Dr. Sang Hun Lee's Teachings from Spirit World

Received through Mrs. Y. S. Kim, National Messiah

Section 2b
Earthly Life and Life in the Spiritual World

7. Life of earth and spirit people. (June 16, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! This is Sang-Hun Lee. I am Sang-Hun Lee. If you record my words your health will gradually improve.

1) Life in Spirit World

Spirit People decide their life's position by how they lived on earth. If you live to take one place for yourself then you will live in a position praying for a thousand years without special grace. In other words, people in Spirit World who live with peace whose position in Spirit World was decided by the life they lived on earth also enable their descendants to live peacefully. But if people lived evil lives then when they come to Spirit World they will live in hell and their descendants will always be oppressed with problems. For example: If we look at a person who undergoes life in hell in Spirit World they are really in pain. The environment is dark and as in a prison there is no freedom. There is nothing to eat or wear.

Your descendants can do nothing on earth to undo and disentangle all your evil deeds. They don't know how to carry your burden nor how to pray for you. But if their ancestors wrong doing becomes known, and they serve with utmost sincerity and pray, then the spirit person can receive some grace. That Spirit People can move to a different place where he is treated hospitably and undergoes a change. Who will make that happen? That is the subject of my talk today. Whether you spend money on earth or not there is some support for you, but it's not the same in Spirit World The wind blows, flowers bloom, and birds sing but you can't change just because someone commands you to.

There is no one who could command you to change and you would. It can only happen within yourself. You must come to the point of recognition of yourself. If descendants sincerely offer their hearts for the sinners in Spirit World then such Spirit People can come to the point of understanding themselves and how to change. Fortunately there are a lot of people who share this kind of thing. On earth while a shaman dances and delves into the ancestors situation, they can only comfort the ancestors. They cannot solve their position. But if they receive grace for the sake of praying for the higher dimension of Spirit World then they may be able to search out heavens messenger, and God's commandment.

2) Life of earth people.

Therefore life of people on earth is so important. It takes too much time for moving the position of Spirit People so they can receive special grace. It takes a long time to get beyond ignorance. Because of that adjust your focus on the eternal world and live that way, and while adjusting your earth life humankind would live lives of much more wisdom. We are hoping that there is no person who is foolish in their faith whose life isn't full of eternal mistakes because the natural outcome is a nation full of such people here. They can't solve anything. On the other hand, regarding life in that country, I can't explain everything but, to summarize in a word your life should be fruitful, you should bear fruit. You should harvest the land. If I speak more plainly, committing sin leads only to hell. Live a life of goodness and that is the action of heaven. Please live well for the sake of eternity.

8. Earth bound people and Spirit people have a different viewpoint.

(June 23, 1997)

Mrs. Kim! This is Sang-Hun Lee. Thank you. Thank you very much for preparing your mind beforehand to receive.

a) Earth bound people.

First let's take a look at the people on earth. Earth bound people look with physical eyes, touch physically, and act physically. Earth bound people live physically limited to a confined amount of space. For example: Humans live through a time period of 10, 20, or 60 years. Also on earth even though I desired something I could not attain it. Earth people are able to artificially make things, but they cannot adequately bring about the appearance of something of the mind which occurred as thought. Earth people get hungry, but if they don't move they won't eat. Also because you act within finite space, when you are missed by someone in the realm of thought it just stops there. Also when you go through physical pain, regarding the solution, you don't know for sure. For example: when people of faith have illness they turn to prayer and other such approaches to healing, but non-believers just go to the hospital.

b) Spirit People (Spirit People)

Spirit people are different. Spirit People, because they are not confined by physical bodies, have an infinite realm to act in. Let's look at an example: whether looking, touching, or acting, because it appears simultaneously with your thought, there is no length of time. Because Spirit People can simultaneously move something with thought as with the touching of the hand, time is condensed and it doesn't require someone else to aid you to solve a problem. Spirit People at the same instant of having some instinctive thought it is delivered to another person, and doesn't require words. Spirit People when they feel they have developed their logic with definiteness and exact precision, they can deliver the exact details and it will appear right before the face of the other person.

