Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim Speaks at the Chung-Pyung Lake Workshop and Holy Ground

Hoon Mo Nim, representing Dae Mo Nim
Chung-Pyung Lake Workshop and Holy Ground
August 7, 2001
Translation by Sonja Richardson,
Sporadic notes taken by Carlton Johnson

Husbands only -- in the Main Hall.

(Strange and first-time occurrence -- Where as an estimated 5 or 6 thousand people were expected, this mid-week, 3-day workshop drew a record-crowd finally estimated at about 12,000 attendees.) Perhaps one reason for the heavy attendance was that the liberation ceremony coinciding with this re-registration ceremony was billed as the last chance in Korea to also liberate ancestors up to 35 generations (Mother's side and Father's side). Liberation for 36 generations and above, only, will be allowed from now, in Korea.

Due to the heavy attendance -- and due to Dae Mo Nim's primary concern that husbands of the wives who attended the 21-day re-registration Workshop receive the fullest possible experience in the limited 3-day time period -- the main hall was reserved for husbands only (except for the blessing and liberation ceremonies -- which were held simultaneously in several different halls, by closed-circuit television).

Hoon Mo Nim / Dae Mo Nim:

You live your whole life under a cloud-cover, because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Were it not for the fall, you would be able to see the spiritual world and see my own spiritual body. We became so ignorant, and spiritually we do not see anything. Even in your physical bodies. Its scary, frightening, the evil spirits, there! Horrible looking evil spirits you can not see are embedded there.

Its scary how Satan is misusing this situation; dominating us. These spirits are giving/causing sickness and disease. We do not necessarily feel any pain, although, in fact, these evil spirits are in our very bloodstream -- in our blood, even in our bone marrow, fomenting their revenge.

Many of the blessed wives who showed up for this 21-day session were out of control, many lost their minds [temporarily and chronically possessed by evil spirits]. The sad part is that some of these same wives were the very ones sitting outside and spacing-out during the Hoon Dok Hae sessions. I am very sad when I see people doing that, here. You do not know what a desperate situation you are in, really.

So many of our blessed members are living this way, possessed, ignorant of the value of Hoon Dok Hae, lacking concern about their predicament. So many are living anyway we want to live. But so very, very few are living like we were created to live. Evil spirits are working so hard, they are so strongly motivated by the resentments they have for what our own ancestors did against them. They are working so hard to gain revenge; so we live the way these evil spirits wish us to live: in destructive ways that will lead to our ruin and leave us rotting in hell.

So, in this way, we cannot be the children True Parents wish us to be. Such is the hope of the myriads of evil spirits attached to us. These spirits are corrupting us, taking us where they want us to go.

You cannot see your spirit. But you must come to understand. For this reason, by the grace of True Parents conditions, and the conditions of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice, the Chung-Pyung providence was begun. From January 19th, 1995 through 1997 we held 3-day workshops twice a week, here. From 1995 until now, so many interviews have helped so many people. But most significantly, the real results came by my removing so many of those resentful spirits. In Jesus' time the healing process was the same. He was removing evil spirits. The process was the same then, and is the same now.

I am so grateful to True Parents, because they made conditions upon conditions in order to open this door. So much blood, flesh, sweat, and tearful offerings, we cannot understand and cannot appreciate.

Cancer and mental disorders cured here were ailments rendered by the doings of evil spirits. But here at Chung Pyung, these spirits could be persuaded to let go. I could persuade them that there grievances would be heard and there frustrations assuaged, that they could go to a better place.

One pregnant woman recently came with a severe case of a mal-formed fetus. Her doctor, upon examining the child, explained that the baby's brain was not developed at all, and in the baby's upper body, where the lungs should be, there was only water, or the lungs were filled with water. The doctor recommended that she abort the baby. He explained to her that the baby would die, anyway. But I could see that if she tried to abort this baby, at 5 months in her pregnancy, she could not have another baby, after that abortion. So I told her, "You have to let this baby grow, be delivered, and die, as the case may be. Then, get pregnant again."

