The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Father's Hoon Dok Hae: A Message From Heung Jin Nim, Given Through Hoon Mo Nim

February 1, 2002
Kona Hawaii
Translation: Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes: Tyler Hendricks

[Heung Jin Nim, Through Dae Mo Nim ]

Thank you for opening the Cheon Il Guk and providing it to the world. We will live in true love and heavenly fortune. We will march forward to spread your word in the physical world and spirit world. True Parents gave the speaking tour in America and made a strong foundation for the Cheon Il Guk. All the spirits separated from the Unification Church members at the Chung Pyung Lake training center are being educated, receiving the blessing and attending another 40-day workshop as blessed couples.

The Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship is your victory on behalf of God over 80 years of dedication. It relieved the han of God; His lamentation and agony since the fall. Because of your exemplary life, the entire spirit world is deeply moved. Dear True Father and True Mother, we have done a lot in spirit world. We have a training center just like the one at Chung Pyung Lake. The liberation ceremony for ancestors and the blessing ceremony, which are going on at the Chung Pyung Lake training center, provide a great benefit to the ancestors. I hope that our work in the spirit world strengthens your foundation for the Cheon Il Guk on earth.

True Parents, you spent over 80 years to create the coronation ceremony for Godís kingship. In order to open the spirit world, you have gone through so much difficulty that no one in the physical world knows about. Because of that, you have won victory and that is why you could offer the Coronation Ceremony. So we want to be reminded about its significance and meaning.

When I joined the spirit world, I had much difficulty. I was still young, but True Father appointed me as the general in the spirit world. Originally, centering on True Parents alone, religious leaders in the spirit world were supposed to descend to the physical world and through their descendents testify to True Parents. But that atmosphere was not here when I arrived. Evil spirits were dominating when I arrived. They were stuck with pain and resentment that they brought from the physical world and they lived confined by that. True Parents, you came as the Lord of the Second Advent on the Christian foundation. Therefore you wanted to lead the Christians into the Kingdom of God. Each religion has its own tradition and rituals and different ways, so it wasnít easy to unite them. In order to establish the realm of unification among the religions, in 1998 True Father called the 4 major saints and key religious leaders to Chung Pyung Lake and put them through training. After that, they went through 100 day training in spirit world and received the Blessing. Through that, the 4 saints came to understand True Parents. True Parents educated and blessed the 4 saints and their disciples. True Parents opened the door to unite the religions.

Because of that grace, the door started opening and the difficulties I faced in the beginning were resolved. In 1995, True Parents blessed Daemo Nim, Hoongmo Nim, and others and thereby opened the door of blessing in the spirit world, and on that foundation I could have absolute power in the spirit world and start giving the blessing. It was possible because I could connect True Parentsí victories in the physical world to the spirit world. So I am grateful that True Parents opened the door of blessing and restoration in the spirit world.

Jesus and I gave blessings to billions of people in the spirit world. A united foundation was established, centering on True Parents. In the physical world and spirit world we have united foundations now. Because of the blessing of 3.6 million, 40 million and 360 million couples, the spirit world is rapidly changing. Declarations given by True Parents in the Pantanal and Belvedere about governing both worlds on the foundation of True Parentsí victory. Blessed couples in the physical world represent perfected Adam. Contrary to the time that Satan forcefully dragged people into hell, blessed couples now have the right to liberate people out of hell and give education and the blessing. Blessed couples from the spirit world could attend many ceremonies given by True Parents on earth. Until now, Satan manipulated both the spirit world and physical world, but now both worlds are supposed to receive directions from True Parents. The time has changed that much.

Upon this day, you gave me such a blessing to be called the Divine Son. So I will become the frontrunner to unite the blessed couples in both worlds. The remaining mission of Jesus to create Godís kingdom on earth as in heaven will be completed now. Whatever I do is based on the directions and guidance of True Parents. From the year 2000, a big change took place in the spirit world. True Parents eliminated national boundaries and implemented the practice of true love life. The chusok and earthly festivals and celebrations took place on earth, establishing many different conditions so that the new world, from east and west, north and south became free and autonomous. I thank you for all these blessings.

