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2007 Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony in the Sacred Reign of Peace

Chung Hwan Kwak
July 5, 2007
Cheonan, Korea

As part of WSCF 2007, an international blessing of marriage under the title "2007 Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony in the Sacred Reign of Peace" was held on July 5 2007 in Chonan city. True parents officiated blessing for 1,634 couples who participated in this ceremony to begin a new life. It was an entirely festive and happy moment, with thousands of well-wishers in attendance as the couples -- some newlywed and others rededicating their unions -- exchanged rings and recited vows of peace and fidelity. This ceremony was broadcasted through internet, so many other couples participated indirectly from all around the world.

Rev,. Hwang sun-jo of the FFWPU Korea, as the master of the ceremonies began the actual program for this blessed day. Rev. Im Do-soon of the FFWPU Japan offered the prayer and after that Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, the FFWPU International president gave the ceremony address. After the entrance of the officiators attendants, True Parents have entered the stage, which was followed by a report to Heaven by Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan.

Rev. Kwak said:

... Although civilization today boasts of prosperity due to advances in science and technology, it is being shaken to its roots by conflicts arising between races and religions. Moral values have deteriorated over time, and humankind faces an uncertain future because of immorality, the breakdown of the family and the corruption of youth.
The Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing Ceremony transcends the boundaries of nations, race and religion. It contributes to the realization of a peaceful world based on true love and the ideal of one global family. A cultural revolution of true love is brewing, which will give rise to a culture of heart for the first time in history. The second and third generation born from families blessed across nations, races and religions are already growing up in all corners of the world. They are born with a beautiful and open mind that knows no borders. Raised with a heart in which all walls have been brought down through true love, they are the hope and harbingers of peace for all humanity...

True Parents conducted the holy water ceremony, affirmation of the blessing vows, and invocation of the blessing. After that all the couples exchanged the rings, which was followed by the proclamation of the holy blessing by True Parents.

The congratulatory addressed offered by Dr. Lee Soo-sung, former prime minister of Korea and H.E. Stanislav Shushkevich, the former president of Republic of Belarus.

The World Peace Blessing or the cross-cultural marriages is one of the most important and innovative approaches to peace. Marriage creates permanent relationships of blood that are far more important than the temporary barriers erected by race, religion and culture. During a recent world speaking tour, True Parents mentioned:

"What do you think will happen if people from the United States and Russia marry across the boundaries of their nationalities through the International and Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing?" he asked. "The two nations will become one family under God. How could anyone harbor antagonism toward, much less point weapons at, a nation which many millions of grandchildren from their own lineage make their home?"

Echoing these thoughts, Dr. Shushkevich added a personal note of thanks for True Parents' committed work to oppose communism, efforts which eventually laid the seeds for the break up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. "I had the privilege to be at the World Peace Blessing in 1992, when I was still head of state of Belarus," he explained, "At that time we were so happy because of our new found freedoms. But looking back now fifteen years later I can say that freedom alone is not enough: we must have strong families and a strong moral structure if our nations are to prosper."

After a congratulatory song, a representative couple presented flower to True Parents and another representative ciuple presented gift to True Parents. This was followed by greetings to True Parents, parents and relatives by brides and grooms. With the three cheers of Eog-mansei the ceremony ended.

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