Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

I Wish You Could Know What Is Going On With the Second Generation

Dae Mo Nim / Hoon-Mo Nim
Chung Pyung Lake, Korea
December, 19, 2001
Unofficial Notes

More 8-day Blessed Husbands Workshop notes From the 3rd Workshop (December 19th-26th 2001) -- Carlton Johnson (2075)

We had a surprise, unscheduled, additional meeting with Dae Mo Nim -- Hoon Mo Nim. She called this meeting suddenly, after having begun interviews with the second-generation candidates there for the 40-day workshop preceding the upcoming blessing. I felt that she was somewhat forlorn, upon hearing about the state of the second generation from their own mouths. But she said she could not (would not) go into details. But she pleaded with us... to help her... and be responsible

Dae-Mo Nim; through Hoon-Mo Nim; translated by Mrs. Soon Ja Park/Richardson; scattered paraphrasing by Carlton Johnson

Tough way, isn't it? But there is no other way... (long silence)

1995 Going into the spirit world...

What if we have to go to a place other than the Kingdom of Heaven? We have been making so much effort to go into the Kingdom of Heaven, haven't we.

But spirit world showed me that we couldn't go into the Kingdom of heaven.

Is it true? Really?

When I first entered Spirit world, I could not believe this indictment. But God showed me how we are living. I thought our members were living together with True Parents, according to the Divine Principle.

On the first day of this workshop I told you absolutely no one should have committed the fall. But so many have. I just could not believe this, after knowing the Divine Principle. God was showing me the reality, but I had difficulty believing.

Then, I determined to do something, to try to clean up this situation and stop it from happening. But... How? God said to me that I should gain the assistance of the angels.

Then I went to the angels. I told them that there are God's children on the earth; that they were created to help and minister to God's children. But the angels said, "Where are they?!"

I thought, like you, that we would surely be recognized by the angels, in that we were blessed by True Parents and following our True Parents. But... no.

So I determined to go and clean up one or two of our members, so that the angels could see beneath the dust and grime, and see the difference between us and the rest of fallen mankind.

Before Adam and Eve the angels were created to help the children of God, who were not fallen. But since the fall the angels had nothing to do, at all. I had to wake them up and explain. At first so few of them came to help. But now so many angels and so many absolute good spirits are here, spirits restored from those you and others have liberated, here.

I need help. Especially the help of the church leaders. They want you to come to get rid of the evil spirits, but they don't come, themselves. I need your help.

I wish I could open it up. I wish you could know what is going on with the second generation. If you could really know about spirit world, you would not, cannot commit sin.

At this time, I want to tell you where the spirit world is. If I ask everybody here, most of you would think that it is beyond the skyline, somewhere. But it is right above my eye line.

When we die, we have a three-day course. The person who dies and those remaining on the earth should have a three days to talk about what is left to be done. But even our members and most people in general are not spiritually open enough -- even up to this day! At the ascension ceremony the deceased should be there, by his or her picture. But I have been to many ceremonies of our members, and I could not find anyone by the picture! When someone dies, we don't even pray for them. The evil spirits have already taken them away.

The spirits know ahead of time that I am about to die, so they get out of the body and they surround the spirit and quickly take the spirit away. That is what is happening at present. But because of the work being done at Chung-Pyung with the angels, and the liberation of resentful spirits, there is great hope for the future.

If we liberate more and more of the resentful spirits, as we liberate them, and they become absolute good spirits through attending Heung Jin Nim's 100-day workshop, these same spirits will come back and assist us in our transition. Say, for example, we have 1500 resentful spirits attached to us, but be liberate even 1000 of them, then 500 remain. Then at our passing 500 may come and surround us, protecting as; and the other five hundred can separate and surround the remain 500 resentful spirits and carry them away to Heung Jin Nim's workshop in the spirit world.

Inherited diseases are like this, they work on this principle. When we die these resentful spirits who create and maintain these diseased conditions simply jump ship into our loved ones especially our descendents, whom we love the most.

But, today, have we restored enough of these resentful spirits? Not enough. Presently, we should sanctify the place of ascension, pray day and night for the deceased, to liberate them and the spirits they have been harboring.

When you go to the spirit world, even there, there is so much to learn, like: how to fly... But many Blessed members are so surprised to find where they are in the spirit world.

You cannot go on behaving the way you are behaving! There will be some repercussions from the life you are living, even though you are Blessed. How difficult is the way of the staff, here. You must understand how serious they are. They come here by 8:00 in the morning and leave after 10:00 at night. We could make it easy for ourselves. But this is such a serious matter, a serious time.

I wish you could see what I am seeing. When I look out into the audience at you, I see so many Fall colors, when your spirits should be so clean, bright, and white. Instead, there are so many muddy colors among you.

Please, do 30% tithing...

There was a husband in the spirit world, from the 430 couple blessing. He was in such a low place. He had fallen and had not told his wife [this fallen situation affected the wife's blessing status and that of his daughter... ? ... sorry muddy notes here]. I told his wife about this situation and asked her to please come and liberate her husband. But she was so angry and said, "let him stay there, and get what he deserves."

But I pleaded with her, the blessing is eternal, he cannot, should not stay there... [I believe she eventually repented on his behalf and liberated him and they could go on to receive the re-registration blessing. Maybe someone else have better notes on this testimony?]

Please, help one another. Take care of the younger Blessed couples, and please attend the elder Blessed couples.

God has willed the consummation of human history, He has willed our salvation and restoration. He will do it, He will not give up. Sacrificial love and hard work on our parts is required, as well.

The Japanese members have sacrificed so much. Some of them come here with mismatched shoes and socks, they are so much in debt, because they have been selling their homes and more. Why? To bail out Tongil Industries, and advance the providence in America. But Koreans and Americans have such ungrateful hearts and minds, bickering over small things, and complaining against the Japanese, still.

We did not take responsibility as owners. You should really take time to reconsider the extent of offering on the part of the Japanese members. Can you not express a little gratitude to them? Please honor their sacrifices. Please speak to them and show your gratitude sometime.

If those who had followed Jesus had gone and spread the word, adequately, would he had died? We should be bragging about our True Parents. Do we really understand what True Parents have accomplished, have been doing on our behalf? How proud of them we should be. Are we bragging about them?

We are young... Let's get together... heart to heart... as the position of owner. In witnessing, we are not making enough condition, enough foundation.

Sometimes... I want to scream...! ... But, I am happy, even so.


We have angels... and absolute good spirits, now, working with us. There is so much hope. But you must make determination.

Always think of and pray for Chung-Pyung, and the providence here. Love our True Parents. Brag. Witness about True Parents and the Divine Principle.

Thank you.

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