True Father, you visited Chung Pyung Lake again in 2000, and gave me a ceremony by which I could inherit the right of giving the blessing. Also, in the year 2000, the registration blessing was given to the blessed couples. Representatives beginning with Heung Jin Nim and major leaders attended the ceremony. Through True Parents, centering on God, both spirit world and physical world united and started creating the world of heavenly culture. Starting from me, all the leaders of the religions started working together as one family. The day of total liberation was declared by True Parents on the chusok, 2000. It was a big day in the spirit world, because of the grace of True Parents, by declaring this on the chusok, I can move around freely in spirit world without any restrictions. Even in spirit world, it wasnít easy for anyone to visit other religious communities. In some cases there were big walls and obstacles, so we could not visit each other. But because of that ceremony that True Parents gave, I can freely move beyond religion and nationality and so forth. The ceremony of the total liberation was very important for us.

In some cases, it is not really free; people cannot be totally free in moving, but at least they have a way to communicate and come and go. Also the declaration of the registration in the heavenly world and the elimination of hell and paradise were very important. Truly the realm of liberation came to us, transcending national boundaries and religious walls. The coronation ceremony for Godís kingship was the greatest day, the most joyful day, in human history. 12,000 people from all over the world participated in that ceremony. God and spirit world were so happy; they rejoiced. The presence of those 12,000 people means that True Parents paid all the necessary indemnity, and on that foundation, True Parents gave the right of being crowned to God. That is what it means.

True Father: [About the declaration of the victorious realm of the chaju guk.]
[Hoon Dok Hae continues]

I congratulate you, True Parents. You have been working all these years to help God claim his kingship of the cosmos. We cannot describe how big and great True Parentsí effort and love to God have been. I will do my best to serve and attend True Parents as much as I can.

There were divisions between the mid-level spirit world and paradise. As we go down lower, the environment is covered by clouds or fog, so the light is dimmer and dimmer. As you ascend, you feel joy and deep inspiration naturally. No anxiety, pain or tears are found in the Kingdom of God. People live for the sake of others with no fighting or jealousy. It is the world of true love. No matter how well you lived on earth, if you did not receive the blessing, you cannot come here. Your life on earth has to be crystal clear. So we have to live centered on the teaching of God every moment. There are many levels in spirit world. Some people on earth think that there are only 2 parts of spirit world: the Kingdom of God and Hell. But no, there are many levels, more in the lower part than in the upper part.

On each level there are approximately the same type of people with same character, so there is no fun. In the lower world, everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Most people are in the mid level spirit world or lower. It depends on the level of life you had in the physical world. God is good and loving, and as you go down lower and lower, you will see less and less and will feel chilly and colder and colder. You encounter a lot of fighting. You can smell terrible things. A lot of people who committed suicide are there in the midst of snakes. People on earth do not understand how terrible is life in hell. If they had a chance to see it, they would never, never commit sin. We have to stay away from all the sins, from the original sin, collective sin, inherited sin and personal sin.

No one decides where they will go; oneís life quality sends you to a place in which you fit. We can color different levels of spirit world. The Kingdom of God is white, like a white (bird?) no stain. As we go down, the color becomes darker and dimmer -- like gray and brown, dark gray, to pitch black. The Kingdom of God is bright, as you go down closer to hell, it is darker and darker. The people on the different levels have different brightness. Once you get rid of Ö you will go up to Kingdom of God; if you donít, then you remain closer to hell. On earth you have to separate evil spirits and develop your original nature. If you have money on earth, you think you are free, but in spirit world, no matter how much money you had, it has no meaning.

Again, original sin, personal sin, collective sin and inherited sin. We inherit good things from our ancestors too, but what we inherit is not all good; we inherit evil too. When you build a subject-object relationship with Satan, you commit a sin. If you caused resentment with someone in the physical world, you will be troubled in spirit world too, because their ancestors will give your descendents suffering. Many people on earth are sick because of the sins of their ancestors. You will see, your descendents will suffer in many different ways. Some of them may become blind, or deaf, or have genital disease, depending on your way of life. Unless your descendents pay indemnity for you, you will have to wait almost for eternity in spirit world before you can go higher. Therefore, while you are on earth, you have cleanse yourself of the four types of sin. That is why all these evil spirits are stuck on your body like ants or eggs, all over your body and organs. If you are a conniving person, you will look like a fox. As a result of the blessing, you are free of original sin, but the other kinds of sin are your responsibility.