"You have to make this choice. But there is another alternative, too: Stay here longer, after the 40 days, and I will do my best, I promise."

Her husband (Korean) believed in me. He asked me to please keep her (?nationality?) here. I let her come to my room and took out the spirit. I asked the spirit, "Why are you filling this baby with water? I will resolve the resentment for you, Please trust me."

After the second 40-days the baby was getting better and better; and the brain was getting better and better. Then one day I was surprised at what I saw. So I asked her, "Please go to the hospital for another check-up."

The doctor was really shocked, the baby had become completely normal, both conditions had cleared up. The doctor could not explain it, could not believe it, could not understand it. This means that the problem was coming from the spiritual side more than from the physical side.

Blessed wives before you are about 6 months pregnant you should come here for a 40-day workshop. Before then, there is still time to correct any problems.

Evil spirits push us to do evil. But there is a way out: To master the heart and life of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. So, True Parents opened this door. Now we can get rid of the evil mind, so we can live with our original mind. Since 1995 this door has been opened here, at Chung-Pyung. But why have so many of you waited so long. And still there are so many members who have not come yet.

Since 1997 we have been able to liberate ancestors, many of whom are living in the worst hell. Now we are able to restore God's lineage, all the way back to Adam and Eve! But, we don't change! Why so many could not come here!? Because we are blind!

You may think, "Oh, I am a 'Blessed Couple... Why, I am Blessed, and will surely go to the Unification Village, in spirit world, when I die."

Absolutely not! If you think you are going to the Kingdom of Heaven, wake up! We need to know: in what condition were we before we received the blessing. Because of the Blessing we are changed? Or has your way of life changed? Remember what you were like before... at the Blessing? Were you perfect? Were you 'worthy' to receive the Blessing?

In order to "grow" into the Kingdom of Heaven we received the Blessing. Still we have 3 quarters of the sin we came with! Original sin was [absorbed] but still you have 'personal, ancestral, and collective' sins that you should clean up, yourself. You have been living with satanic habits, haven't you? We should have made unity with True Parents after the Blessing. Through going the way of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience... our ancestral, collective, and personal sins should have been gotten off.

Not one person, should have been falling! No one should have committed the fall, again! But what happened!? We did... many of us, we fell again! And Satan could invade... Do not think that you, personally, are clean and there is no consequence to you if/since you, personally, did not fall? Please understand: because others did... the collective sin comes over us all... all of us.

Instead of going forward, we came down. Living in fornication and [sinister disunity] fighting between husband and wife... we could not even keep or hold on to the point or level at which we received the Blessing. We fell down... how miserable...

True Parents have to pay. You do not understand the anguish, the loss. At the first Re-registration Blessing in August... on the 3rd day of that workshop, Father cried... [... ...] The younger and younger the Blessing group, the more messed-up they are. The first workshop included the 36 couples... True Parents cried and cried as more and more reports came in from their confessions, "What can I do with these people... Such a mess..."

Even over those couples, who are much better than us, Father cried and cried... Originally, the Blessing was to be given to only those who are perfect. But Father pleaded with God, that since the providence has been delayed for so long, "Please accept my condition and let them receive the Blessing in advance of their perfection."

But we could not fulfill, so True Parents could not stand before God.

I have been to spirit world many times and I can tell you that absolutely, unless one goes through this Re-registration Blessing one cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. True Parents' crying and grieving comes from their knowing that we will go to hell. So, Heung-Jin Nim let you and I take responsibility, giving us Re-registration and the chance to go to God, again.

Father pleaded, "I am sorry, It's my fault. I did not educate them well." But what is our attitude!?

Only once we should take the Holy wine! Not twice! Then, Satan is looking at True Parents. How must True Parents be feeling about this, then? Second and Third generations all affected, infected.

