Dr. Sang Hun Lee's Teachings from Spirit World

Received through Mrs. Y. S. Kim, National Messiah

Section 4
People Whom I Met In The Spiritual World

1. Jesus Christ, August 10, 1997

Every people is concerned about the Paradise where Jesus is staying. Then, how does Jesus Christ do? He is living like only one existing person in the cosmic world. What does it mean? He feels very much lonely. There are many Christians around Jesus Christ. Some people are wearing Cross necklace, and others are holding a rosary. However, even though Christians serve Jesus as the highest goal of their earthly lives, Jesus Christ feels lonely and shabby. What is the reason for that? If Jesus is the highest Christ as Christians believe, why did he is staying in the Paradise? Because in the spiritual world, Jesus is not conceded as the person who fulfilled his mission completely. So he is in the lonely and sympathized position.

Paradise is not so happy place. So, Christians who are in the Paradise are begging for Jesus to go forward the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. "Oh! Our Lord! Let's go together with you!" They are begging like that. Whenever they do so, Jesus feels painful heart. He answers like that "I am not to stay here with the qualification of Christ, but as God's son. I am happy and feel grateful for this place.

Then, when would Christians be able to move from the Paradise to the Kingdom of heaven? Until when would Jesus have to stay there? He has to wait until True Parents come and liberate. At that time, people of Paradise can receive many advantage. Then, can't Jesus get God's benefit in the Paradise? He can't. I saw many times that Jesus was going together with God, but many Christians did not know that. (This is a different point from the Kingdom of God.)

2. The Holy Mother Mary, August 10, 1997.

The Holy Mother Mary was a great woman who was respected as Jesus' mother. Even though she is always with Jesus in the Paradise, but I have never seen her who was walking proudly. She is living with having a guilty consciousness because she did not fulfill her responsibility for Jesus. Even though she is not a nun, she is living like a nun. Therefore, the relationship between Jesus and his mother is in the very difficult situation. However, they do not blame each other. Rather, they are very careful of each other.

3. Joseph, August 10, 1997

Joseph is the husband of the Holy Mother Mary and lives in the same position as Mary's, but he is also living very lonely life separating from Mary. Even though they were couple on earth, now they are living like unknown persons and even do not meet each other. Joseph feels difficulty to meet Jesus, and the Holy Mother Mary also feels sorry for meeting Jesus. Moreover, they seem to be afraid for how people think about them. Joseph is repenting for his past earthly life and feels very sorry for Jesus. Because most of people who are around them know the relationship between Joseph and Mary, their lives are not free on earth as well as in heaven. Therefore, the Paradise is not so happy and joyful place, but it is the place of wish and hope.

4. Buddha, August 11, 1997

Buddha is the most famous and expected person to Buddhists. I am going to say the story of meeting Buddha. He is spending his time with sitting in the foot of high mountain and deeply sighing. When I asked him why you have such many sigh and worry, he answered that "You did not come here to meet me, but came to analyze me. Since you are living in God's love, you may know every situation. In spite of that, why do you ask me?" "Whenever it comes April 8, many Buddhists celebrate a festival for my birthday, but I have only heart to want to hide. I feel very sorry and repent that when I lived in the physical world, I did not teach how to serve God. Because I also lived without knowing God, my teaching seemed to lead many people to the sinful way. What can I do?" He speaks me like this with deep sighing.

His face does not seem to look bright and he likes to walk in the high mountain. He dislikes to meet people and wants to go where nobody is there. He is always repenting in his prayer and continues to offer full bow before God with his whole sincere mind. Even though some believers around Buddha are following him, he does not appear the place where many people are gathered. Moreover, the place where Buddha is living seems to be in the high level of the middle spiritual world.

I am going to give a lecture of Divine Principle and Unification Thought to Buddha continuously. His character is very mild and humble. He does not walk proudly with uplifting his head, but dropping his head with 45 degree. He always talks with a benevolent face. When he was listening the lecture, he thanked for my lecture continuously. When I ask him to make promise for the next lecture, he does not promise easily. After taking silent moments, he used to make a facial expression like saying that "If you have a left time, please come." He does not say unnecessary thing. He was very humble and benevolent.

How does Buddha meet God? Some Buddhists may believe that because he was the highest religious founder on earth, he should be treated most highly. However, even though it may be a very sorry story for Buddhists, he cannot meet God directly. However, he can sometimes receive God's direction indirectly only through a messenger. When he receives God's direction, as a servant does before king, he gives full bow before God and kneels down to receive that. And, he also gives full bow again before God's direction like reading King's order.

