Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

Registration Workshop First Speech

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim)
May 2001
Notes from Bénédicte Suzuki

Registration is not just a condition, it is a must, even for those who went to the blessing in the United Nation on 27 of January. All must go through the gate of Heaven. Not one person should miss this chance. This is the time to be forgiven of the wrong things, repent and prepare for great mission in the future. Educate your husband and children. To receive Holy wine we should be qualified for that. Normally forgiveness should not be necessary, we should have had only Holy Wine one time in our life only!

We worked to improve ourselves to receive the blessing, but when True Parents saw the state of members, when Father saw in all couples we are not in the condition to receive blessing! We were in such a messy condition! Without this blessing registration, we cannot go forward!

Reach perfection by living absolutely with obedience, faith and love. If we made total unity with True Parents, our sins could have been taken out! But members still so sinful! True Parents gave the blessing, making promise to God. There have been many religious people, who existed, but no one knew about the original sin properly and why we had to suffer this miserable life! Only True Father knew: original sin is sexual sin, sexual love! Do not commit the sin! To reach individual perfection, we must not eat the fruit! We must keep our lineage pure, we must not hurt others; we must dominate all things rightfully (no misuse of money)! Do not commit sins and dirty your lineage! Never touch! True Parents talked so much of these 3 points at His birthday. We must not violate those 3 points. Blessed couples should not have had sexual sins! True Father looked at the first list of blessed members and hoped that they did not commit sins! But so many went out to the world, married outside people in 36, 72,120,130,777,1800 couples! True Father could not give that registration! It was not just a condition but essential to reach to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the reality True Father saw! He cried and cried and cried!

As a blessed couple we did not take it seriously. We thought we would go to the Kingdom of Heaven! When I told Blessed couples they had evil spirits in them, they got very upset! Why Christians are humble? Because they think they are servant to the Lord. We are the children of God not because we are worthy, but because True Parents came. We become arrogant and fall.

In the time of Jesus, they gave unconditional love for others. This is how True Parents educated us. This is the way True Parents lived and are living. If we just had kept that, not one should have counted sins! Liberation of ancestors and evil spirits could have gone out by itself in living absolute love, obedience and faith. But we became arrogant and attracted these evil spirits.

Always we must check ourselves if we are met to fit with the value of the blessing. Husband and wife must make this determination to live everyday life!

There were so much sexual sins, so careless words spoken, so much hurt others! I was so disappointed to see how much this state! Sexual sin is causing so much sadness! We must teach our children chastity! But parents got them married with outside people and let them have children! They even enjoy seeing grandchildren coming out of Satan lineage! Father looked at the list and saw the shape of members, He could not stop crying! I promised to God to bring Heaven ... "Father, what can I do?" and I pledge to God I will take responsibility to educate our members and make them change! You must know that you were supposed to do only one Holy Wine ceremony!

During registration, nobody felt shame to take again this Holy wine. True Parents and Heung Jin Nim took the responsibility. Children feel for their parents but we do not. When we come here for this workshop to receive registration blessing, we must cry and repent!

We think True Father is supper person and can do everything, yet doing this work is so painful! When I see red color, I can see the evil spiritual world! It is so bloody! It is so hard!

So many blessed children has fallen when drinking and smoking! They came for the blessing just to get married, not understanding the value of the blessing! Even though religious people worked so hard they could not go to the Kingdom of Heaven! Because other blessed members committed sins, we came to inherit it as collective sins!

If husband did not come to church, that became collective sin. Drinking, smoking, fighting! Seriously tearfully, have repentance prayers here! I truly hope this 9th workshop participants will gain much blessing home after. But if we come back home and continue to fight, the blessing of the good fortune will be gone! Even repent for your husbandís sins. You are here, repent for your husband. Donít lie down in the sanctuary, pray any time you can! Do not talk meaningless stories to each other. You must pray that all your family can change. I was so moved by western members praying in the prayer hall last workshop!