So by yourself you can very quickly express your circumstances because you recognize your partners expression of feeling. Spirit People can know completely all of God's creation from the beginning, and the whole concept of what we call a person, so we can never cause pain to God's mind. (This is one thing that separates heaven from hell.) Spirit People if they work hard from their own sphere they become the highest master of something and a reward comes to them. There is no greed and so they always carry a tranquil countenance. (This is also a dividing point of heaven and hell.) In other words, for the sake of solving a problem of food or clothing, there is no harassment, and no annoyance and our facial expressions are always benign and humble.

If I summarize the difference between physical and spirit people, physical people live and act within the confines of space. They are always busy acting to solve problems of difficulty and suffering due to food and clothing needs but, Spirit People can move freely throughout limitless space. Because the worries of food and clothing are removed we are infinitely bright and humble. Our conclusion from here is bearing the fruit of your physical life and when you come to heaven you'll find this an unmistakable comparison.

1) Principle of Duality in spirit world.

In the Divine Principle, in the discourse on Unification Thought, the principle of duality teaches Give and Take Action takes place when subject and object give and receive reciprocally generating Origin-Division-Union Action (O-D-U Action). Through this we receive joy. This is the fundamental principle of God. So lets talk about the difference between physical and spiritual worlds. In the physical realm when subject and object, through Give and Take Action achieve O- D-U Action, there is joy at becoming one.

In Spirit World the feeling of joy which comes from becoming one in O-D-U Action through Give and Take Action is somewhat different. For example: In the process of giving to another and their reception there is no time involvement. Because O-D-U happens with thought, you don't actually see any sign of Give and Take Action. This is a clearly revealed record of the basis for heaven where completed individuals are gathered according to the principle of duality.

2) Give and Take Action in spirit world.

The fundamental concept of Give and Take Action is subject and object unity through giving and receiving with each other, and becoming one through love, we can see this achieves the model of the Kingdom of Heaven. In heaven Give and Take Action happens even when you just look up towards each other, you become one perfect literal body, but in hell or outside of this realm, there is a lot of difference in the level of Give and Take Action based on the class or position of each person.

The fundamental teaching of the Creation Principle is that Give and Take Action in heaven is the place where you fundamentally accomplish and complete the purpose of God's creation. Because hell is the place where you cannot understand God's foundation at all, there is only one relative principle in hell, even as you progress you must think of one very important point, in order for the possibility of solving the problem of the liberation of hell, you must go towards the accomplishment of Give and Take Action. This point is very similar to the earth's situation.

3) The intimate relationship between the life on earth and the life in Heaven

a) How can my life on Earth be summarized in Heaven?

The eternal position we are placed is decided based on the standard of good life and evil life on earth. Based on around whom my life was centered on earth, the position in the eternal world

(God's side, Satan's side, Atheist) is decided. Though there might be some differences in basis based on individual contributions, a spirit of nationalism and a world view, more important thing in heaven than a spirit of nationalism and a world view is in the formation of personality. The thought that because I worked in higher position on earth, I would be placed in higher position in Heaven is wrong. Therefore, the most worthwhile and fruitful life is to live with my basis centered on God. While renouncing personal greediness, and leading a life of reverence and respect, then it can be summarized that we can live with our heads up in Heaven.

4) Questions and Answers

(1) Questions from daughter

(a) Q: What should we do to compensate for the impiety that we could not wait on you in your lifetime?

A: I just want to ask you to live sincerely and faithfully in your position

(b) Q: Please give a word to your children.

A: I do not want to make a clumsy explanation. If you think the path your parents have followed is right, just follow the path. Yet, if you think otherwise, then there is nothing I can do about it either and I will think that your father's life was not enough for you.

(c) Q: What about the books we are keeping?

A: Donate them to Sun Moon University (Institute of Research for Unification Ideology)

(d) Q: What about the problem of the burial ground?

A: Just do as you please, I have done nothing good for God, have I?

(e) Q: The property..?

A: I want you to do as you please.

(2) Inseung's question (the son of who is dictating this message now.)

(a) Q: How difference is it in Heaven between those faces of Misses Korea and those homely faces?