Buddhists also sometimes can see such scene, but they do not know what is done. Moreover, God's direction does not come often. The contents of God's direction seems that God consoles Buddha. That is, it seems to console Buddha with the contents that since it takes long time until he comes into the direct realm of God's love, he needs to wait silently. It was very surprising that God is going with Jesus together, but He is not with Buddha directly. Why is that so? Jesus served God, but because Buddha served for himself, he is a sinner who can never go before God. However, God forgives him and consoled him.

5. Confucius, August 11, 1997

Confucius is the great King of Confucianism. He stays in the same level as Buddha's which is the highest level of the middle spiritual world. Even in the coldest winter, he wears the oriental classical overcoat and hat, and has a deep meditation with sitting on the snow for several time. Therefore, if I do not make an appointment with him, it is not easy to meet him When I greeted him saying that "I came here to meet teacher Confucius," he responded that "Isn't it rudeness if you come here without appointment?" I introduced myself to him. When I was living in the physical world, I thought of your Confucianism as the most valuable thought, and I wrote Unification Thought, and I lived a life with having a new view of life through Rev. Moon's teaching. When I finished to introduce myself, he said that "How can you call your great teacher's name directly? You should call his name respectably as letter "Moon", letter "Sun", and letter "Myung". He taught me like that. He also said that "Since your sit seems to be uncomfortable, please change to this sit." His word and behavior were very courteous. So, it was not easy to say my opinion.

Whenever I visited him, he came out with wearing humble dress. He seems like a stone Buddha. Since he did not speak quickly, it took time to listen his some word. His facial expression also would not be changed and looked severe. He liked very much the lecture of Divine Principle and Unification Thought, and he gently asked me to come again. However, because he was worried if his request made me trouble, he glanced at my facial expression. Since his character was very reticent, it is difficult to know his inner situation.

I was curious how God's love is delivered to the place where Confucius lives. In case of Buddha, God's love was delivered through someone, but Confucius was different from him. Confucius was called by God. When God said that you should teach God through your thought, he gave a full bow before God. Because he gave full bow very politely, it took quite a long time. Why does God treat them differently? Buddha himself acted like God, but Confucius taught various requirements of etiquette and norm. He did not act like God. There were many people around Confucius who look courteous with wearing the traditional dress such as overcoat and hat. It was not easy to meet Confucius. When I went to meet him, I had to pass through many doors like passing 12 doors.

6. Mohammed, August 12, 1997

Mohammed is at a distance from God and the Holy Spirit. His living place is neither the middle spiritual world nor the Paradise, but is not also the Hell. If it is like the physical world, I can say the name of the place, but in the spiritual world, it is difficult to express it. His place is located between the Paradise and the Hell. In going to meet him, I met many difficulties. It was also difficult even to find the way to go to him. It is because he dislikes to be easily revealed himself to other peoples. Therefore, the meeting place wasn't bright. I met him at the slightly dark place like basement.

He asked why I wanted to meet him. After introducing myself, I said that "Since you are the person whom many earthly people want to meet, I also came to see you." After thinking for a while, he began to open his mouth to speak. "When I lived in the physical world, many people did so, but after coming to the spiritual world, this place seems to be excessive to me. I believe that God sent me here to have me recognize my sin in the physical world. I feel very sorry and repent that I made God suffer by my wrong thought. Because of God's grace, even in this level, there is no the punishment of the Hell. I am very grateful for God because this place is too good comparing with my sin."

He said continuously that "When I was staying in the physical world, I thought that my thought was the best one which could not be compared with any thought regarding the theory of God. However, it was very big mistakes and even I feel very shameful for that. I cannot lift up my head before God. However, once you came here, please give me your deep advice and thought sufficiently." It was the fourth time which I met him.

The reason why I met him many times is that I wanted to understand his thought clearly. At the second meeting, I explained a part of the Unification Thought and introduced True Father, and he accepted it positively. He has already known True Father very well. He said that he was very looking forward to see Rev. Moon in the spiritual world. When I asked why he is waiting for True Father, he has already known that True Father will establish the law of the spiritual world and liberate that world. When I asked how to know that, he said that he was known by attending many seminars which were held in the spiritual world.

Mohammed was wearing the dress which was covering his whole body from the head to foot. He seemed to have the character of religious founder, and his body looked like a dignified figure. The place where Mohammed was staying seems to be located in the lower position than the middle spiritual world. Most of them were wearing similar dresses, which we can see in the Arab countries. People who are living in this Arab area was trying to escape from meeting people. If I tried to see them, they turned their face. Even though I asked the reason, they didn't give me answer for that. I came to guess that because I am living in the good place, they would want to hide their shabby and shameful thing.

