Unification News for April 1997

Mother's Poem

On this morning in the glowing Aurora of Life, Atop the blue, blue continent of my Yearning, I am once again awakened upon the arrival Of an Overture, the Incandescent Unisonance Of your Love, the perfection by which I can only

Acknowledge by way of my Tears carried upon The Chrome Light of Gratitude; here, you inaugurate The moment of my Dawning Heart, teaching me The Rite of Heaven in this Natural setting as I watch my Being take on the Simplicity of Joy and Opulence of Purity...

I see it is you again, --now and forever-- Who has becalmed the Sails of my Heart-Ship, Fulfilling them with your Breath Of Total Innocence and Integrity. Launched, I view the Land of my Yearning now

As the Port of your Warmth draws closer, Realizing I am listed in your Register of Beauty, Impelled by the Emotion of God, standing at the Helm of Filial Piety, longing to be your True Son, The Bearer of your One True Loyalty...

Kevin James Ribble

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