The training center in spirit world is located next to the Kingdom of God, which will be vacant until True Parents come. We who are supposed to live there are living nearby. Because of the grace of True Parents, we good spirits have become absolute good spirits. Satan has nothing to do with us. Also the works of evil spirits have diminished in spirit world. The people who fell fall into a low level of spirit world and God cannot just pull them out, because they have to fulfill their responsibility by setting indemnity conditions.

True Father:

These levels of spirit world have been cleaned, so all are on the same level.

Hoon Dok Hae:

When we do the liberation ceremony for our ancestors, we send all those evil spirits to the training center and put them through education, training and give them blessing. We have to tear down the national boundaries and build the Kingdom of God on Earth; that is what True Parents are trying to do. Because of the coronation ceremony for Godís kingship, our work in spirit world has become much easier; without True Parentsí help we cannot do anything.

The work of evil spirits used to be much stronger than that of good spirits, but now the tide has turned. People could not identify Satan for thousands of years, but because of the help of True Parents, we came to understand what Satan and original sin are. True Parents brought to light even the secrets that God did not reveal. So it is easier for us to work, and Satan was shocked. In reaction, he mobilized all the evil spirits and sent them to earth, where they were joined by evil spirits on earth and organized their evil descendents. They seek to infiltrate blessed couples, and do so whenever we make an evil condition. They infiltrate your body or sexual organ and create diseases, agony, whatever. We have to truly cleanse ourselves; this is our eternal test. Many kinds of spirits are hanging onto blessed couplesí bodies. Some have agony and harm, and some are good spirits. Because of Chung Pyung Lake, blessed couples can cleanse themselves by going through different levels of workshops and can help their ancestors by holding liberation and blessing ceremonies.

As time passes, the quality of life between blessed couples who went through Chung Pyung Lake and those who didnít will become visibly different. So we have to change, to live up to the expectation of absolute truth. Therefore, the liberation ceremony for all ancestors that have been taking place should be taken seriously for your ancestors; otherwise they have no way to be saved. Just as evil spirits are turned around and become good, you blessed couples have to change and develop a different quality of life. An absolutely good spirit can do a lot. This good spirit descends to the physical world and helps his descendents.

You blessed couples on earth, please drop the fallen nature that is lingering around your mind and body. All people on earth should receive the blessing and go to the Kingdom of God, and to do that we need to send more good spirits.

True Father:

I declared the era of the victorious realm of the chaju guk to enhance this work. The area of goodness will expand. To enter the Kingdom of G od is not free of cost; you have to do your work. It is a formula to enter the Kingdom, which you have from the teaching, spirit and presence of True Parents. We each have different types and sizes of ladders to climb up. We have to recreate ourselves, by overcoming all different circumstances. The worst sin you can commit in the physical world is suicide. Adam and Eve committed suicide; that is why they fell into hell. So Heung Jin Nim is in charge of spirit world, chief general. You cannot get rid of fallen nature by othersí help, but by self-realization. In the CT era, our task centers on True Parents securing heavenly sovereignty. The meaning of the completion of CT era means we live with God as a family, with the spirit world and physical world united. That is why I declared the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous nation on January 26.

Soon we will have the heavenly constitution, the law that everyone should abide by; there will be no forgiveness whatsoever and everyone will face the consequences of what they have done. Everything can be found in the spirit world. Once you are located in a good place, you can get anything, even precious gems. In order to do that, you have to be liberated; then you can travel freely everywhere. The world up there is vast; you cannot imagine how big it is. Through this kind of report, you can understand the work done in the physical world and spirit world, not just by True Parents but by Heung Jin Nim and Daemo Nim working together. Your brothers and sisters, parents and nation -- those are the steps we have to take. Chosen individuals, families, tribes and nations -- the blessing is built around that.