Think of sisters who cannot have children! If you have more than 4 children you should consider giving one to sisters who do not have any! There are angels studying in medical specialized hospital, I called them to come to help those sisters who cannot have any children. Take care of things. Make determination to clean up all so you can carry good fortune home! Repent for we are in a position we have to take again the Holy Wine. Repent for we did not have love! Repent so that the spirits who stay with you can be liberated.

Every free time you go to the 5 prayer trees:

The Tree of Love: to restore True Love Pure Motivation, we did not know God True Love!
The Tree of Heart: to understand Godís heart at the time of creation and inherit His heart!
Tree of all Things: we misused things, we ate junk food, steal, bad attitude toward thingsÖ !
Tree of Loyalty: we did not believe in God and True Parents, not serious enough for good ancestors. !
Tree of Blessing: we did not appreciate the Blessing, we blocked God from working through us, and we did not believe we could fulfill the Blessing.

You say a few words each tree even if you have no time, you just say, "Father" with deep heart! You say sorry I did not know Godís Heart, I did not dominate all things, I did carelessly, and I misused things. Pray for those who cannot have children, or have financial problems! You say, I thought I was loyal but I was not! Now I will be loyal and filial child! You ask: "Please allow me to receive the blessings I could not until now because of the evil spirits." Angels are in each tree like cherry blossoms! If your body has problem, you go to the water of life and drink it and angel put medicine in it for you. For all those trees I had to beg God by doing 10.000 kyung-bae each! It was so difficult! It was a point of death! I felt I had to die! Even if you were a spiritual body you would feel I would die! I did 10.000 kyung bae one after the others ! For 3 days my body could not move, I was like dead! Even to brush my teeth I could not do it! Why? So that we could receive the blessing!

Please be eager to go to those trees!

I told the staff here in Chung Pyung Lake "you do not know the value to be able to go to these trees! You should go there every day!" I told them! Being there all the time, the staff is taking a habit and thinks they made it already, but they should not get habit!

You must be externally victorious but internally too!

This is the place of the coronation of God!

It is like if God is in a home and cannot go out because there are all evil out there! For the coronation True Parents and our ancestors who are absolute spirits already together with Heung Jin Nim escorted God to this place! At the coronation I cried so much together with Hyun Jin Nim! We could not rent another place! This is the Heavenly Palace! Coronation had to be in the palace of a King so that we can liquidate the satins. Satins stand beside you to block the fortune!

Go to the tree of Love! Hyun Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim always come there to pray!

Get evil spirits out of your eyes, mouth, and ears! If you got angry, spirits get into your mouth! Ears, is arrogant, self-centered is nose! So get evil spirit out of all your senses! Get busy to clean up!

Among the 10,000 people who came for the coronation, not even one member could see God! You must get spirit out of yourself! If you like to gamble, spirits are in your hands! Ancestors in spiritual world! There is not one day when their eyes are dry! Sexual spirits sits on your stomach; if you watch pornographic things you have big "bags" of spirits hanging down your sexual parts! Work hard with ansoo! Your skin will be better! Your body is hardened by evil spirit! When you do clapping, you make cracks in those evil spirits and angels can come to pull evil spirits out. You must sings, evil spirits do not want to get out, if you sing, they cannot talk back to the angel and they have to go! After each clapping ceremony go under the tree of Love, evil spirit can be removed there also! Take care of this place! You build it with your money! So take care of it! Be grateful there is not other place like this!

So many members could not have any children! In the world outside they will be so many handicapped! That is why we prepared the hospital! With spiritual world we determined to shut down all mental hospitals by letting people come here to be cured so that they can be children of God! There is a great hope! Now we can liberate ancestors from 1 to 35 generations! We are so lucky! We must liberate until 120 to get our lineage 100% changing into Godís lineage!

With good spirits you can move heavenly fortune!

Get your ancestors quickly to the workshop so that they can be blessed! I am telling your ancestors to help you so that many problems will be resolved! I will come after if you want, if you make conditions.

All the things you need to resolve can be solved if you really try hard!

Pregnant woman must really work hard for those children to be good health.

Thank you!

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