Mohammed seemed to glad to meet me, and at the same time, seems to feel shy. He always met me bashfully. While my staying here, I have never seen that God called Mohammed. I didn't see that even God sent a messenger. Even though he recognized God's love and felt sorry for God on the other hand, I could not see that he gave a full bow and devotion like Buddha and Confucius. However, I don't know if he is doing that secretly. He doesn't seem to feel lonely like Buddha, and he also doesn't seem to have meek face like Confucius. How did such great leader of Moslem came to go such lower level of the spiritual world? I have thought deeply about that.

Human was created to pursue goodness as resembling God's love. However, Mohammed seemed to try to pursue individual desire rather than following the goodness and love through his autocratic authority. The mind which we serve God should spring out from original nature automatically. The faith which came to get by forcible and cruel method is just formal faith. Moreover, such forcible method is what oppresses human's original nature. That is far from God's situation. Therefore, they cannot but stay in such level of the spiritual world.

Now, Mohammed is looking forward to seeing that God, Allah would be destroyed. However, it is very difficult problem. Only when there is some cooperation of earthly people and people in the spiritual world, he can go before God. Therefore, when people of this area attend the blessing ceremony and pray for his wrong teaching, he would like that very much.

(The conversation between Mohammed and Y. S. Kim who is a reporter)

My name is Mohammed. I know that you came here as the responsible person of this middle East Asia. Even though most precious person came to this area, because I cannot treat you well, I feel very sorry. I know how much big mistake I made. Even though because of selfishness, it is very difficult to restore people of Arab, I wish that they would be restored by God's love and True Parents' love. The reason why I came here is because I have something which I want to ask to you. If you make 40 days prayer condition to restore the realm of the middle East Asia, I will open the way to meet people of Arab. Because I can help you through the prayer condition. If you are doing so, your precious family seems to stay here in safe. Thank you very much. (He was thinking how to witness people of Arab in the middle East Asia.)

7. Swedenborg, August 13, 1997

Swedenborg was the one whom I wanted to meet in my earthly life. In order to meet him, I waited for God's will. How does God think of that? God said that even though human's ability is limited, the power of the Holy Spirit is infinite. Swedenborg was the one who thought the power of God more preciously than human's ability.

He is staying in the good place which is close to the Paradise. Before I met him, I looked around his surroundings. His disciple came out to meet me. He said "My teacher welcomes you." He said that my teacher got a revelation that God's messenger will visit today. So, now he is waiting for you. When I enter the room, he greeted me with bright smile and face. It was very good feeling.

When I set silently to introduce myself, He said that "You are the one who received God's love and special grace and had live with attending precious teacher. Therefore, can you give me a lecture of your teacher's thought?" So, I introduced briefly about Divine Principle and Unification Thought. He also asked me to introduce True Father who had given such precious teaching.

When I responded that you would already know about True Father, "Your teacher is the one who shines the light like Sun and Moon. Because you attended such teacher who cannot be evaluated by human's thinking, I have to learn from you." He asked me with his humble attitude like that. I promised him to have many chances to talk with him.

He had very systematic and logical thought. However, I was wondering why this person stays in the Paradise although he experienced God's love and was serving God. He was in the place which he can see God closely and was waiting for God's grace.

However, because he lived with communicating with God for long time, even when he came to the spiritual world, his spiritual eyes shone very brightly. People who are serving for him also were the people who had bright face and humble mind. However, because they don't know True Parents' thought and blessing family, I came to think that before True Father comes to this world, I would witness them by giving lecture as soon as possible.

8. Sundassing, August 13, 1997

This person is the one who lived with seeing the high level spiritual world in the physical world. I could compare Swedenborg and Sundassing. The place where Sundassing is staying is located in the middle spiritual world which is lower than the Paradise. Before I met him, I saw various decoration which are spread over all areas. It was the situation like before female shaman dances. The surroundings of the house was similar to Buddhist style. When I entered his house to meet Sundassing, a servant guided me with spreading salt before my way. Sundassing did not come out from his room and instead someone opened the door. When he saw me, he said that "how does such precious person visit here?" I introduced myself in detail, and I told him that I came here in order to introduce Divine Principle, Unification Thought, and True Parents. He said that "It is very thankful to me, but I don't have any qualification and I come to have guilty consciousness." When I asked what that reason is. He said that while he stayed in the physical world, he received not only the Holy Spirit, but also spirit of other level. So, he feels shameful before God. He said that after giving sacrificial offering, he wanted to listen my lecture.

He was very humble and silent, but he spoke very clearly and logically. However, I could not say that God would not like your decoration around your house. I think that when he receives Divine Principle lecture, his idea will be changed.