Hoon Dok Hae:

We have to increase the number of good spirits in order to expand the Kingdom of God. We have to educate evil spirits. Otherwise there will be confusion in the physical world because the evil spirits will descend and confuse their descendents. To be open to the spirit world is not the whole answer; you have to be able to distinguish good and evil spirits. You have to avoid evil spirits by doing your responsibility.

True Parents told us that all the blessed couples should open their five spiritual senses. To do that, we need to be able to enter the realm of Godís original creation. If you enter the spirit world, or have the chance of experiencing it, you will see that True Parents are sitting next to God, so you will have no doubt. This happened to some who came here; but people on earth are spiritually blind and deaf, so it is more difficult to come to that conclusion. I see many blessed couples who are stuck with their mundane things and work, and are separated from True Parents. We have to become heavenly citizens; then we can enter the Kingdom of God. Through the blessing, you are separated from the original sin. Then you just improve the quality of your life. Unite with True Parents through heart.

You have to come to the Chung Pyung Lake training center to help your ancestors be liberated and receive blessing. When you fill out the application form and meet the conditions, Daemo Nim will search the spirit world for your ancestors. Sometimes she has to follow the DNA line and has to go to the bottom of hell. If they are playboy spirits or suicides, they are not easy to locate. The evil spirit world is so vast. It is not easy to find them. But if you go through the liberation ceremony for your ancestors, they learn Divine Principle and the meaning of liberation, and eventually receive the blessing. I call them early and have them stand by the Chung Pyung Lake center so they can receive blessing when their turn comes, immediately.

Also I give the chance for the descendents and their liberated ancestors to meet at the tree of love. They move together and talk together. The ancestors usually appear in the form of a shaft of light. The spirits go through 100 days of training. They neednít go to the bathroom, eat or rest, as you do on earth, so they do 24-hours straight a day and just hear lectures and study. They enter and register with an application form, and I greet them and explain the meaning of and reason for the training. Some spirits did not have a chance to look at their own spirit body enough, but in the training they can see their own spirit body and face clearly. Some are startled by its shape, by its deformity. It helps them understand the level of spirit world they are in. But if we go lower, there are many walls and obstacles. Our ancestors were dragged by evil spirits and so are in the lowest realm. They could not find their original location. They have to be awakened and we give them the chance to repent. I call them to the training center to study Divine Principle.

Lecturing in the spirit world is usually the Principle of Creation and fall by me, Heung Jin Nim. It is a more vivid lecture than you get on earth, because everything we explain is in the form of lively action. We see the scenes of the real creation, including creating man. If I talk about the fall, the scene appears. All the real sins appear on the screen. They see the scene of Lucifer seducing Eve, and Adam and Eve falling, when the world became dark. Many people cry. On the foundation of repentance, everyone can understand it much better, accept the truth and reflect upon their own life in relationship to that. They can see their descendents struggling because of the sins they left behind. They can easily recognize the mistakes they made. We also give a chance to the attendees to picture their life on earth. It goes on the screen like their own movie. 80% of their earthly life will be viewed in that way. Rev. Ki Seuk Lee, a 36 couple, lectures on the origin of evil and how it gets stronger, and resurrection. But evil cannot be absolute; eventually it has to surrender to goodness. Because of the fall, however, the evil power started and became bigger and bigger and bigger as history continued. But True Parents established the victorious realm into which the evil power cannot expand, and the realm of goodness is now expanding.

The participants can see all this, including all kinds of families, vividly with their own eyes, so they are changed. Unless you change, and get rid of every trace of sin, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. During the 100 days they cleanse themselves, working very hard to separate from evil. Afterwards, they are relocated, depending on their level of cleanness. Then President Hyo Won Eu lectures on the life of Adam, Moses, Jesus and history of restoration. The audience listens and really gives thanks to True Parents for this infinite truth. They have hope to cleanse themselves, pay indemnity and enter the Kingdom of God. Then Tiger Park, Chung Joo, lectures on the life of Father and his value. Hungnam prison and Danbury prison and overcoming persecution, and Fatherís prayer life, shedding tears day and night to find the Divine Principle, finding his disciples and educating them with the word of God. Fatherís preaching, giving the blessing, and all his different efforts and endeavors are projected by Tiger Park.

