Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Hoon Mo Nim speaks Representing Tae Mo Nim Prior to Ancestor Liberation

August 9, 2001
Chung-Pyung Lake Holy Ground
Unofficial notes by Carlton Johnson

In the spiritual world, conditions are so dismal for most spirits. They are so desperate to be liberated that when I come to the lower realms they lie to me, and try to misrepresent themselves as the ancestors that I am seeking.

I am so grateful for the producers of the movie, "What Dreams May Come." Especially the scene in which many people are mired in the mud with only their heads emerging from the morass. This scene is so very accurate, even though the real predicament of the lowest realms are so much worse. It is truly amazing that such a film would be produced just after the Chung-Pyung providence of ancestor liberation began in 1997.

Please do not hesitate and wait till the last possible moment to liberate, Bless, and pick up your ancestors. Once your ancestors are liberated and go through workshop they are able to help you in so many ways. Before, I explained about the woman who came here recently, pregnant with a very deformed child. Once I liberated the spirits that were destroying the baby's brain and filling the baby's lungs with water, I could then call for some of her ancestors who had been liberated and Blessed, to come and assist in the healing of this child. Because of the assistance of these ancestors the healing could be accelerated, so quickly.

Already Heung Jin Nim had taught them how to solve this problem. I tell the ancestors where in the body to go and what to do. And they can assist so effectively. Our ancestors are even able to prevent accidents that were bound to occur, as well as help support your family, tribe, and mission, financially. As True Parents have said, you should indeed be the family that can move heavenly fortune. The liberation of your ancestors are an important element in fulfilling this aspect of our family pledge.

Once your ancestors are liberated from the dingiest realms, they become so bright, they become so absolutely good that all of them can go, all of them are qualified to enter, into the Kingdom of Heaven. They become totally bright, like a cup of light filled to the brim, only capped off by their remaining Original Sin. At the ancestor Blessing, when their original sin is removed they then become spotless! They become so beautiful, that it is hard to imagine that they are the same ancestors as the ones I liberated, before. These ancestors, after 40-days from the date of the Blessing, may go back with you to your home. You must come for a 2-day workshop to pick them up and bring them back home with you. You can welcome them with a very warm celebration, even inviting others of your tribe. Then inform these newly arrived ancestors of the situation in your family, and tell them what you are trying to do. They will gladly assist you in all your efforts.

A very happy time is coming. As soon as we build this hospital, many people who are not our members will come (people who are not Blessed). I know that surely I can guide them to True Parents.

You have suffered so much, up until now. You have had very worrisome faces while trying to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. But, from now, we can go out and demonstrate with confidence and even brag about our True Parents, and their accomplishments.

In January of this year 2001, we could see the miraculous Coronation of God. But over the next 4 years the Blessed wives and all Re-registration Blessed families should cooperate to bring great victory, here in Korea. Upon the foundation of the next 4-year course the Coronation of True Parents should take place, so that God can have, in truth and reality, His own sovereign nation, finally. The work and the efforts that we have done before, when compared with the work we do from now--with our ancestors--are so different. We can be so much more effective, now than before. So go out and do your best.

This main hall is clearly not large enough to do the liberations God envisions. I am so sorry to you for your inconvenience. Accommodations to serve 50,000 people are hard to build in this environment. But thank you for bearing with us, and please look forward to what this place will be like next year. I promise you I will do my best to prepare the environment that can meet the demands that the providence will require next year, and over the next 4 years. Thank you for your patience and endurance through this overcrowded workshop.

Grace of the Holy Garden, Ansu;
followed by Liberation of Ancestors
Unison prayers and Mansei...

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