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6 or 7 Marys

Dan Fefferman
January 2, 2001


Where did the concept of the 3 day ceremony come from? Was it from Pikarun? Two nights the woman on top and the last night the man on top, who came up with this idea I wonder?


It certainly seems like it could be the remnant of a more traditional form of pikareun. Especially considering the significance: namely the woman represents the bride of the messiah for the first two nights, and the man represents the restored Adam on the third night.

As to the question of Zin Moon Kim's reported take on this, let me say this:

1. I've heard so many versions of the "real story" from different sources, that I certainly don't accept ZMK's version as authoritative or complete.

2. I have no way of knowing whether the version of ZMK's take on this is accurately reported here.

Like I say, I'm sure that with so much smoke on this issue, there must be some fire somewhere. But the exact nature of the fire still is not clear to me. So no, I do not accept SMK's reported version of the story as factual. Here are some pertinent facts as I see them.

1. Father was married, and left his wife to go to NK shortly after being involved Baek Moon Kim's group which MAY have practiced pikareun.

2. There were charges in NK that Father's group practiced sexual orgies. These are denied by the UC.

3. After returning to SK, Father's first wife believed him to be involved with other women and divorced him in part because of this.

4. During their divorce, Father conceived a child with Myung Hee Kim.

5. After this but before marrying mother, Father was arrested on morals charges but was cleared. Park whats-his-name charged that pikarun was used as a witnessing strategy during this time. He later retracted the charge.

6. Some UC husbands believe their wives had sex with Father but no wife that we know of has ever admitted this.

7. Some members, reportedly including ZMK (though this is unconfirmed) believe Father had sex with various women representing various ages.

8. Others believe that one sister per blessing was chosen to have sex with him or that he had sex with various women during his first world tour.

9. Sammy Pak looks sort of like Father and many people believe he is Father's son.

10. Father says he never misused his sexual organ, which is not the same thing as saying that he has been entirely monogamous since marrying mother. 

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