Even though the spiritual world is very different according to its level, people who are close to God would be more comfortable, but people who do not know about God would argue very much one another and be in anguish. Although I wanted to restore this area, it seems not to be accomplished by even giving tens of times of Divine Principle lecture. I feel very sorry for True Parents.

9. Socrates

Many people may think Socrates when they are in the complicated and confused situation in their thought. Humans are trying to seek God according to his original nature after his birth. Because before humans recognize rationally the fact that they were created by God, they are in the heartistic relationship with God which is the relationship of father and son. Therefore, human's original mind to pursue God is necessarily to seek God. However, if you are captured too much by your own thought, you will lost God. I think that Socrates is the very such person.

In order to meet his person, I made efforts a lot. However, it was not easy to meet him. The place where he is staying is located in the lowest level of the middle spiritual world. The reason why it was difficult to meet him is because he was not willing to meet me. When I visited there three times, he admitted to meet me with dark and gloomy facial expression. The reason why he disliked to meet me is because he didn't want to discuss with other people who have different thought from his own. He wanted to keep his fruit of thought continuously, and first of all he did not feel the necessity to listen other thought. He was very arrogant and disliked even to talk. He was not willing to listen my talk.

However, I began to speak about the Unification Thought step by step. While I was giving a lecture, he suddenly asked me "Who made that thought? Is it your thought? If it is your thought, you seem to think about it very much." Therefore, I began to introduce True Father, but he did not know True Father before. After talking for long time, it seemed that he opened his mind little bit. Through him, I came to recognize that philosopher's thought can be an obstacle before God. Because he was filled with his own thought and logic, it seemed to take long time in changing his thinking.

When I came again in the next time and asked if he wanted to listen my lecture, he said that "Even though your lecture is not necessary for me, if you came with the mind to change my thought, I can hardly welcome you."

When he has a problem, he was not willing to meet other people until it was solved. Therefore, his surroundings was dreary and was at a little distance from people. He did not try to have interest in the harmony of the nature which flowers bloom and are wilted, and the fact that human's death and life are derived from God's power, and God's existence. Because of that, it seemed to take long time in removing his egotism. However, I did not give up a hope for him. Because our thought is higher level more than any other thoughts. When reporter asked if you does not know True Father and if he knows God well, he said that "Even though he knows God, he does not know True Father well, and he don't want to know True Father because of his thought."

10. Adam, August 14, 1997

Adam, the first human ancestor and the first grandfather, is a handsome looking man with a warm personality, and always made us feel comfortable. I was curious on what level of spirit world he was living. If I say all of the details, it will take too much time, and I will be sorry for Mrs. Lee.

Adam remained too distant from God to appear before Him. However, since his indemnity period is finished, he is now living in a good spirit world which is close to God. Adam is always afraid of coming before God, being cautious.

Adam says that his live in that realm of spirit world is a lot better than that of the Garden of Eden. Things are abundant and he can meet with many people. When he was living in the Garden of Eden, he was lonely and fearful to face God. According to Adam, he did not know that he was supposed to make Eve happy. He just thought that he was to stay with Eve in the Garden of Eden. In other words, he was not mature enough to relate to Eve as a man. He was not old enough for him to realize that Eve was to be his wife. When things went wrong with Eve, he finally realized it, but it was too late for him to do anything about it.

Since Adam failed to fulfill his responsibility as the first human ancestor, he suffered a lot, working hard for many thousands of years, and therefore, as a sinner, he felt incredible guilt before God. Although he is now living near God, he still is always cautious before Him.

11. Eve, August 19, 1997

It may sound too harsh to say that Eve is the greatest sinner in human history, but it is true that she committed truly a serious mistake. Eve is now living with Adam near God. She is always warm looking and thoughtful but also quite stubborn. To me, her face is not the most beautiful one but she is very good looking. Whenever I tried to speak to her closely, she always turned her face away. When I had another chance to see her, she again turned her face away from me or bent her head down so that she would not have an eye contact with me. Therefor it took time for me to have an opportunity to talk to her. As we were conversing with each other, when she discovered that I (Sang Hun Lee) was close to God, she attempted to have an open and honest dialogue with me. She started by saying, "It may not be necessary for me to talk about my fault in the past, but I would like to be honest with you. Adam an I always lived close to each other, eating together, sleeping together, etc. We were so young at that time and we did not know that we should become husband and wife. Adam always liked to have fun, running her and there. I also liked to play, but I preferred to stay in a quiet place, spending time with the creation. Although Adam and I had some time together, since we were both busy playing separately, we did not have chances to express our love for each other as a man and a woman. The being that actually opened my eyes to the opposite sex was Lucifer.

