Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Living A Life With No Shadows

Dae Mo Nim
January, 2002
Chung Pyung, Korea

Dae Mo Nim speaks to husbands at the Chung Pyung wrokshop

January 24, 2002

Why were husbands called to Chung Pyung Lake so suddenly? When we received the Blessing, we were hardly in a worthy position. In fact, we were swimming in sins. We not only inherited Adam's and Eve's sins and mistakes but those of the second generation (Cain and Abel), third generation, fourth generation, and so on. People would never have been able to get rid of these sins on their own. They didn't even know what original sin was.

After the Blessing, we should have lived with absolute faith, love, and obedience. But even blessed members fell into old and fallen ways. Father wants us not to look, touch, or fall. At the time of the various Blessings since 1960, Father made conditions by pledging before God that he would raise all the Blessing participants to perfection. But Father found that instead of coming more and more to resemble God, blessed members continued to resemble Satan.

One's life after the Registration Blessing is crucially important. It has to be one of absolute faith, love, and obedience. Whether one goes to the Kingdom of Heaven in the afterlife is not decided by God but by ME, according to the way I live on earth. So, to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, we must unite with God's heart. Men in particular commit far more sin of the original sin variety, so they especially need such a workshop. Father at first thought that men should attend for 21 days. Koreans are the least in terms of numbers attending the Chung Pyung eight-day workshop.

After death, there is a three-day period when you see all the things you did wrong on earth. This time is to clear it all up. Evil ancestors and resentful spirits take your spirit away for three days. So we must get rid of bad habits.

We've created the environment here at Chung Pyung Lake where God can come and clean up His children and claim them back. The Blessing is truly the way to reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

If we don't liberate the spirits that are with us, they move on to our children and children's children. They cause so many illnesses. So we must unite with the heart of God and True Parents. To do this, we must work hard using the An-Soo clapping sessions, and take frequent advantage of praying at the Prayer Temple. The best way to cleanse yourself is to shed tears.

We are the ones who are building the Kingdom of Heaven with our hands.

Therefore, we must come to resemble God and True Parents.

January 27, 2002

At the time of their liberation, spirits are unspeakably dirty and smelly. They gather under the Tree of Love and then go to Heung Jin Nim's training center in the spirit world. They are told to look at themselves first, and then they suddenly realize how dirty they are. There is a level of spirit world BELOW hell that is for people who committed sexual sin and suicide.

When they see with a shock what they are really like, they get such a strong desire to extricate themselves from that and to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Then they are ready to go to Heung Jin Nim's workshop. The Kingdom of Heaven is full of beautiful colors and scents, especially lilac.

The spirits cleanse a particular point in themselves, and once it is cleansed, they get hope that total cleansing is possible. Then, they take a trip to the Kingdom of Heaven. Afterward, they return to the workshop to cleanse other sins. The final sin to be cleansed is the original sin, which is taken away at their Blessing. Spirits can now, for the first time in history, become absolutely good and be complete objects to God.

Many second-generation children hate the fact that they are in this position. But from the perspective of the spirit world, it is so wonderful to be a member of the second generation.

How should we live as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven? First, we need to live as a true family. Don't fight. The husband must give absolute, unconditional love to his wife.

Dae Mo Nim restored Lucifer over four to five years. She never once got mad at him but always smiled. She had to restore Lucifer to do the Chung Pyung Lake providence. She reminded him how much God trusted him, that he knows the Principle of Creation better than anyone. She took Lucifer to God. She was afraid God would be angry at Lucifer. But God is a God of love. He embraced Lucifer and cried, told him how much he had waited for him to come back. Lucifer cried and said, "I'm sorry." We must resemble God's love, especially husbands. In order to melt a strong wife, only love will do it. The husband must give warmth to his wife to melt her. When children see that love, they respond with filial piety.

You have to get rid of selfishness, arrogance, pride, all fallen nature, so that is nothing left to pass on to the next generation. There must never be smoking, drinking, or drugs. If we let the second generation indulge in such things, their children will be born deaf, blind, or autistic. People who drink, smoke, or take drugs have the smell of hell.

We must not look or touch or fall. We must focus our desires only on our own spouse. When you look or touch or fall, Satan is there. Respect public money. After the Registration Blessing, you have to give 30 percent of your income to public purposes.

Don't hurt others' feelings. You have to always say gentle, caring, loving words to others. You must remember that you are the ancestors to your descendants. How you conduct yourself toward others affects your children.

You must attend Pledge Service on the first of the month and Sundays. This is an important part of attending God and True Parents. Go to church every Sunday. God is at the church waiting to see you. Just attend God; then we can be prosperous.