A: Those pretty faces on Earth are still pretty in here. However, those homely faces, because the beautiful heart is expressed on their faces in the light of God, are endlessly (like on earth) beautiful. It is beyond comparison between those pretty faces in Hell and those homely faces in Heaven. Though the faces would not change based on the faces on earth (round face is round and long face is long too), since the faces would change based on how we lead our lives on earth, those who are trying to come to Heaven with their hearts and characters cultivated are wise persons.

(b) Q: How different between those who are courageous and who are coward?

A: Courageousness and cowardice is not that important to God. Try your best on earth to come to the Heaven since the desire for Heaven does not come from courageousness, nor are people ignored because of being coward.

(3) Reporter (Y.S. Kim)'s question

Q: Are you reading from your note or just saying as you think?

A: It is very complicated and hard to explain all. Whenever I think, it just appear to me as recorded. It can be said that your thoughts are automatically recorded.

9. The fundamental meaning of Love

Mrs. Kim! The weird thought that those who are living in Heaven come to those on earth ., Mrs.! since you have experiences with My wife (Hansook Kim), please do not worry. If I describe the scene here for a moment, the present time is very precious where lots of people who got orders from God are praying and are about to begin. Now, let's begin.

Love, as the letter can explain in itself, is the state of mind where you are doing with all your heart sincerely and devotedly for others. In love, there are physical love, spiritual love and religious agape love.

1) Physical Love

Physical love is the love where men and women are connected physically. On earth, we can feel emotions when bodies can meet and love. But, it would be hard to understand that in Heaven, those two man and woman without body can love. Those physical love between those of high classes (those who are close to God) is like a beautiful picture. Since the bodies of the two become one totally when they love, they can feel stronger emotion though body and mind, which is beyond the feeling of love they can feel on Earth. It is like creating existence from the state of complete absence of ego, that is the kind of feeling you can feel when you are in a magic world. Also, you can actually see the scene of making love with your own eyes.

The couples on Earth make love in their bedroom most of the time. Here, in Heaven, absolutely not. It is not the hidden love which only you can do in your bedroom. In Heaven, You can love among flowers in a wild field, on beautiful land, and on the wave. Even you can love in the mountain where birds are singing and the scene is so beautiful that those who see them become intoxicated.

Rather than feeling shame or disgrace like you felt on earth, you can behold the scene with peaceful mind, feeling beautiful. If I describe one scene in Hell, that is just the opposite. They love hiding, and those who see the scene curse them. They pointed their fingers at them saying they are ugly. Those love scenes in Hell are very similar to those on Earth.

2) Spiritual Love

Since the spiritual love does not have body, it looked like it is not really related to those live on Earth, yet, it is the absolutely needed love to those live on Earth. Either you have body or not, since everybody has his or her won inner self, if you do not cultivate your inner self well, you are going to run into lots of problems in making a complete love (Becoming one between husband and wife) in Heaven. For example, suppose there is one couple where husband's inner self is well cultivated while the inner self of wife is not, then there will not be complete love in this family. Then what happen? They cannot make a elegant and beautiful love, yet since they have a desire to love, they make love with physical manifestation ( they can feel in Heaven).

Therefore, they only can have limited love with limited places, like bedroom. Then how these couples can make a complete love? When the husband's heart to respect wife and wife's heart to love her husband become one, their love can become maturated to a complete love. Since this is not happening in a short time in Heaven, when you are on Earth, when you have your own body, you have to try to cultivate to bear a fruit of complete love. In conclusion, the short life on Earth should be blessed for the complete love which will be stored in eternal storage. Also, those couples should bear a fruit of complete love by cultivating each other to accomplish a complete love.

3) Agape Love due to Religion

Like the unconditional love Parents have toward their children, when God created us, human, God bestowed us with endless elements. This is Agape Love. However, due to the Human Fall and the changes over the ages, the original standard of love God gave to us has been deteriorating, therefore, many times because of the existence of the Hell, God and human had to keep pains in their hearts. Therefore, by acknowledging the worth of fundamental love, the Hell can be destroyed and the path to the Liberation of the Hell can be opened up.