All of you, ask for forgiveness. Pledge to change and correct what has been undone. I wish your attitude was like that. But if you look outside this hall right now, you will see some of the husband and fathers here for this workshop out there playing with their children -- out there walking around, not even listening to these words. And what of those who did not even come!

Even after forgiveness... can we make it? True Parents are wondering. They are really worrying about this question.

Dear Members, this is the beginning... the new beginning. Tomorrow, at the Holy Wine Ceremony, all sins committed since your original Blessing will be forgiven. From now, we must make strong effort and determination to break our habits... How?... with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, and Absolute Obedience. To sin again is to be hurting our True Parents. Do your understand? Do you understand? Do you understand?

I hear some members think. "So what, if I die..."

But the Spirit World is the beginning of Eternity. Please think again, what your life would be like if your had come out deformed, from your mother's womb. As below, so above... You think that there are just two places: hell and paradise... No. Even though the Kingdom of Heaven is not open yet, there are so many places, realms. The farthest from God is hell. But there are different degrees of hell, even. Those who commit suicide or fall are in places that are lower than hell. Can you imagine?

When you die those evil spirits, especially those wronged by you and your own ancestors grab you. They interrogate you, "Who did you love most, in this life?"

Then they immediately go to your most dearly beloved love ones and seek to cause them cancer, disease, or some accident. This process of resentment and payback continues, on and on. So please, don't be walking around here, ignoring the ansu, ignoring the lecture schedule. You do your walking around at home. Be responsible, not only for yourself, but for the collective mess we are in, here.

You may think that there is a judge. But this is not true. You find your own place. After you die, for about 40 days you wander here and there in the spirit world. You go to this place and find out that, "Oh no, this is not a comfortable place. This is not where I should be, these people are terrible, here."

So you leave and try to find a better place, only to find that the next place is worse than the place before. And each place worse and worse, still. Therefore, please understand me: you should prepare now, and you really should go there as a good spirit... after Re-registration, with good condition. And what kind of condition do you need?

1) Build True Family:

Husbands must love their wives. Sometimes you must love her like you are her father, sometimes like her elder brother or best friend. Give unconditional love. And wives, you should return beauty. Wives, you should live 'soft'... talk 'soft'... and even make your skin 'soft' to your husband's touch. He should want to touch you! A true wife, if asked to make love, she should never say no.

Love making is so very important, yet I have received testimonies from some wives who have come here, that they have not made love in 2 years, 4 years... even for some: 10 years! My goodness. Please understand that inside you have a heavenly palace a garden wherein all the riches and glories of creation abide. Let your husband come in and experience this richness. Only you can provide that experience.

But many women expect the husband to 'do well,' first. But you must understand that his 'doing well' is up to the wife. Furthermore, you must understand that children see!

Help other blessed couples. Olders blessings groups should be available and responsible for younger blessed couples. Let us reconsider our collective sin. Go back and encourage others to come to Chung-Pyung. Give your testimony.

2) Greed, Jealousy, Anger, Arrogance...

Get rid of these fallen natures: These fallen natures come from Satan, not God. Generation upon generation, they have come down to us. Therefore, naturally, to get rid of them is not easy. But we must check ourselves, every day... day by day... When bad feelings come you must try to hold hands. Hug when you leave home and part from one another. Husbands really should not get angry.

3) No Smoking, No Drinking, No Drugs.

For those who smoke, you must understand that the smell lingers, even years after your quit. Its in your skin, in your body, down to the bone. And you may not believe me, but both drinking and smoking lead to the sexual fall. Smoking creates such a low spiritual atmosphere and invites many low spirits. Smoking and drinking open up many wholes in your spirit for satanic spirits to invade. Many children and unborn second generation babies come here with a hole in their heart or in their lungs... But you must know that usually this condition is traceable back to their ancestors drinking or smoking problems.

Even here at Chung Pyung many fathers come here and smoke in the bath rooms, so much so that you would think that we are not in such a heavenly place, but in some common bus station. Please, please. Stop it. Don't do it. If you cannot stop tonight, I will not hold it against you, but from tomorrow's Blessing determine to stop. [Numbers of each point may not be accurate. She did not number each item.]

