Unification News for April 1997

AIDS Education to be developed by Damia J. Anderson via the Internet

Rev. Chang Shik Yang, Washington DC area regional leader, is developing an AIDS education ministry to go hand in hand with the True Family Values Ministry. He is writing his Ph.D. thesis on AIDS social ministry, and intends to use much of the research, combined with Richard A, Panzer and Richard Cohen's material to develop a slide based education program, promoting true family values as the solution to the AIDS crisis.

In the next few weeks, he will conduct a teacher training seminar, and we will have slides and lecture notes from which we can study the material and learn to teach it. This can be a way to reach out to the people who would not be interested in the religion-based approach to True Family Values.

To give you an idea of the size of the problem, in one school in Washington DC, 30 per cent of the students are HIV positive. This is no longer just a homosexual disease. Like it or not, we must reach out to the downtrodden and abandoned in society and love them, just as Jesus did. Nobody else has any answer to this growing crisis.

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