Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Care for Members

Dae Mo Nim
Notes by Carlton Johnson Moon
April 2, 2001

We went to Chung-pyung this past weekend.

A few tid-bits... (Sorry, I was pre-occupied with guests, a teacher from the school here, with his family. They had never been to the church, although he has seen several DP and Blessing videos. Good experience, over-all).

Hoon Mo Nim:

We should personally take care of the members around us (Not just the leaders should do this. We all should feel responsible). Collective sin also affects us, the collective sin of members going the wrong way, doing the wrong things--affects us. Blessed members and Blessed families are connected in this way.

As a result of the way we live we create the evil spirit we become when we enter spirit world. We even create the spirit of the baby in the womb. If the father and mother live in a bad way, then the baby in the womb will come out the same way, with the same crying and angry spirit. If the parents are smiling-happy, the baby in the womb will be the same in spirit.

After we know the Divine Principle, God and True Parents must be the center of our lives. With fallen natures, personal sins, ancestral sins, and collective sins... we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We must get these things off of ourselves. In order to do so, we have to be like a child. With such a personality, by living in such a way, like a child first learning to walk...

We should be qualified to stand and teach, able to teach, so as to sanctify the rest of the world. This is our calling. But only if you live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience can you stand on the stage.

Its good to study but in real life, God should be guiding your life. So that God can come and speak through you, study; but also make effort to resemble God. So that no matter how scarry a happening may come your way, you can handle it. With just a half-way effort and attitude you cannot attend God and True Parents and take a public mission.

Smile a lot, living with love and sacrifice and serving others. In this way you will increase in leadership and in power. On the other hand, leading by force with an angry nature, dominating others with strong power will only lead you down.

Second Generation

Father is now granting permission for blessed parents to choose the spouse of their blessed children. But he has directed clearly that all the candidates go through the workshop first. However, recently two blessed children came to her for approval. Their two families liked each other and the matching was tentative arranged. They looked like a good match from their own eyes, but Dae Mo Nim / Hoon Mo Nim was apprehensive, feeling that the children of this tentative couple may have problems. Their having already decided before coming to workshop is not a condition God can bless...

(there was of course much that I did not document...)

With regard to not hurting other's people heart, we should repeatedly tell others that they are good, good, good. Then they will stand a better chance of becoming good. Don't emphasize that someone is bad, bad, bad, all the time; or they may become worse.

On prayer and reporting: Everyday-life in attendance is prayer, itself...

Create Hoon-Dok Hae associations... more and more... 

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