The Words of Dae Mo Nim (Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim -- Hoon Mo Nim)

Life In The Spiritual World Is Determined By The Life In The Physical World

Dae Mo Nim
March 13, 2001
Chung Pyung

How are you? We are living in a really good realm of benefit. True Parents have prepared Chung Pyung and True Parents have granted us the wonderful grace of living a glad and happy life on earth and even in spiritual world. Usually human beings do not think about their life in the spiritual world. They say, "The present is important. We don't have to think about the after life." But though your life on earth is important, you will realize today how important the spiritual world in which you will live eternally is. Human beings cannot design their own features before being born. If we were asked why we were born? We can answer that we were born as a result of our parents' love and by God love and by God's love. We should give thanks for our birth itself owing to Gods love. We should give thanks for our birth itself owing to God's love.

God created mankind as His beloved children, His great object. If God's children had been the true children who played and ran around in the Garden of Eden. ... children had been the true children who played and ran around in the Garden of Eden, taking care of all things, God would have been happy about His lovely children. Human beings, as children of God, would have lived a beautiful life on earth and naturally would have gone to the Kingdom of Heaven after getting old and dying. Therefore, man's death is not to die but it is to be reborn. Because of that, for the person who has died, his physical birthday disappears and the day of the person's Seunghwa remains to be remembered through ancestor worship ceremony. The reason why people perform ancestor worship is a proof of this fact.

Therefore, you should live thinking about in what form you will be born again, when you enter spiritual world. You must know that in spiritual world you will be born as a good spirit man as a result of good life on earth, and you will be born as an evil spirit as a result of an evil life.

Because our ancestors had lived not thinking that they would be born again in spiritual world but only thought of food, clothes, home and livelihood, sins committed by ancestors while on earth are being inherited by us, their descendants.

We must also live a changed life when we are confronted about spiritual world. We must work in that the features we will be born with in the spiritual world, will be precious features, that will bring us to live forever in the love of God. If not, we will be reborn as handicapped people in spiritual world.

Therefore, our present life is very important. Our present life can cut off not only the sins of our ancestors but also sins that will be connected to our descendants. Knowing these facts we must live a diligent life centering on goodness.

You know that our rebirth into the spiritual world will be decided by our life while on earth, only if we live a beautiful life, then can we come to resemble the God and True Parents. And then, we can open the way for descendants to live well.

I want you to reflect on whether you truly read Divine Principle or only read it 'abitually. Truly, if you knew the spiritual world well, you would not read Divine Principle habitually or only with your brain and without your heart. You would not read it thoughtlessly, but rather you read with your whole heart deeply thinking about God's situation.

Because God truly loves us, God saved us and made us take off the original sin through the Blessing. Through Divine Principle Hoon Dok we are able to realize that through leading a life centered on goodness we were able to take off our fallen nature and were able to separate from Satan.

Until now, in the age we are living in, evil has been developing and vicious people have lived better off. However, from the turning point, August 25, 1995, it came to be the age that goodness took a victory, and absolute good spirits could work to help us with the Coronation of God's Kingship.

Until now, angels could not help us sufficiently. However, after finishing the 438th workshop angels came to take the position to help us much more. From now on, evil people will die away increasingly and good people will live better off.

Therefore, we should do our best so that angels and absolute good spirits can help us. We should realize true families. If we do not set up the true family, angels cannot work, and we cannot be protected against the realm of evil spirits.

For that reason, you should set up the true family after the forty days workshop, when you return to your family. You must know what is happening in this world that families are being destroyed because of being twisted by evil, and people who loved each other are turning their back and becoming enemies.

For this reason, you should know that if you cannot realize true families, Satan will work to control evil spirits to divide your family. Satan makes you unconscious of God, your neighbors and anybody else, and finally Satan brings about evil results.

Therefore, I really want that you members will make true families freshly transformed through the forty days workshop. I want to finish my words by saying, may God stay in your families. Thank you. 

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