By learning this, everyone repents even more. They see how ignorant they were, and they become brighter because of the new awareness. Then the blessed couples who had good lives on earth are invited to reflect on their lives and give testimonies. Hearing them, people also are helped to be cleansed. This is the way we conduct the training session in spirit world for 100 days. So by the time they come to Chung Pyung Lake, they are pretty much cleaned up in all ways except for original sin. Then at Chung Pyung Lake they get rid of original sin too, so then they ascend to spirit world bright, clear and stainless, and they cannot be manipulated by evil spirits. Now they are waiting for True Parents to arrive, to enter the Kingdom of God together.

They then go through another 40-day workshop to prepare to live as blessed couples, by Shin Ho Chul (?). Again, many blessed couples are shown and blessing histories are given. Through this 40-day true family workshop, they learn about the life of True Parents and the meaning of their responsibility and mission, the directions given by True Parents. They know what to do to establish Godís fatherland, the Cheon Il Guk, which is the Kingdom of God on earth, as an individual, family, etc. And they learn how to help their descendents cleanse themselves. Both the ancestors and descendents are given the opportunity to cleanse themselves by separating evil spirits from themselves. These good, cleansed spirits are doing their best to help their descendents on earth to stay away from the suffering and struggle caused by evil spirits still staying on the earth. We lead and guide them to get away from the evil spirits. Good spirits come down and help blessed couples get rid of evil spirits.

These couples in the spirit world, the number of which are increasing, are becoming a major power in the spirit world. This is the era in which the evil spirits on earth are making their showdown, because this is their last chance too. So the ancestors are really concerned about their descendents, because it is such a turbulent era. The blessed couples are key to serve as the vertical axisÖ With Chung Pyung Lake here, there is no reason for blessed couples to suffer. True Parents know Godís heart and understand the reality of the evil world. That is why they paid all the indemnity for us to be connected with God. They established a more proper and positive environment by their declarations, ceremonies, celebrations, etc., so you wonít have to deal with the evil world. From now, the good people will have more power, and evil peopleÖ. After the coronation ceremony, God is the liberated king of the cosmos, so He can rule the world directly. All the walls are down because of the True Parents. So in the heart of the people in both worlds, we can invite God, as long as we cleanse ourselves. A shaft of Godís light can shine into our hearts and all over the physical world and spirit world, and we can work for salvation. We can be determined to further the foundation of the Cheon Il Guk as blessed couples, and invite it.

This is the era of blessing that we can cherish and live in joy for eternity. We blessed couples have the responsibility to bring the Kingdom of God and to protect it. All the saints and good spirits are organized in the spirit world so that they can descend and work with their descendents more effectively. The era of the almightiness of God has emerged. Godís sovereign power is on the earth, on every level. Everyone should Ö Godís kingship. So you will see the religious powers are diminishing. Those who cannot unite will fade away.

We have to keep pure love, not violate peopleís rights and heart, and not steal public money. If we make mistakes, there will be immediate judgment and consequences. After the blessing, we will be faithful. These are the conditions we have to be serious about. Changing the evil world into the original world of creation has become much easier since the Coronation Ceremony. We can meet God face to face. God has been waiting for this day; he is alive and working with us. Absolute faith, love and obedience is the key, to build the Cheon Il Guk filled with peace, love and happiness.

True Father

Know the Cheon Il Guk better than you know your own name; that is the standard.

Hoon Dok Hae

We have to become qualified and worthy, as soldiers to bring the Cheon Il Guk. True Parents, I give you thanks. You are the ones who established these good spirits. You gave the right to blessed couples who registered to carry the Cheon Il Guk ID card. We are doing the same in spirit world. So the spirit world received benefit. We want to resemble you.

