the pain, attendant to their illnesses. The pain will be taken away. Some who had advanced cases of cancer could not be healed completely. But there are several testimonies of how these patients experience miraculous cessation of pain, and lived out the remaining short time with little pain.

Comparable to the time of the resurrected Jesus, Three thousand people repented at one time. Here at Chung-Pyung, on one occasion 10 thousand people repented at once.

My youngest daughter could not study so well. She was always in the bottom of her class. Tae Mo Nim has explained that there are many evil spirits in our heads, and sometimes they keep you from being smart. To make a long story short... after 40-day workshop, lots of ansu, and actionizing she could move from the bottom 35 to 39th position in her class up to 7th or 8th place.

In 1996 father proclaimed a new time. He said we must come to Chung-Pyung to receive new fortune. Father said that the power of resurrection and healing with Jesus 2000 years ago, would be poured out to you, here. Jesus was suppose to bring his power to assist Tae Mo Nim, here. What power did Jesus bring? He brougt the same angels he, himself, had used. The same method he used then was brought and used here, at Chung-Pyung.

But what is different?

It looks like as soon as Jesus did something people were healed. But here at Chung-Pyung it takes more work and more effort. One lady bleeding touched Jesus. Jesus explained, "I went all around Israel but no one had such a faith as her."

Dae Mo Nim may not touch everyone, but angels are with everyone of you. Do not worry about getting in a good position to receive ansu from Tae Mo Nim, directly. The more faithful you are, the more you will receive help. Not Jesus... but belief "in" Jesus as the "Son of God." This was the condition by which the spirits could be removed. Centered on the level of our faith our healing will be accomplished.

What is the goal or purpose?

With Jesus, the purpose was to convince people that he was, himself, the Messiah, sent by God... to gain the trust of the Israelites.

Is the Purpose of Chung-Pyung to convince? No. Most of the people who come here are already members. Then what? The purpose of this providence is to separate evil spirits, send them to 100 day workshop, remove fallen nature (theirs/ours). Let them become absolutely resurrected spirits in the spirit world (who can then help with the restoration process on the earth, through us).

In his time Jesus did not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but went into paradise. Jesus could not restore people and spirits into absolute good spirits. Those restored with Jesus went into paradise, with Jesus, awaiting the further merit of the age which would allow the opening of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

Have you been grateful?

Why is this Chung-Pyung providence necessary? In the Chung-Pyung manual you will read that in 1997 another special providence began here: Ancestor Blessing.

Due to the fall, we have become objects, tools, of satan. The purpose of the Providence of God is bring us to the point where there are no more objects to be used by evil spirits, then satan cannot work (then satan--or satanic impulses--shall be "locked up"). Not an easy task, though, is it?

I have been following this way for 40 years, and still I am not clean. But these spirits we liberate, they can go to a 100-day workshop in the spirit world and... shazaam!... they are 'absolute good spirits!'

The point is: to cut off evil ties... To clear up the spiritual world is so much quicker than to clear up earthly man. Gee, its kind of not fair. I am quite jealous... But, actually, without us, without our bodies and our having received the Blessing, how could this providence be carried out?

Over the past 7 years, so many absolute good spirits could be resurrected. These developments are the result of True Parents' victorious work.

Cosmic Heaven and Earth True parents...

So many have been resurrected, Blessings officiated in the Spiritual World as well as on Earth. For this reason we can call True Parents the "Heaven and Earth True Parents."

In 1997 Ancestor Blessings began. Prior to that time, so many resentful spirits were liberated, first. Otherwise, they would have resisted more and more the providence of liberating and blessing our ancestors.

We are to re-make--resurrect and Bless--our lineage all the way back, up to Adam and Eve... until I can say that "My lineage is God's lineage, totally restored, without original sin."

God can work more effectively through the liberated sons and daughters. Until now, although God could visit with us, God could not give us the full blessings he would like to; for we made so many bad conditions that satan could easily claim whatever God prepared for us. Satan would claim it, take it; because Husbands and wives were fighting--disunity and other sins.

For this very reason, sometimes Father would yell at a certain person, on a certain occasion: so that satan could not accuse some blessing that God wanted to give.

Wife and husbands united with 400 resurrected couples (that is 800 people, absolute good spirits) working together with you! We have to be able to open our hearts and minds, our spiritual senses. If we were to truly devote ourselves, we could surely get messages from the spirit world. We must make conditions (as our True Parents do) and go out and act!

The Blessing is a great and wonderful tool, itself! How are we going to use this tool, this Blessing, is up to us. True Parents have given us everything. You must have strong commitment, to create such result. You need to start moving so that these resurrected spirits can work with us.

If we find ourselves getting into certain troubles, recently, maybe our ancestors are hinting at something to us. Sincerely pray about it, and you could get some answers, some inspiration. Then, just go and do it, act on your good inspirations. Then we get to be more and more intuitive. If we pray we get their inspiration... not necessarily in the way of having our spiritual senses open.

Maybe you wake up in the morning and you hear a lot of birds chirping outside of your window. "Why are these birds chirping this morning, Heavenly Father?" and you may get some inspiration.

We have to appreciate the times. If you sow seeds in winter, no result. But if you sow in the Spring: great possibilities. We must go according to the times, in order to receive the blessings and benefits prepared.

True Parents are working so hard on the front line. We are so much younger... We feel bad, in front of Heaven. We so desperately want to get the same channels, the same inspirations as True Parents. Let us pray like this.

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