4) Do not Look at, Touch, or Open Your Zipper to, anyone other than your spouse:

Not long ago I went down to the lowest spiritual world, where there are people who have fallen. You can not imagine how difficult it is to go there. Even people looking at me with lust, unable to control themselves. But even in this lowest hell, I saw a member, a man who was one of our most famous Divine Principle lecturers. He was so ashamed to look at me, but he was there. But his family had never come to Chung-Pyung, in all the time that we have been doing ancestor liberation, and special liberations... So I called his wife and asked her to please come and register him for liberation.

But, if he did not meet me there, by chance... then what? Please understand. This respected Blessed member died and went to spirit world without confessing to anyone that he had fallen. But what is even worse is the fact that for such a fallen husband, their child is not Second Generation. And what if that child, unknowingly then marries another bonafide Second Generation candidate? The Third Generation has to indemnify that fall and take the Holy Wine.

We will have time for writing your confessions prior to the Holy Wine Ceremony. Please, please, use this time to confess everything. All can be forgiven up to now, some conditions will have to be made for severe cases; but, by all means don't hide anything at this time. Cases of falling and breaking the blessing must be handled through the blessed family department of your nation or region. Starting your family before or without a three-day ceremony or prior to fulfilling the conditional time period is not the same as the fall. Please talk to someone with the Blessed family department about your situation.

Many young couples do not know what the Divine Principle is... what the fall is... Some of them never went to workshop, or never received the Divine Principle, deeply, if at all. But you must know, all of you, from now... if you so much as look at another woman lustfully you are creating original sin.

5) Do not misuse Public Money.

Many of you have stomach problems. If so, most likely you have misused Public money, or have stolen from others, or have created great debts using other peoples money. You or your children, or your children's children will have to clear up these debts. Included in these debts are the tithes that you have neglected to offer. We should understand that all that we have is on loan to us, none of it belongs to us. But as a condition of offering we should tithe some portion for God's will. Until now we have usually offered a tithe of 10 percent. But Father [... ...] tithing should be 30 percent, instead...

[editor: I wish someone at Headquarters could confirm and clarify this point and articulate clearly what offerings might be considered part of tithing and which offerings are generally considered as separate, all together, from tithing.]

6) Must Not Hurt Others' Feelings:

We must be careful what we say. Always use words of love, caring words. We cannot say careless things. Husbands, you cannot curse at your wife. Do not yell at your children. When you are angry that they do not obey you, please stop and think how it is that you, likewise do not listen to, and obey, True Parents. As a condition we should be working together with God and thinking of True Parents always, every day, whatever we are doing.

7) Keep Family Pledge:

On the first day of the month, every Holy Day, every Sunday, we should be faithful to offer Pledge. We should greet God and True Parents every morning. And when we return home, we should offer a Kyung-bae (traditional honorable, respectful bow). Pledge is our promise to God, before Heaven, our good word.

8) Go and attend Church on Sunday:

Offer tithes, faithfully and you will move heavenly fortune; attend the church leaders; and you will increase in your ability to multiply heaven's blessing to your surroundings. Our leaders surely are not perfected (not any more than we are). But, they have, on the other hand, volunteered to take responsibility for the members and for missions greater than most of us would shoulder. Please respect there offering and support them.

In closing, please take advantage of the providence of liberating our ancestors. Recently Father called to inquire about the pace of the ancestor liberations. He was shocked that it was taking so long and asked me to speed up the process. But I [begged] Father to understand that it takes time to clean up the spirits once they are liberated, 100-day workshop with Heung-Jin Nim; and after the blessing, a 40-day Blessing workshop to make them totally, absolute good spirits...

But please do understand that the goal of this providence is the restoration of your lineage all the way back to Adam and Eve... So you can truly say one day, totally, that, "My lineage is God's lineage." 

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