We must also attend the church leaders. When you cook something delicious or buy something special, think of the church leader or his wife or family. We must take care of younger couples and attend elder couples.

The spirit of the Chung Pyung workshop is getting lower and lower as Blessing groups get higher -- people are sleeping, not paying attention.

Photo Session After Ancestor Liberation With Dae Mo Nin

Three groups -- the Korean workshop participants, the Japanese, and the Westerners (meaning Americans, Africans, and everyone else in the world) -- take photos with DMN. As each group is called, the members scramble to be first to stand behind DMN, who is seated in a chair in front of the stage. Four male Chung Pyung leaders occupy chairs beside her. She is radiant, a distillation of gentleness, joy, love, humility, simplicity. But she's tough as steel in her devotion to God and God's will.

She strikes me as a true saint. She laughs and smiles readily, and is warm and kind, but is absolutely 90 degrees when it comes to righteousness and God's will. DMN also plans to build at CPL a hospital that will focus on spiritual and naturopathic healing, an Interreligious Theological University, a senior citizens home, and a youth center.

January 28, 2002

Unless you have heavenly fortune with you -- that is, God and True Parents -- you cannot succeed. She found this out from talking with Noah in spirit world -- how he relied on God to guide him in building the ark.

When she feels she's not right with God, she cries and cries and kyung-baes until God says it's OK.

"Dear members," she says, our goal must be to become completely open spiritually. You have to know something about how to get to spirit world.

When you die and go to spirit world, you need to have at least two-thirds of the spirits with you changed to being absolutely good. This is because one-third of the total must escort the bad spirits to evil spirit world, and one-third escorts the individual person's spirit.

We must not only know Divine Principle but live it in our daily lives. There are the three days after death, and then an additional 40 days in which the dead spirit wanders around in spirit world trying to find his place.

Evil spirits currently are dominating our mind, personality, and character, so they must be expelled. We need to keep practicing smiling so we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sometimes, the wife must go down a little bit below her husband. Sometimes, the husband must go down below his wife for a good relationship. They sometimes must get up a little bit earlier than usual to talk together. They must talk often.

Before going to work, they ought to hold hands a bit and take that feeling of holding hands with each other all day so the man doesn't look at another woman. Call each other at least once a day and talk some.

Don't come home and just watch TV or read the newspaper. Touch each other's skin often. It's very good. The husband, in fact, should touch his wife's breasts.

After fighting, make up quickly. Don't stay silent and nurture anger, but make up quickly. Too many couples make love at the three-day ceremony but then no more. The husband should give his arm and touch his wife so she feels embraced and melted with love. The wife should not wear much clothes to bed. Some wives put on so many clothes, it's like they are arming themselves not to be touched.

Husbands should not make love just for their own satisfaction. You and your wife should go and play in that original Garden of Eden. You should be totally naked when you go to bed, with the mind that you are going to play in the streams and flower beds of the Garden of Eden.

The wife should always be willing to be touched by the husband. The husband should always be well bathed so he smells good to his wife. True Parents came to get the whole world to be the world before the Fall. So we need to make a beautiful family. We must live for God completely, otherwise we cannot look at God in the spirit world.

She met with 44 blessed children recently, and she was shocked. No one knew about the Fall or kyung-bae. We must hold on to our True Parents and move forward into the original world. We are destined to do it. We need to go out and brag about Divine Principle and True Parents, so True Parents and God can be proud of us.

January 28, 2002, evening An-Soo clapping session

I began to repent for my ancestors at the same time that I clapped and sang. This led to a powerful mystical experience in which I felt that my ancestors and many resentful spirits that had been clinging to me were liberated. I felt their gratitude. I also felt superhuman power and clarity flowing into me. I felt totally one with the throbbing of the clapping in the temple.

Rev. Hwang, January 30, 2002

The present moment is so crucial, because the quality of it determines the future, the next 1,000 years.

The meaning of the eight-day workshop is as follows: The husband becomes the father of the tribe. Through her 21-day workshop, the wife became true Eve, or mother of the tribe.

Father said the Completed Testament Age is over. That's why we now REPORT to God, not pray, and report in OUR OWN NAME. This is now the direct dominion of God.

Through the Registration Blessing, you become the Fourth Adam. Of holidays, True Father's birthday is very important, but True Parents' wedding is more important, and the Coronation of God's Kingship is most important.

In 2002, we must witness to our tribe. The goal is to create our own 36, 72, 124, etc. couples. We must live life now with no more "shadows." We must live with absolute love, faith, obedience.

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