Unification News for April 1997

In Memoriam Dr. Lee Sang Hun

On March 22, 1997, this morning, the Korean Unification Communities were saddened by the news of the Seung Hwa of Dr. Lee Sang Hun. Dr Lee is the author of the "Unification Thought" and has been the President of the Unification Thought Institute ever since it was founded. He is known as the "scholar" among True Father's earliest disciples and will be remenbered by history as the man who systematized Father's thought in the field of Philosophy.

His passing was a suprise as, just 2 days earlier, he attended the 9th International Symposium on Unification Thought, held from March 20th - 21st at the Sun Moon University. He was then in reasonably good health and he delivered the Welcoming Address at the Opening Plenary.

Last year, he attended the 40 days workshop in Chung Pyung and was selected to be the National Messiah of Thailand

Daniel Han

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