Journal of Unification Studies Volume XXII - (2021)

 Table of Contents

1. Gomyeong Inheritance: Canada's Role in the Emergence of the Mother of Peace - Franco Famularo (pdf)

2. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution in Comparative Perspective - Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

3. The Victory of the Cross - Andrew Wilson (pdf)

4. Unification Eschatology as Compared with Christian Eschatology - Theodore Shimmyo (pdf)

5. New Religions, Cult Experts, and the Media - Thomas J. Ward (pdf)

6. Breaking the Twelve-Year European Ban against Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon - Manjola Vasmatics (pdf)

7. The First Great, or Not so Great, Awakening and What It Means for Today - Roland Platt (pdf)

8. Canaan Represented, the Birth of a Happy Nation: A Unificationist Perspective on the Dutch Golden Age - Laurent Ladouce and Johann Coll├ęter (pdf)

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