Journal of Unification Studies Volume XVII - (2016)

 Table of Contents

1. The Providential Significance of True Mother’s Leadership - Written by Thomas Selover (pdf)

2. True Mother and the Work of the Holy Spirit - Written by Andrew Wilson (pdf)

3. The Problem of Evil: Unification Theodicy - Written by Theodore Shimmyo (pdf)

4. Spirit World Messages, Cross Removals and Coronations: Balancing Messianic Necessity and Coalition-Building - Written by Michael L. Mickler (pdf)

5. Hermeneutics and the Meaning of Life: A Step toward Unification Hermeneutics - Written by Keisuke Noda (pdf)

6. A Complex God? - Written by David Burton (pdf)

7. The Divine Nexus of Music and Mathematics - Written by David Eaton (pdf)

8. Multidimensional Reality - Written by Kerry Pobanz (pdf)

9. How New York City Invented the Holiday Season: The Rise and Fall of the World’s First Global Holiday (pdf)

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