By offering the Coronation Ceremony, True Parents comforted Godís heart. Now we have to do the same for True Parents and comfort their hearts. The blessed couples in physical world and spirit world should work together for the coronation ceremony for the kingship of True Parents. The true children in the spirit world and all the great saints.

By 2012, we have much work to do to complete building the Kingdom of God on Earth. We know the attitude and lifestyle we should have. We will follow your example and expand the realm of goodness in spirit world, and eventually fulfill the Cheon Il Guk and build your palace at Chung Pyung Lake. You have suffered too much, so now we have to prepare something for your comfort. All the blessed couple spirits, the true children in spirit world, and the saints and sages, will work even harder. Please rest and take care of your health. Dec 31, 2001, at Chung Pyung Lake -- Your son, Heung Jin Nim.

True Father

Now the physical world and spirit world are converging on the same level, having equal level. You will see that those people who live an earnest life on earth will benefit, and evil people will suffer. Father knew all this about spirit world, and that is why I have been teaching it. Now you know and it is your responsibility. It is the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous nation. This yearís motto is "mansei for the safe settlement of the Cheon Il Guk." Now you know the life in the spirit world as much as you want. So what else can you do? Make sure you establish a true family. Blessed couples may have to go through another 40-day cleansing for true family education. You have to restore your tribe, following the lineage of your family name and your wifeís family name. Secure 185 blessed couples out of your tribe members, then work with them, utilize them, to do your National Messiahship. They have to support you to do your National Messiah work. If you get dropped out of this providential course, there is no way to return.

Now we start our conference. Since I declared the era of the victorious realm of the autonomous nation, I have to solidify my providential plan here in Hawai'i. We have to complete our responsibility for the total sacrificial living offering. If you donít, you cannot own the blessing. Upon receiving the blessing you have to have your children establish the four position foundation and have the true seed go down at least 3 generations.

People from Cholla province are poor, but that is not bad. Poor people seek God more diligently. Dedicate everything to God and secure the sinless lineage, starting from you as a blessed couple. Donít go after money or position in the secular world, as are many of the 36 couplesí blessed children. They have jobs and are making money, but that is not the way. If your children are in the wrong place, bring them to UB (University of Bridgeport), Sun Moon University and eventually UTS (Unification Theological Seminary). It is a one-way street from now on. In a secular sense, there are prestigious schools, but that has nothing to do with God. Your children will shift becoming more secularized and self-centered. Even with a good degree and good job, what is the value of that from the viewpoint of spirit world? Sun Moon University and UB are the result of my blood, sweat and tears. Of course, they need more work; it takes more time to develop these schools. But they should be part of the development instead of running away.

Once Godís sovereignty, our nation, is secured and we can have our own heavenly constitution and law, we can clean the dirty streets and save the oppressed people. Rev. Matsuzaki is the State Leader of Hawai'i as of this moment. He is spiritually in charge of all the operations in Hawai'i. Businesses should always support non-profit, spiritual work. As the mind is subject over the body, the spiritual mission should be subject over the physical level. So spiritually he has to serve as pastor for all everyone and inspire everyone to value the spiritual life as the root of the other realms of life. In the ideal, 30% of your salary should be donated to the church. Even if you work up to that level gradually, the goal is 30%. It is not mandatory; it should be voluntary. Like the American tax system, federal, state and local.

[About the seminar to be held Feb 14-19, for Peace Ambassadors and 10 leaders from each tribe, and National Messiahs who represent each tribe.]

If you plant the seed of a tree, usually when it is germinating, the first growth is in the shape of a leaf. Then it grows and grows. Rev. M is Japanese but prefers to speak in English, and he is talkative. There are a lot of Japanese in Hawai'i. Rev. Y from Japan will have an important responsibility, because this is an extension of Japan. In Washington, DC, too, the businesses are not the goal; the church has the central position in the providence. The media should support the spiritual vision and the work being done to fulfill it. That is why those businesses should always assess their own performance. Those who just work for businesses are like a shadow, not real workers for Godís providence. The older second generation should do spiritual work. Those people who go for a Ph.D. without my permission will not even get me to look at their diploma, much less approve it.

