Journal of Unification Studies Volume XVIII - (2017)

 Table of Contents

Providential History of Modern Thought: A Unification Perspective - Written by Theodore Shimmyo

True Parents as the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter - Written by Jin Choon Kim

Were True Parents Born with Original Sin? How to Deal with Their Words on This Matter - Written by Thedore Shimmyo

Words Matter: Linguistic, Historical and Theological Issues with the Term "Begotten" - Written by Franco Famularo

Multi-Dimensional Hermeneutics for the Integration of Knowledge: A Preparatory Analysis for Unification Hermeneutics - Written by Keisuke Noda

Towards a Hyo Jeong Philosophy of Art - Written by David Eaton

The Austerity Gospel of Gordon Fee - Written by Robert M. Price

Battle for Dominion over Time: War of the Calendars in Thailand - Written by Ronald J. Brown

Published March 2018

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