Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 43 Blessing Banquet

Manhattan Center
New York, New York
February 20, 1984

At the Blessing banquet of In Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim, Dr. Pak shares his heart of gratitude to True Parents at having two of his children join the True Family. He gives a description of the character and accomplishments of both Jin Sung Nim and Hoon Sook Nim and then explains the purpose for celebrating the completion of 50 days after the ascension of Heung Jin Nim.

Today we are not only celebrating great weddings in history. The most important thing to remember today is that we celebrate the ascension of Heung Jin Nim. As you know, Heung Jin Nim passed away on January 2, 1984, at 1:15 a.m. Today is exactly 50 days later. Christianity began from Pentecost. When Jesus was crucified, there was a great deal of dissent among the disciples. They were weak and cowardly. Even the chief disciple, Peter, fled and denied Jesus three times. No single major disciple of Jesus Christ was there to die either in Jesus' place or together with him. Jesus' army was broken, dispersed, helpless, of no courage. During the first days after Jesus' death, none of the disciples worked together. However, on the 50th day, about 120 disciples assembled in Mark's upper room and prayed. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit descended from heaven like a whirlwind. Every single one of them received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues; they received revelations. Incredible power and spirit overwhelmed Mark's upper room.

This morning at breakfast, Father stated very clearly that Christianity began on the 50th day after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: the day of Pentecost. Today we are marking our Unification Church Pentecost. The sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim carries far greater importance than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, because the True Parents are still on earth. Jesus did not have True Parents on earth after he ascended into heaven. Not only do we have the presence of True Parents on earth today, but also the foundation which they laid on the clan, tribal, national, and worldwide levels. The ascension of Heung Jin Nim to heaven is upon this foundation of True Parents on earth. No one in all of human history has ever ascended into heaven having received the true love of God conveyed through the True Parents except Heung Jin Nim. Of course, there are many Unification Church members who have gone to spirit world, including the late President Eu. However, Father has stated that even though True Parents' family has already paid the sacrifice in the past, nothing can compare with Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. The reason is that Heung Jin Nim is the only one who ascended into heaven on the foundation of the True Parents' victory. The Victory Over Communism rally in Korea during December 1983 particularly signifies an incredible foundation for the victory of True Parents on earth. It laid the national foundation to win the hearts of the people in Korea. Ever since Father won that victory in Korea, the entire spirit world has been mobilized.

Dr. Durst just read us news about the important victories of our church going out even through the UPI news service. There is now a united effort of Christian churches of America standing up for our church.

The national emphasis has been changing. This is the reason that Father won the foundation in Korea. In addition, Heung Jin Nim gave his life on behalf of Father. This is why today is so significant. The natural death and ascension of any member of the True Family could not ever compare. The reason is that only Heung Jin Nim served the providential role most important in our Unification Church: to safeguard the life of our True Parents. That is precisely what Heung Jin Nim did. That is why his death, his passing, is so significant. It moved the entire history of heaven and earth. That is why he is the king in spirit world, the commander-inchief in the spirit world, and why there were incredible things happening here on earth these last 50 days. Heung Jin Nim has also appeared in the London church and churches in Africa and South America. Of course, he also appeared in our Korean churches. Heung Jin Nim is working everywhere. His spirit is with this celebration today. His spirit is with his bride today.

Let Me Die Well

The Unification members are the people who will conquer death. Death will be no more. There is no such thing as death on earth. Today I pledge in front of our True Father and Mother that I have no more blessings to wish for. I have already received too much. One child becoming a part of True Parents' family is already extraordinary. But two children joining the True Parents' family is too much. I just don't deserve such a blessing. I pledge only one thing. Father, give me courage, inspiration, and power. Let me die well when the time comes. When you need a sacrifice, please call upon me. That is the only thing more I want to request tonight.

Heung Jin Nim does not stay up in the spirit world all the time. Father said that Heung Jin Nim is totally free to come up and down all the time, any time he desires. The spiritual and physical worlds are now one world, no longer two. We live in both worlds right now. I can only expect great things to come to you, to every nation in which our Unification movement is working because the Holy Spirit has descended. We have True Parents on the earth and our king in the spirit world, Heung Jin Nim. God sent Jesus to the earth as savior. True Parents, in a way, dispatched the most important special ambassador to heaven. It is an amazing kind of parallel. God sent Jesus to earth. True Parents, the king and queen of the whole world, sent their best soldier to the spirit world so that he could perform the True Parents' duty there.

Because of that, True Father said our dispensation will advance far more quickly than before. Father told us this morning that the work Heung Jin Nim will do from the spirit world was only to happen after True Parents ascended into heaven. What joy we can celebrate today! Father and Mother are still with us here on earth. But the king who has been loyal and faithful to True Parents, and who will do exactly what True Parents would do when they ascend into heaven, is now working in the spirit world. This is the meaning of this day of celebration. It is a victory for Heung Jin Nim and a victory for True Parents, the True Family, and the Unification movement. We all want to share in their joy.

