Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Report to True Parents from Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim)
January 1, 2002

Ancestors Confirm their Spiritual Elevation after Lectures Report to True Parents from Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world. - The ceremony for the liberation of ancestors and the training center in the spirit world.

After descendants applied for the liberation ceremony of their ancestors, Dae Mo Nim sees the lists and looks for them in the spirit world, mobilizing angels and absolute good spirits. Looking for the ancestors is as difficult as seeing a far object by a telescope. Sometimes, we have to find the ancestor by tracing the blood lineage.

At the time of the liberation ceremony of ancestors, ancestors meet their descendants on earth. Then, ancestors go to the spirit world with angels guiding them in the light. The ancestors and evil spirits separated at the liberation ceremony go to a training center in the spirit world together.

First of all, I give them a talk to explain about the process and meaning of 100-day workshop. In my lecture I reveal exactly what they look like. When they see their appearances, they are surprised at them. Their appearance sometimes looks very strange, and they raise their voices in surprise. They see their ugly figures in their daily life when they were on earth. Then, they understand what surroundings they should inhabit in the spirit world.

After showing them their appearances, I show the ancestors the whole spirit world from heaven to hell. Then I let them look for the dwellings which fit their spirit selves. In the spirit world, the lower a level you go to, the darker it is and the higher and steeper its walls. So, it needs a lot of work and struggle for evil spirits to reach their true homes.

Until now few of our ancestors found their houses after they went to the spirit world. After their death, evil spirits caught them so most of the ancestors could not go to their houses.

Then I leave them in the houses of their spiritual level, and let them feel pain in their situation. They feel pain, because it is difficult for them to live houses in their spiritual level. But I leave them until they repent their lives on earth. I let them feel what wrong lives they lived on earth. After their repentance I call them to the training center again.

Then, I give a lecture on the Divine Principle that is different from lecturing on earth. In the spirit world we can recreate the content of the Divine Principle vividly in a lecture. They can see the facts vividly at the time, so they realize the contents more deeply than people on earth.

First I gave the lectures on The Principle of Creation and The Human Fall. My lecture is; "God created human beings and all things with joy and hope. God created humans for His joy. God can feel joy when He sees that human being dominate the natural world with love and joy. God created all things one after another thinking of a human being. That was the Garden of Eden." When I give such a lecture, the process of Godís Creation of heaven and earth appears vividly in the monitor beside. Participants in the spirit world can deeply feel the Heart of God at the Creation, seeing the beautiful scenery. What a tremendous love God had at the Creation! After a lecture I ask the spirits a question: "Did you feel Godís heart at the Creation?" They answer, "Yes." And I ask them, "Do you know what a big sin it is to live on earth without knowing Godís heart of love at the Creation?" Then, they agree and give a prayer of repentance.

When I gave a lecture on The Human Fall, the situations of the fall at that time appear one by one: the scene where Lucifer felt as though he were receiving less love than he deserved and had an excessive desire to receive more love; the scene where Lucifer seduced Eve; and the scene where Eve seduce Adam. Then they can profoundly understand that, due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the evil world appeared and heaven and earth became dark.

They see the fact that after the fall of Adam and Eve the evil blood lineage has been inherited by their descendants from generation to generation accumulating their individual sins in a vicious circle.

And they realize that they are the fruits of this vicious history and feel they are just evil entities. They sob with grief and become to make efforts to polish their spirit selves until they emit light.

Then they see the scene of the process of making hell apart from the world of God. Trainees look back their earthly lives. After the lectures of The Principle of Creation and The Human Fall, they can remember 80% of their earthly lives. If a lecturer can make a good atmosphere, they remember 100%. They repent themselves seeing their descendantsí agony on earth having inherited the ancestorsí sins and fallen natures.

Through the lectures they wash away their sins. I let them look for their houses in the spirit world which fit them. This time, they can confirm that their houses are nearer heaven than before. And, they have a new hope that they also can become the absolute good spirits, and be in heaven.

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