Physical Love, Spiritual Love can be assumed only between husband and wife. However, by the destroy of this kind of relationship of love, Human became shaken from the foundation. The endless element God wanted to bestow us is Love. This is the one you want to give and give, and it becomes bigger and bigger even after you give. However, since the foundation was destroyed, today, the road to salvation became difficult. By establishing the correct sense of husband and wife, we must love, make a conciliatory attitude and trust each other. Sometimes, forgive and reconcile with each other. Therefore, becoming one with the love God bestowed us, the road to liberation of all Human will be opening up, the Hell in the eternal world will disappear.

Accordingly, if we trust and love each other, there will not be so called Hell nor War to mankind. Because we lead our lives without knowing this principle well, the Heavenly world became this complicated and the hellish groaning punishment came into being. We have to cultivate and keep the love between husband and wife and the fundamental inborn love God bestowed to us.

10. The activity of spirit selves through persons on earth

1) Spirit selves' help for persons on earth

The spirit selves in the Spirit World cannot improve themselves from their position without cooperation of the person on Earth. That is, the spirit selves are to live forever in the Spirit World with the basis of life on Earth. Therefore, if the spirit selves cannot rid themselves of the sins committed, they are destined to live, receiving punishment for the sins committed, forever.

For example, when he who murdered a person came to the Spirit World, the horrible (cruel) punishment will be with him forever. That is, he who killed a man with a knife, his spirit self would be stabbed with knife, he who shot a man to death, his spirit self will have a bullet stuck in his heart. Also, he who beat a man to death with a stone, his spirit self has to live with his eyes pulled out, being bloody bruised. He who killed a person kicking and stepping on with feet, his spirit self will stay prostrated with his face down being stepped on with his own feet. He who killed a person with poison, his spirit self will be collapsed spitting blood, and he who killed a man with an ax or an sickle, the instrument will be stuck in the chest of the spirit self.

Among those spirit selves, some are trying to hide their lives on earth, yet it cannot be hidden despite their efforts. Also, those spirit selves are trying to liquidate the past lives on Earth, yet it cannot be done either as they wish. Myriad of spirit selves are trying hard to lead a better life than their current situations, again, it cannot be accomplished either as they wish.

Those spirit selves miss the lives on Earth and are willing to do any odd and peculiar things to rid themselves of their sins. However, the recorded once entered cannot be erased. It is common for all spirit selves that they wish to hide and erase the lives on Earth (the sinful behaviors), and feel shameful of those lives being shown to others, yet it seems more tragic since their efforts to hide and erase are also shown to others so vividly.

2) How do spirit selves help persons on earth?

In order for the spirit selves to be liberated from their positions, they cannot avoid the pain and sufferings without the help of the people on Earth. Also, since they cannot rid themselves of the sins they committed, the spirit selves go to the place (they lived on Earth) definitely. They go to their own blood and flesh or someone related somehow and keep sending signals. However, because those who live on Earth are not aware of it, unusual disasters happen, such as a sick person at home, financial difficulties, or auto accidents. Finally, when the descendent can find out the reasons, therefore pray and donate for that spirit self, then the spirit self can be promoted to a little bit better position from his current position in recognition of his descendant's services.

However, if they do not know the reason, then there will be continuous accidents and mishaps, people die, again another accident. As a result, there will be more troubled ancestors. Therefore, if the family, though cannot find any problems in their faith, yet have continuous accidents big or small, it can be concluded that this family has ancestors who have complicated problems, therefore the fastest way to solve these problems is to resolve the issues through pray, with faith.

Now, the fortune-teller whose spiritual level is rather low can solve the issue, yet those spirit selves can be only consoled temporarily, however, still, their sufferings and pains cannot be solved completely. This is the big difference between those who know God and those who do not. ( the spirit selves can stay quite for a while, yet, as the time goes, they will be the same). The spirit selves do not have any solutions from where they are placed despite their struggling and wiggling at their position, the severer those spirit selves' lives become, the lives of their descendent on Earth become difficult and complicated. The spirit selves in the Spirit World, in order to receive the cooperation from those on Earth, come to their descendent mobilizing all sorts of methods. However, because the descendent do not know the method to solve the problem, a family fortune is on the wane and their painful lives repeat themselves.

Since those spirit selves who promoted to better position from their current position with the help of the people on Earth can lead more comfortable lives, the lives of their descendent can be more peaceful.

