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by Dae Mo Nim

Words at an Ancestor Blessing

Dae Mo Nim
May 19, 2001
Unofficial notes by Carlton Johnson

I was going to postpone posting my notes from this weekend's 'Ancestor Blessing' at Chung-Pyung. But feeling 'han'... I figured that I might add something at this juncture, after all.
Just got back; some of what Hoon Mo Nim said, Saturday evening: Even though we are watching Mrs. Kim, we were reminded that we should have the heart of attendance and understand that Tae Mo Nim, and Heung Jin Nim are with her, in attendance, and trying to communicate with us, personally.
She spoke for about an hour, around 10:30 pm, after just finishing a marathon session (over two days) with a seriously ill third-generation member (if I caught the translation correctly):

Please work hard to get rid of evil, resentful spirits. Now you seem to have no mental problem. But the spirit(s) inside of you may not be 'moving fast' at this moment. But if they start to move, you will be caught up in their energy and pushed mightily to live by THEIR will.

Five or six years ago you did not see the spirits. But I do... causing sickness, making us to have and live by fallen nature. As I take these spirits I wish everyone could see this. I want to share with you the conversation I was having -- I am talking about the conversation with the spirit in this 3rd generation member. [Sorry, I did not catch whether it was a little child or a young adult--I sense that it was the latter.]

The spirit in her was actually hurt by the ancestor of this member; but by an ancestor that was not even close to us: 35 generations ago! Their sin is affecting us!

I asked, 'why are you here hurting this second [or 3rd?] generation child?'

The spirit answered: Myself, I was happily married, upper class, having a happy family life. But this person's ancestor came and raped me, repeatedly, continually... so much was the shock that I committed suicide.

Hoon Mo Nim, continued: (S)/he (the suffering member) did not sleep for a few days, now; but when Hoon Mo Nim left to come address the workshop this person was finally sleeping... [something about 40 days -- maybe the person is now in 40-days workshop... I don't know.]

I feel bad [Hoon Mo Nim continues]... for so many 2nd generation members who went crazy; 2, 3, and 4 year-olds, even. I stopped them from coming here. Some of them are diagnosed as 'non-curable' and Doctors tell their parents that the children may even die, if they do not have a certain operation. But I see, clearly; they could live if they get the spirits out. Spirits are causing most of these sicknesses.

After the Coronation ceremony. Many evil spirits will be working stronger... more Alzheimer's disease and other problems will multiply.

But, towards the end, as more of our ancestors get liberated, as all the angels come down to the earth, God will show many spiritual phenomenon. From as far back as 1995, I have been wondering when that would be. You come to 2-day workshop, only. I see every single day, people with sicknesses. Unless we live and practice absolute faith, love and obedience, we can easily get dominated by evil spirits. Only through uniting deeply with God and True Parents, could we escape these spiritual attacks.

Please, please... do not let 2nd and 3rd generation inherit this. [Those living in Korea...] even once a month, get these spirits removed... and unite with True Parents.

You cannot see! Like by habit you come to these Ancestor Blessings, without seeing! But those evil spirits increase your fallen nature. How much have WE made the effort for this level of victory, for the chance to have such a place, such liberation, such a blessing for Ancestors!?

One child with epilepsy -- the hospital operated on the whole brain, on the 14th. But none of the parents or grandparents came to Chung-Pyung, not even once! Clearly the child could be healed. But not once did a family member come! Why?

The answer: 'Well, this person is a 3rd generation! who would have thought such a thing could happen to a 3rd generation child!?

Listen! We did not receive the blessing after reaching perfection, but by True Parents' indemnity! But in our hearts and in our love, we did not reach that level. We should have reached perfection, having such a will not to sin. We should be making effort, effort... We must get ourselves to that level; while recognizing that we, ourselves, did not have any condition to receive the blessing.

Even after the blessing we should have gotten rid of our evil habits... every day we must check and check and check.

I had thought that, after the blessing, we could go to heaven and live with True Parents. But I found out that its not so simple. Spirit world is not 'decided' by God. But we ourselves decide. All the things of good and evil are written in that book (the Divine Principle)...

After the blessing, we should have united with True Parents. Then, no matter how much satan came, we would have no base... and collective sins could have been cleared up quickly... and fallen nature -- by not living for the sake of the individual, in selfishness. All could have been peeled away, gradually.

But, instead, we "ate," "saw," "touched," and have fallen, handling things we should not have handled. Those who are living so far away from the Divine Principle are so very hard to liberate. But we should liberate them.

You do not know what I had to go through to create this place. By uniting with True Parents we can create the Kingdom of Heaven. True Parents know this best. We should know why True Parents came to this world: To make this fallen world to be God's world, after all.

But as soon as you leave Chung-Pyung you forget about the spirit world. We should be able to see our position! We should have changed more this month! and more the next!

In hell, I met some blessed couples who were shocked to be there. "Why should I be here," they wondered.

We create ourselves!

Liberated ancestors come back from the 100-days with only original sin. Through the blessing they take off this junk. After the blessing, they will go through another 40 days of training. You should come back after that time to pick them up, take them to your homes, have a welcome celebration. At that time you should tell them what they should focus on, with regard to what your family is doing or trying to accomplish. They will help you!

After 40 days, you need to come and register for two-day workshop at that time, so that Tae Mo Nim can see/read your name on the list and call those ancestors to be ready to go with you.

This weekend's blessing includes a special blessing for Single members, whose spouse or matching partner is in the spirit world. To these members, you should know that if you were to go to spirit world, yourself, you would not be able to find your spouse [in such a vast place]. Through this blessing your are linked, directly. You do not have to track them down. Those having this Spiritual/Physical blessing, we found those spouses.

In addition, this "Ancestor Blessing" is covering the 22nd through the 28th generations. From next month, we shall begin the "liberation" of your ancestors from the 36th through the 42nd gerenations. You don't know what a difference between the liberation and the blessing time! During the 100 days they get so cleaned up. I wish you could see them when they come back for the Blessing. They are so beautiful, I can hardly believe they are the same ones I had liberated. I cannot express the joy I feel to see them, knowing where they have come from and what they had been suffering through...

[Ending quickly, for Ansoo and liberation... for early Blessing scheduled the following day]

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