Unification News for April 1997

New Eden Academy International

by Dr. Hugh D. Spurgin-Bridgeport, CT

I invite parents to consider sending their teenager to the newly established New Eden Academy International for a special, residential high school experience. Founded on the inspiration of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, New Eden Academy will welcome its inaugural class in August, 1997. Rev. and Mrs. Moon are concerned about providing the best well-rounded education for your child. The Academy is the flagship program for an eventual network of middle schools and high schools around the world.

Academic Excellence & Character Education

New Eden Academy is a college preparatory, residential school committed to moral integrity and academic excellence. We believe intellectual, artistic and moral character develops best in a God- centered school. The administration, faculty and curriculum is committed to promote an awareness of God as a loving Parent concerned for others. Our academic program integrates cultural, information and technological literacy so that graduates may enter top colleges and universities worldwide.

The core curriculum will provide a solid grounding in the essential subject matter with options for concentrating in math, science, the social sciences or arts. The mastery of foreign languages including Korean language and the study of world cultures highlights the international focus of the Academy. Also featured is a program in Unification Studies which provides perspectives on history, the arts, religion and politics.

Academy life nurtures public-mindedness and a responsible social conscience. Attention will be paid to character development in a spiritually enriched atmosphere where both a principled, moral lifestyle and community service are taught and practiced. We will graduate young men and women well prepared to make significant contributions to society.

Experienced, Caring Faculty and Staff

Faculty include well-qualified teachers and professionals; many of whom hold graduate or doctoral degrees. Mature, compassionate staff will guide the physical, emotional and spiritual development of your child through the challenging adolescent years.

International Friendships

An international student body provides the opportunity for your son or daughter to connect with people and ideas from around the world. The atmosphere is like a garden where a beautiful youth culture can flourish. Nurtured with God-centered values, lifelong friendships will be established.

Residential Life

Our boarding program provides a warm family atmosphere. Close relationships between students, tutors and house parents alleviate the stress of living away from home. Prayer, meditation, service and martial arts are encouraged. Students will be encouraged to seek the guidance of God, their parents and their teachers provide as a lifelong source of wisdom. Our policy of abstinence from sex, drugs, alcohol and smoking allows students the freedom to pursue their studies and spiritual lives unencumbered by negative peer pressure. Exclusive romantic relationships between students are discouraged and intimate fraternization is not allowed. The residential program seeks

to create a home-like environment where emotional intimacy, fidelity, respect and responsibility are honored.

Adventure Learning

The ocean beckons two hundred yards from campus offering an extended classroom. Learning nautical skills from hands-on experience at sea will be part of student life. Adventure learning projects which challenge personal limitations and deepen understanding of the natural world supplement book learning and provide opportunities for leadership training.

University Resources

Academy life is enriched by our plans to utilize the University of Bridgeport's libraries, arts and athletic facilities, health clinics and world-class security system. Students may pursue college classes; utilize distance learning resources on the Internet; internships; special tutoring; science labs; and music, art and ceramic studios. The recreation center includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, racquetball and indoor tennis courts, gym and weight room. The library includes thousands of books as well as access to on-line and CD-ROM databases, periodicals, newspapers and magazines. A newly renovated dorm, private dining hall and state-of-the-art computer technologies create a sophisticated educational environment where your son or daughter may excel.

Affordable Education

The cost of tuition, room and board is quite moderate. International students pay extra for English language instruction. We welcome your visit to our beautiful seaside campus just 75 miles from New York city on Connecticut's coastline. We will be hosting Open House events during the summer so that you will have the opportunity to meet our staff. I look forward to meeting you and your children.

Please contact me to receive Admissions information and an application for the 1997-98 school year.

Dr. Hugh Spurgin, New Eden Academy International, 285 Lafayette St., Suite 100, Bridgeport, CT 06604. Tel: (203) 576-4850. Fax: (203) 576- 4672. E-mail: hauer@cse.bridgeport.edu.

Dr. Spurgin is the headmaster of New Eden Academy International.

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