3) The relationship between spirit selves and persons on earth

Now, let's examine the relationship between the people on Earth and the spirit self in the Spirit World. The relationship between those two can be compared with the one with needle and thread. That is, the relationship between the people on Earth and the spirit self in the Spirit World is like the relationship between the body and spirit. Also the relationship between the two are like the one with husband and wife which cannot be separated, therefore become oneness. Therefore, it is without a saying that when the person on Earth should lead a good life when they have body. However, it is when they no longer have body, that is, when they already become spirit selves, they come to a realization that they did not lead a good life. I would like to conclude that when you live on Earth with your body, you have to prepare for the eternal life, summarize your life, and lead everyday life sincerely and faithfully.

What and how can the descendent do for the sake of those spirit selves who already lost their bodies? Their position can be comfortable when the descendent on Earth pray for them. Today, the order that our True Parents bestowed us with the right to become a Tribal Messiah is, an immensely special grant. It is a great grant that I can save our ancestor through pray with my name. Therefore, because my life on Earth can be comfortable by praying for our ancestor, therefore having them stay in comfortable places, it is so natural that I myself should save my ancestors. Keeping in mind that this is the path I can be of little help for our True Parents, by lightening the pains of our True Parents in the Spirit World, we have to finish our lives on Earth well when we have our own bodies. It is so natural that we have to complete our duties as a Tribal Messiah for our ancestors' savor, it also can become the path to a special grant for those spirit selves who observed these.

"In the relationship between the person on Earth and the Spirit Self on the Spirit World, do those spirit selves who are placed in good position without any difficulties still need cooperation, favor, or pray from the person on Earth?" Reporter asked. And his answer is as follows, "Since a human is composed of spirit and body, a dual structure, the principle is that those who lost their bodies should live in the Spirit World and those who have body is supposed to live on Earth. Then, it should be assumed that there must be reasons the spirit selves send signals to the person on Earth. Because of the tie of the blood lineage, they are sending signals sometimes on good things or sometimes on bad things. The person on Earth should be able to discriminate these based on the Law of Principle and the Spirit Self should not confuse the person on Earth. Many times, since God does not intervene in the matter of blood lineage, we, human, should reborn with the spirit of God, in order to have the truthful lives."

4) Common point of spirit selves and persons on earth

Since the person on Earth have body, there are times when they cannot do at their conveniences. The spirit selves, though do not have body, are free to move within their position (though different based on their position). The person on Earth, though have body, lead a limited life in everywhere. However, the spirit selves, though without body, can lead an active life in the eternal world. Also, the person on Earth, though have body, cannot have eternal place. The spirit selves, though do not have body, can have eternal place. If I list the differences between those two, it will be endless.

Now, let's examine the common points. Both lives on Earth and in the Spirit World only have half side, therefore accomplish only half. Then, how can the successful resolution of body and mind lead to the bearing of complete fruit? Before the body and spirit is separated on Earth, they have to finish their lives on Earth, then they can be a complete fruit. However, when the spirit come to the Spirit World with their spirits not fully ripen, there arise problems. Therefore, to solve the problems, the relationship between the ancestors and the descendent becomes complicated. Now, again, we have to keep it in mind that how important the lived on Earth is. In order to live forever in the beautiful house God prepared for us, we should not live for the half life as our goal. I hope your life on Earth is the one where it can bear a complete fruit of spirit and body, therefore greet the harvest season with joy.

While recording the message, the reporter showed some doubts about Dr. Sang Hun Lee. Then he said, "Please let's stop writing the phrase of I am Sang Hun Lee who wrote the Unification Ideology."

11. Image of God's love

1) I, Sang Hun Lee, came to the Spirit World from Earth, yet I do not have any other interest than to graft the ideology of True Parents on another. Because, I came to realize that there are no higher ideology than the one of True Parents to that extent.

2) Those who have love and those who do not (true love and false love)

Love is one precious element Human received from God when they are born. However, the heartbreaking situation is that this Love is the one which made human serve two owners from the birth. This is the beginning of our misfortune. Human can not live only with the physical love between husband and wife. Among the original personality, there is precious personality he was born with. That is Love. Due to the Human Fall, Human lost the essence of Love. It is like applying new paint on the surface of fallen and ugly love, therefore be turned into an artificial love. Love is located on the yolk of an egg among the God's nature. We cannot analyze nor disclose this God's love. Now, I am going to record these fundamental love in this Spirit World.

