The Words of the Anderson Family

Black Heung Jin Nim in DC

Damian Anderson
August 10, 2000

I was not willing to wait until I got to the spirit world to make a judgement on this issue [Black Heung Jin -- Cleophas]. With my own eyes, I saw this man in the Washington DC church knock people's heads together, hit them viciously with a baseball bat, smack them around the head, punch them, and handcuff them with golden handcuffs. I had seen enough. Todd Lindsay was the first to leave. His wife was due to have a baby any day. My wife was six months pregnant at the time, and we were next in line for "confession" to the heavy-handed inquisitor.

I took my wife out of the room, and he came after us. I demanded to know what had happened to Todd. They had locked him away in a room somewhere. I wanted to leave and said so. I was wrestled to the ground by several people, and forbidden to leave. I tried to break out of the church but was unable to do so. I could not take a pregnant wife over the back fence. The doors were locked and there were far too many people in there. It was overcrowded, and very dangerous to have the doors padlocked.

I told him that if he laid so much as a finger on her, I would knock his teeth out, blacken his eyes, and kick the shit out of him. I told him that if it was a confession he wanted, I would be happy to confess my sins before the whole congregation, and shouted out my confession. I also told him that I wanted to leave, that we were being illegally imprisoned by not being allowed to leave, and as soon as I left, I would call the police and the FBI, and report the overcrowding in a locked church to the fire department. Somebody reported the events to the Washington Post, though I did not.

We finally got out when Todd's wife Michelle went into labor that night and I drove them to the hospital. She gave birth to their daughter Grace that night.

Before we went, I had specifically asked Denis Orme whether the rumors of violence by this man were true and he had denied them. I angrily confronted him in the DC church, demanding to know why he had lied to me. He and Dr. Sheftick and some others were his goons preventing people by force from leaving. I very much resented the brute force applied to stop people leaving the event, or the building, and imprisoning protesters by force and with handcuffs in isolation.

If a similar event were to recur, I would do the same. This time, I would call the police on my cell phone. I have no regrets. I made a moral judgement, and I stand by it. Your characterization of it as "crass" is itself a judgement. The fact that Dr. Pak was almost murdered by this brute indicates to me that I was on the mark. He left the country with the FBI and other authorities after him for his brutal crimes. Ever since then, I have been very wary of any violence perpetrated in the name of God in our church.

This was a dark chapter in the history of our church, which I hope is never repeated. Heaven help us if next time, the thugs are armed. It makes by blood boil just to talk about it.

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