Lucifer was always with me. He was always kind and willing to teach me everything. Sometime he would bring things that I would like to eat. In the meantime, through Lucifer I developed a feeling towards the opposite sex. Lucifer also came to fall in love with me. At the time my relationship with Lucifer came to fruition, Adam began to notice it. But Adam did not interfere in our relationship, nor did he express his love for me. He just left me alone. Then my love for Lucifer became more passionate, and Lucifer led me well. I just could not let go of Lucifer. This lasted for quite some time. Lucifer was scared and so was I. Yet whenever Adam saw me, he ran away from me. After a while I became to realize that my deeds were wrong. One day God struck us with a terrible reproach. He said that we were no longer qualified to be with Him.

Then I looked for Adam with a sincere heart. I desperately clang to him, appealing to him to help me. Afterwards, as was taught by Lucifer, we slept together. When I had a sexual relationship with Adam, I could not feel the same passion for Adam as I felt towards Lucifer. I came to miss Lucifer more and more. Strangely Adam and I felt distant to each other. Whenever Lucifer glanced at me and tempted me, he was irresistible. Eventually I was drawn to the bosom of Lucifer and could satisfy my physically burning desire through him.

As time passed by, I could not avoid God's eyes on me. I was scared of his anger towards me. Then I went to Adam. Although I had no physical relationship with him, strangely enough, I felt a sort of peace. Without realizing the reason why, whenever I went near Lucifer, I was captured by an intolerable fear. As time passed, I came to realize that what I did with Lucifer was wrong and felt more guilt towards Adam.

Adam comforted me, but my heart was always tormented. That has been the story of my life. I felt sorry for Adam, and I am a terrible sinner who cannot even ask for forgiveness and salvation from God.. AS the indemnity period is over, I am elevated to this place, but I am the worst sinner."

I wondered why God called such a sinner, Eve, so quickly to be near him. When considering Adam and Eve are the unforgivable sinners as the first human ancestors and the ones who caused the greatest pain to God. I was curious how they could be in this spiritual realm.

As human history flows, the day of joy when the hell is liberated should arrive as soon as possible. Otherwise, humans in physical bodies cannot be liberated from pain and suffering on earth. Now, since an indemnity condition was set on their behalf, Adam's family is finally liberated. Through the liberation of Adam's family, a foundation for all sins and crimes to be forgiven is also established. Someday, the gate to hell will be wide open, and an eternal day of liberation will come.

12. Noah, August 19, 1997

I came to encounter Noah, Father of Faith, who built an ark on the top of a mountain. He was residing in the upper level of the medium spirit world. He always prays, bowing down and making special conditions such as sacrificial offerings to God with all of his heart, mind and soul. He works very hard and dresses similar to the way of a farmer who plants rice seedlings, He makes an altar to make an offering to God. Using his talent that built and ark, he thoroughly checks here and there to make sure everything is perfect. He does his very best with everything he is involved in. He does this wherever he goes, in whatever he does, not only for himself bur also for others. He also encourages others to pray and makes special conditions. His facial impression is very kind, good-hearted, and pure, without thinking of his own interest.

I asked him, "Have you not changed your heart while building an ark for 120 years at the top of a mountain?" Noah answered, "According to the direction of God, I was building an ark. Therefore, I could not change my mind in the middle. If I changed my mind, I should have doubted whether that direction was not from God. I do not recall how the time period of 120 years passed because I was totally committed to building the ark. Actually, it was fun to build it. My children and wife also helped me, but their support was not 100%. People usually seek for what is visible. They often turn their faces away from God who is invisible. So, many times they shook me while I was only focussing on building the ark. They would say: How can we live alone when all others die in the flood? Why would God let us live alone? Let us ask this question to God and when He gives us a clear answer, we can continue to build the ark. If God destroys all humankind, there will be no descendants. God is not so cruel as to do such things to humans, etc. All kinds of temptations came to me, but I did not pay any attention to any of them, but only focussed on building the ark. Still, I am grateful that my wife and children did not turn away from me. While we were living on earth, the greatest joy was to attend God with all of our hearts and obey His words. That is why in a wonderful place like this, I am teaching people how to attend God in the right way. This is the most joyous time for me. It may sound rude, but may I ask how you came to be given such a great grace of the love of God? How well did you attend God when you were living on earth?"

Noah did not know True Parents well. I explained about Them for some time. Then, he was immersed into deep thought for a while until he said, "You seem to have been born at the right time." Se seemed to be expressing an envious heart by saying this. When I told him that everyone can be this close to God, he replied, "I am grateful for where I am. People go to the level that corresponds to the merit they received while attending God on earth." He expressed the desire to learn more about True Parents.