3) God's Love

God's love cannot be touched nor expressed. We neither can verify God's love with our own eyes. It is because God's love is hard to understand to us, as a human. Also, God's love cannot be analyzed with our human brains.

God's love, though given to us endlessly, the place is still the same, not dwindled. It is like when you leave a tap open, the water just dash over the ground, likewise, God's love keep springing forth continuously. God's love, though we receive and receive, no one does not like it nor can have a full stomach with love. On the contrary, they become humble like those who are hungry (modesty). Though God's love cannot be measured by weight or bulk, it is turned into a infinite valuable appearance to us.

I would like to say about God's love as follows. Suppose that the whole world receive God's love altogether and return all the love to God, still the God's love is bigger in size. Then how is the standard of God's love, the love toward human, be expressed? God cannot be seen nor touched. God is neither limited material which can be skin rubbed, nor is some solid mass. Then, how can human express God's love and with what can human be realized?

I am going to analyze "God who loves Sang Hun Lee." Let's do it. God calls me "Sang Hun" I hear the voices clearly with my own ear. Then, the brilliant and bright glittering radiate and reflect light at front, back, and above my head. And, among the light, a streak of light, unidentified, capture my heart, yet it was beyond description. I, with my ability, could not find the right verb to describe it. If the similar description would be like, a baby, the peacefulness of being held in mother's chest meets the eyes of mother while listening to the heart beat of mother. Though this description cannot be fully compared to the experiences, yet to me, this comparison is the only way.

Also, as God's calling voice changes, the brightness of the beautiful light changes, then I just get into an ecstatic state, like my whole body seems to be melting down. Then, suddenly, I am standing by myself. Because, suddenly, I cannot see God. How does such an enrapturing light come visit a human being instantaneously and continuously? God's love coming out as light feels different from moment to moment. Brilliant lights, which are big, small and round shaped fires as shown in a fireworks display, come out as light of love to human beings with various types of splendors. According to the shape of radiating light, the sentimentality we can feel from the light is different. Besides the love I experiences, I also saw the God's love shown to other persons, and still, God is the essence of love.

4) The Image of God is fire and light.

Based on what can we tell that light is the shape of love. Because the image of God is fire and light, the elements of love in human mind interact immediately when they see God's light. Like the light is on when we press the switch, when you see the God's light, love can start operating and turn your heart into a Love itself.

5) The reason for the gateway of Blessing to be wide opened.

God's original will for Human is for them to stay as they are originally created. However, due to the Human Fall, the descendent could not be born with the natural love. Since human with dual structure, that is, since human were born with a heart of two different directions, the wrongly structured human from the beginning made God heartbroken.

Therefore, in order to solve the human problems who has a heart of two directions, who was fallen off from the Original Restoration and from the God's authority, mentioned in the history of Restoration, we have to go through the course of rebirth, by being born again. Therefore, by being born again without original sin, then we can take after the essence of Love God originally wished, then we can experience the complete love of God.

That is why we have to be reborn through True Parents, in order to proceed the course of rebirth. This is Blessing. That explains why, recently, True Parents widened the gateway for the Blessing, therefore grant big favors. Though they do not understand by themselves, once they receive the big favors through the course of Blessing, they become the people of the Blessed. In addition to that, while True Parents are alive, they grant a way to special favors to myriad of people endlessly, those who receive the special favors are the Heavenly people, and since they are the ones who go through the course of rebirth, these are the period when their descendent (ancestors) receive fortune and blessings without any reasons.

6) Love is God's biggest gift

Love is the most essential yolk of an egg from God's image human received from God when they are born. Human should inherit love as it is. However, since it went wrong, the relationship with God was disconnected. To reestablish this relationship, human should resemble God. The best way to resemble god is to go back to the original image of love as sons and daughters. Love, Love, Love, it is the fundamental power with which we can overcome and melt down every difficulties, therefore accomplish everything. Love is the biggest gift we received from God and a sealed proof as his children. Love! We have to strive and exert ourselves to find the love we lost.

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