About In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim

I would like also to share the great joy of In Jin Nim as a bride today. In Jin Nim is one of the beautiful children of our True Parents. She is gifted, charming. During our meal, I sat next to her brother Hyun Jin Nim. Since I know they are very close, I asked him what he would say was the single most important fact he could offer about In Jin Nim. Hyun Jin Nim said, "My sister is a wonderful person. So warm-hearted, soft-hearted, pure, and kind." What more could anyone ask of a person? She has blossomed into such a beautiful woman. Today, Father Blessed her. She was given in marriage today to a young man who used to be my son. Jin Sung Nim, this is a great day for you, too.

Jin Sung Nim is a student at the University of Pennsylvania in his senior year. Before he was born in 1962, my wife received a great dream. In it, Father came down with a basket from heaven and placed a male child in my wife's arms. Everybody landed on green pastures full of flowers and there was a great celebration. In that same dream, she saw that Father was a conductor, conducting the entire world.

Jin Sung Nim has been an obedient son, very faithful to Father and Mother. Last summer he faced a great test. Father summoned him to Ocean Church for the entire summer. He was to spend 85 days in Gloucester. In fact, he was the first one True Parents selected. At that point, I, as his physical father, admired my son deeply in my heart for the first time because, I honestly confess, that I could not do that. I could not spend 85 days on the sea. During that summer, Jin Sung Nim told me that he wanted to follow the example of Father. He told me that he did not want to take any naps during the day. He wanted to rise earlier than Father and go to bed after Father.

Jin Sung Nim is American-born and his Korean is not as fluent as that of the other Blessed children. But he told me that when he really concentrates and listens hard to Father, he understands deeply what Father says. He feels incredible inspiration listening to Father's words. And now God has Blessed him today. That summer he caught probably the biggest tuna in all of last year's tournament: 1,040 pounds. I feel it was not by accident. When I look back on his life now, such incidents tell me something.

Currently he is doing very well at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a straight "A" student. He even received an "A+" in one particular subject, and by doing so, set a precedent in that one subject. At the same time, he is also involved in many campus activities. He is president of the Korean Cultural Society at the University of Pennsylvania. He is founder and publisher of the college campus newspaper called The Red and Blue, a conservative newspaper that opposes the liberal campus newspaper. He is the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Student Activity Council of the University of Pennsylvania. He is also chairman of the United Minority Council, the governing body of all minority students at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of Sphinx, the senior honor society. He is among the top 20 of 2,000 senior students, the top one percent of his class. I do not know where he will go. That depends on Father's order. I know he is ready to follow Father's footsteps and set the tradition of our Unification movement.

About Hoon Sook Nim

I would also like to say a word about Hoon Sook Nim. She is now a professional ballerina. She was a member of the Little Angels of Korea. Father initiated the Little Angels in 1962. By 1965 the Little Angels traveled from Korea to the United States. Their first performance here was at Gettysburg, given in honor of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower. During the last 20 years, the Little Angels have given over 2,000 live performances and 200 television performances. They have met over 30 heads of state. At one point the Little Angels performed in New York at the United Nations Assembly Hall. True Parents attended that particular benefit performance for UNICEF The Little Angels are Father's cultural ambassadors to the world.

Hoon Sook Nim toured the world three times throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. At that time, she was the only English-speaking child in the group, and when they traveled to the United States and Canada, she was the only one who introduced them in English. This little Korean child came out as emcee and spoke perfect English. Even before they danced, she had won the audience.

She went back to Korea to attend the Little Angels Junior High School; she won the distinguished honor student award five times and was one of the top 10 students in the entire school. Four times she won the Artist Scholarship Award and the Little Angels Award. Three times she won the Meritorious Service Award. After graduation, instead of going on to college, she joined the Royal Ballet Academy in London. She moved on to the Princess Grace Academy of Dance in Monte Carlo, Monaco, for advanced professional training in ballet. She participated in the Lausanne Junior Ballet Competition in Lima, Peru, at the International Dance Festival. After that, she joined the Ohio Ballet Professional Company. Later she joined the Washington Ballet Company and has been performing with them all over the world. She won the Gold Medal at the National Dance Competition in Korea. She was one of the finalists of the Lausanne International Dance Competition and was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the Peru International Dance Competition. In fact, she was in Hong Kong doing a tour which had not ended when she was called to participate in the matching. She knew that the Blessed children were assembling at East Garden and obeyed the order to come. She flew here without knowing anything, arriving at East Garden on February 12. Many people have commented that there is some quality of heavenliness in her dance. It is spiritual. Even the Washington Post implied that. I bet you, dollars to donuts, they did not know she was my daughter!

The most important thing is not how well she dances. The most important thing is that she understands True Father, True Mother, the True Family, the Unification movement, the Unification goal, as well as our way of life. She has proved it to me so amply during this time. I am ready to bow down to her one thousand times, even one million times. My gratitude and love for her will never end.

My dear brothers and sisters, this is a great day. But this is not just a day for these two Blessed couples. It is your day. It is my day. True Parents' day. True Family's day. Spirit world's day. Father said that there is a great celebration going on in the spirit world right now. A spiritual whirlwind, a spiritual storm is taking place. We only have to capitalize on it.

In front of our True Parents, tonight we are all blessed. The marriages of In Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim become our marriages.

When I visited the Washington Times, many staff members came up to me and said that they felt as if they were getting matched and Blessed again. The excitement spreading all over the world is incredible. Please capitalize on it.

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