Another thing that I was interested in was the time of the flood judgement. Noah responded. "God one day gave me an urgent order: Noah, Noah, hurry up and get into the ark with the others." Three days thereafter, it started to rain. From that time on, all family members began to believe in me. When we were confined for three days, everyone including the animals made such a commotion to get off the ark. At that time I only depended on God and prayed constantly. The main theme of my prayer was. "Please build your nation through the flood judgment." As it started to rain, everyone inside the ark remained silent. All of my family members paid attention to every single movement of my action.

The flood that continued for 40 days and nights was truly an incredible tempest. Due to the heavy rain, the entire world was dark. The rain flowing in the valleys made mountains fall down, with their tree branches broken. Lightening and thunder was ceaseless. Realizing that this was truly a punishment from God, I only continued to pray. All I was wondering about was when God's indignation would be stopped. 40 days later, after the rain had stopped, God said that my faith calmed Hid indignation down. A ray of sunshine shone on the window of the ark, the tempest started to die down. Ever since then, all of my family members followed my directions, depending on me. There was unity in the family. It was a happy time of our life together."

I asked, "May I ask you as to the mistake made by Ham?" He replied, "That year, all of us worked very hard. Especially, the harvest for grapes was a great success. Since all of us did our best, everything was abundant and our hearts were peaceful. We were just so happy. One day, I had a glass of wine after working hard and happened to fall asleep out of fatigue. I must have been too hot from drinking the wine and without realizing it, I must have taken off all my clothes, making me naked. Usually, my second son was obedient to me. Since I was sleeping, he had the desire to make sure I was sleeping comfortably. He must have come into my room, when seeing me sleeping naked, he must have been surprised.

My family members who had returned from work and saw me in such a condition made a commotion about it. Especially, my wife was upset with me, asking me why I could not even take care of myself as a person who attended God. The fact that I could not do it became a great sin before God. Although I attended God all of my life, since the flood judgement I became arrogant rather than being humble. For this, God punished us, admonishing us. God always thinks that humility comes firs. "Then he added that whenever he thinks of his mistake, he always feels repentful, without being able to lift his face up before God.

Noah attended God all of his life. Thus he thought that God should be able to forgive the mistake of his son, Ham, but He would not. It is because of the Fall of Man, and if God forgave, it could be another condition for Satan to invade. That is why God could not forgive Ham's act. This is the law of the spirit world. There is no exception in the heavenly law. Therefore, those who want to be treated generously before God should live a life that can pass the heavenly law in the spirit world. Then you can be treated by God accordingly. I sincerely hope that people on earth will be able to come to God by passing all of His tests.

13. Abraham and Isaac, August 20, 1997

I think I was introduced to Abraham and Isaac even before I met them in person because I heard while I am in the spirit world that Abraham has been meeting important figures in God's providence. They came to visit me, saying that they could not have someone important as me to come to them. Abraham is a good looking and gentle hearted person. As I said that I would like to go and visit his place, he answered that people around him are able to attend God well, bowing down to God in the morning and the evening, according to the heavenly law.

As I expressed my interest in the burnt offering of Isaac, he understood me, agreeing with me. And he started, "Since I did not have a child for a long time, I made special efforts in attending God. There was nothing that I could reject or deny in God's voice. Further, my wish was that I depend on God in everything and live with Him. As I made special efforts every day, at the age of 100 He gave me a son. The preciousness of this son was indescribable. I was so immersed into enjoying him, almost forgetting to make offerings to God although God is the one who gave me that son.

As the child was growing, he was interested in everything that his father, I, was doing. He loved me very much. Perhaps, it is because he is a son who was given to me after making many special conditions to God, and he would say, "Father, today, why is there no water on the altar? God should be upset with this, and I will bring some water for Him." In such a way he grew and grew in health and wisdom. One day, God called me and said, "Abraham, I would like to receive an offering from you, that may be a difficult offering for you to give. Will you still do it for me?" I replied, "I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please go ahead and tell me what to do." Then God said, "Abraham, I would like to have you offer your precious son, Isaac." I thought I misheard Him and asked Him again, "What have you said?" He answered, "I told you to offer your son.