We will have many boats in Hawai'i, so we will have many people here. Rev. H should work for Ocean Church. As a leader, Rev. M needs charisma. In DC, I held over 100 seminars and conferences, over three years ago, and all sort of providence-related events. Rev. F is the local church leader. How many people did you witness to? How many ministers did you meet? You have to educate the local ministers?

Without fruit, you are nothing, like the tree that Jesus cursed. We shouldnít be indebted, living a parasitical life. I have put my life on the line for this providence. If we are bait, we have to be the best bait to witness to people about Godís providence. Since you are a UTS graduate, you should lead the spiritual work. Are you strong, physically? [Yes.] How about your brain? [In good shape.] The spirit is the mind side, which has dominion over the body as object.

We didnít join the Unification Church to get a job. Think about my life. Have I been working for God in order to receive a salary? If any donation comes to me personally, I offer it right away for Godís providence. That is why Unification Church leader's prerequisite is to graduate from UTS and gain a specialty area degree, including a Ph.D. I can be a diplomat, a politician -- I can survive in every circumstance. I will work harder than the sun passing over the ocean. I donít see people doing night fishing. Fishermen fish at night to survive.

I may not come back here. The Hawai'ian providence should go forward, self-sufficient. To be autonomous includes being self-sufficient. Donít expect more financial help. Hawai'i still belongs to America; it is American territory, although it is a spiritual extension of Japan. Two nations, Japan and America, work together. Many leaders will come to Hawai'i. Those who are working for the Hawai'ian providence may go to Korea to deepen their foundation. We shouldnít hire people who are just looking for money.

Rev. Kwak will be sent everywhere in my place, representing me. In that sense, wherever he goes, he is charge -- Washington DC, Hawai'i. Rev. Kwak is also in charge of the American providence. What is the meaning of diplomacy? Of ambassador? Of special envoy? They mobilize money, power and knowledge to accomplish their goal. I am doing a lot behind the scenes. Wherever I go, usually some controversy erupts.

Lineage originates in one God, but it spreads out into different character traits and talents. Suppose people from 100 nations become my in-laws. The door is open; the exchange marriage will become most popular. To have such descendents you have to have a straight life here.

[Father iterates how animal parents kick out their offspring at a certain point and says it is analogous to the autonomous nation concept.]

You too, you have to rear your children to a certain point and then they go out. Do you want to be dependent or autonomous (chaju = autonomous, charip = self-sufficiency)? We should have autonomy while we are doing Godís providence.

No other religion could even conceive of a Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship. Have you ever thought of making a wonderful leather jacket for God? If I had invested all the money into financial markets, I would be a multi-billionaire by now. But I invested into the providence. Iíve lost here and there, but the direction remains the same.

When you make love, do you and your spouseís sexual organs come together very naturally, or is it difficult? Lovemaking is so precious. What could you sell it for? What if there were no one in the world from the opposite sex? Will you become better than me? [Pledge to do so.] There are 70,000 people here on Hawai'i. We have to teach them Divine Principle and restore them. You should be able to share your clothes with your children and grandchildren, sharing everything together. Iím not just talking about external things, but also internal standards. Even when Heung Jin Nim left this world, I never shed a tear. Instead, I declared Ae Sung Il, the day of the victory of love.

Suppose I were to come to UTS and educate the students everyday for two years. Donít you think they would be equipped with Divine Principle and everything they need? Are you willing to work here? On boats or hunting? If you go out to the ocean, by watching the direction and speed of the current, you should be able to figure out where the fish are. If you go to the farming area, you should know how to be a farmer. I fit into whatever environment I am in. The leaders assigned to Hawai'i have to gain 12 spiritual children within six months. If they do it, then they will be qualified to attend UTS.

Leaders have to be able to speak Korean. Pantanal training for the National Messiahs may take place here instead. Donít try to find out where I am. I may go to North Korea. Donít raise your antennae to discover where I am or what I am doing.

How much English do you have? After six months, you should be able to converse. If you can converse with an English speaker, you are at a certain level. Better still is if you dream in English.

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