I could not tolerate the pain. Whether it was day or night, everything seemed so dark to me. For several days, as I was in torment, Isaac came to me and asked, insisting me to answer him, "Father, is anything wrong?" I told him, "God has asked me to make an offering." Isaac was surprised and asked wondering, "Father, why are you taking so long to execute God's direction? Please do it quickly." With his push I told him, "I should make this offering not here, but at a place far away, in a deep mountain." Isaac said, "Then it is all the more reason why you should be in a hurry. Let us leave quickly." Due to his pressure, I could no longer resist him. Several days after our departure, when we arrived at a mountain, he asked me, "Father, what will be the sacrificial offering object this time?" I could not answer him. As fire woods were piled up, I just called Isaac's name and embraced him. Then Isaac said, "Father, God asked you to offer Him Isaac, right? I knew it when I saw your gloomy face." Then he continued, "I am grateful for God to choose me as the offering object. Father, what are you worried about? Becoming an offering object is good. It is a blessing." Then he lay down on the fire woods without hesitation. Looking at the sky, I earnestly prayed with mixed feelings in my heart and with fear towards God and grief for my son, "Father, I am offering my son to you!" With this prayer, as I am about to strike him with a sword, I heard a voice from the sky,

"Abraham, I now know that you respect me. Stop what you are going to do." Then, Isaac, who was lying on the fire woods sat up and pushed me, asking, "Why are you stopping? Please continue to make the offering!" He continued, crying out loud, "Father, if you falsely swear before God, I cannot look at your face." Then God called, "Isaac!" Isaac who heard His voice this time listened to me. Through this, although I failed in making the burned offerings according to God's direction, God forgave us, father and son. At that time Isaac joked, "Perhaps God thought that I was too young to be an offering object."

Isaac has a small build, but he is taking after his father, he is a good looking man with a humble heart. Abraham and Isaac were so close to each other to the extent that I was envious of their relationship. Abraham's offering of Isaac teaches us many lessons that we can learn from.

14. Judas Iscariot, August 20, 1997

Judas Iscariot always ran away whenever I saw him. I went to visit him a number of times, but he would not want to see me. So one day, I left a message on a piece of paper, "Your past fault should not be hidden, but should be revealed in order to be forgiven." The, I again visited him several days afterwards, at which tie he agreed to see me, bending his head down like a sinner, he asked me. "Why are you coming after me who is such a great sinner?" I did not answer immediately. After some time, Judas continued, "A historical criminal like me cannot come to God nor to the Lord. As I am repenting about my sin living here like this, please do not come to see me anymore."

"How painful your heart must be. It may not be a great comfort to you, but I thought I might be able to ease your painful heart," said I. He responded, "So far, there has not been even one single person who tried to comfort such a sinner like me. But no one, and nothing can be a comfort to me, and therefore I again request you mot to visit me anymore." I could not introduce either the Divine Principle or the Unification Thought to him. His living environment was barren like that of a prison, and I could hardly see anyone around him. Earthly people usually think that hell is a place where many people are crying and screaming, filled with an unbearable bad odor, but actually, hell is a lonely place. I returned to my place thinking that I would visit him again and help him after a while when he is more calm.

15. John the Baptist, August 20, 1997

John the Baptist is short but has a smart looking face. When I asked Jesus how John the Baptist was doing, Jesus asked me not to say that I met him (Jesus). He also added that John the Baptist would not want to meet me, and thus I would not be able to meet him. The place of John the Baptist was very distant from that of Jesus. When I went to visit him, a gigantic person who was carrying a sword stopped me, saying that not everyone is allowed to see his master. Then he asked me to put down my name in the visitor's book. As I entered his house after signing my name, John the Baptist received me, bowing down and said, "How could the messenger of God come to such a humble place like mine," and he sat down, kneeling down before me. Even before I asked him any questions, he started to talk, "On earth, I was respected and followed by many people, but now, my dwelling place is so humble and I can not even see the Lord. Further, even if I would like to attend the Lord, He would not come here. I was so accustomed to be attended to and I did not pay attention to Jesus' life at all. And because I thought and related to Jesus not with God's eyes, but with human eyes. I did not realize that it would be such a great sin. Since I do not know how to be forgiven, I am frustrated. As you came here as the messenger of God, could you help me?" When I asked him why a man with a sword was guarding the gate, he answered that he is always insecure with a fear that someone might come to hurt him and therefore he meets people selectively. I told him, "You need to continuously repent until the day when the gates of hell will be opened." And I introduced True Parent to him. Then, he asked me when that day of liberation will come. As I was returning home, my heart ached because I know that before True Parents, there are many people like him on earth, who will be living a life like that of John the Baptist in the spirit world.

16. Kim Il Sung, August 21, 1997

To meet him I had to go everywhere to look for him. I asked to God about his whereabouts but God only shake his head. I asked around but nobody knows. So I finely decided to go down to low levels to look for him. When I went down to low level, I really felt there is the hell. And then what happened! A giant man injured by gun and knife was lean against the door, could not even go inside, and sat there with such a ghastly sight. I asked him, "By any chance are you the Premier II Sung Kim?" He was moaning and groaning and could not even hold his head up and yet asking who am I? I told him who I am and mentioned Father's name.

He was bleeding everywhere but he changed his position to kneel down. And he said "I committed so much sin, and did so much wrong things to him (T.F.) therefore I am paying for all that now." I asked him why don't you go inside instead of staying here by the entrance? He said, "I wish I can do that but as soon as I go in, those people throws stone, knife, gun and all kinds of things at me and create such a riot that I cannot endure. Also they scream and saying, Go away, you son -- to me that I cannot stay inside."

"Why are you looking for me? Do you think that my son Jung II would know about all my misery? North Korea will perish. I knew already but I could not do anything about it. I was just hoping that Jung II would attend True Father and listen his advice to lead the country. I never knew of North Korean people's shouting, and screaming is so loud like this. I really did not know my sin was so great like this. Nobody welcomes me from anywhere. Could you please save me?" he begged. I had to give Divine Principle and Unification Ideology lecture. I really could not bear to see that gruesome scene. I went inside of that door, and it was like an open space of jail. All of the people whom were there rising and ask me, "Who are you? How could you come in here so imposingly?" I told them that I am a messenger from God and give me a little bit of time to talk to them.

From here and there, I heard them saying sarcastically, "All right. We have plenty of time. Give us a speech." I explained to them God is the main person of love and after that gave a lecture about dual characteristics of God. I also appeal to them with tears for about 40 to 50 minutes that they have to live for others. Love and help each other and forgive each other's fault. They must endure and wait until the day of liberation of hell.

After that, I told Il Sung Kim to lay down to treat his wounds. People around us started to help by cleaning his wounds, and atmosphere changed to very calm and composed. I asked them that can I come again later on for more lecture, some says fine and some says let it be, and did not want to be bothered.

Il Sung Kim sat down anxiously. He could not lift his head up and he could not even look at me when I was leaving. On the way back I was thinking, earthly life is so short who can know about this kind of fact and earthly people cannot see the Spiritual World therefore they only cling to what they can see and live their lives. This kind of punishment of hell. The life only can face this kind of wretched hell. What a poor life! I am writing this letter in the hope of being a vital energy for our members so without suffering, all of our members can directly embraced into God's bosom.

17. Realm of Unification Spiritual World, August 21, 1997

To explain the realm of Unification Spiritual World. "Here is a real heaven. Here is a real Eden. Here is really [peaceful. In here, everybody is happy. Here is full of hope. Here is a real garden of love. Here is really enraptured. Here is the place really sprout a bud of love. Here is real holy place that cannot express enough of the beauty." In here Heung Jin Nim always be the first to do the work very quietly, humbly and detailed. And he always ask to God about the work and seek his opinion. He goes around each levels and listen to their situations and comfort them and so on. Missionary Jong Koo Park always attend Heung Jin Nim and goes everywhere with him. Sometimes Missionary Park stops Heung Jin Nim from going to too hard places and he takes care of the things instead of Heung Jin Nim.

And Dae Mo Nim always prays just like she had done during her earthly life. She does not move from Heung Jin Nim's living place, and she always pray. Dae Mo Nim lives with only one mind and wish which is the long life for True Parents. Choong Mo Nim calls Dae Mo Nim elder mother, and she always follow beside of the Dae Mo Nim, and try to learn even all the little things. One time I witnessed a very interesting scene. Dae Mo Nim's couple and Choong Mo Nim's couple were together and talking to each other, and Dae Mo Nim's husband said, "Let's have fun time together. I feel we are so distant because we are too serious and too formal to each other." Then Dae Mo Nim said, "How can in-laws have fun time together? Aren't in-laws supposed to be formal and serious to each other?" After that atmosphere changed to serious again. Choong Mo Nim is always serious and formal, and she try very hard to learn.

President Hyo Won Eu always give Divine Principle lecture. He return to the lecturing position even during the time talking with members comfortably. Divine Principle lecture is his life itself. Even in this kind of happy atmosphere, we have some bad times also. Also many of our members are here but that doesn't mean that everybody is happy. They carry the title of their sins like carrying a name tag so it reveal to public therefore until they pay off the indemnity, they face many embarrassments and pains. Even in heaven, there are different levels. I am not going to say anymore about it. But if I summarize it, heavenly life is the extension of earthly life. Spiritual World is like going in to the storage with the fruit of your own life. But more precious thing than the grain is for the sake of others attitude. We all learned about give and take action from Divine Principle and the very basis of that is for the sake of others. Therefore if we live for others rather than myself, it will be all right.

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