Unification News for March 1997

Father's Speech in Atlanta Newspaper

by Carmen Kimura-Atlanta, GA

On Monday, Dec. 30, 1996, Father's speech ran in our daily paper, The Atlanta Constitution. I was surprised to open the front section and find it there, SO BIG. And True Parents' picture, too.

The next day, I received a call from a lady who wanted to have a copy of the speech. I sent one to her. We also received two postcards for more information, and a call from a lesbian who accused us of being homophobic. However, one man called and said that he and his wife had read the speech three times, and he wanted to come over right away to get more information about us. He could hardly contain himself, he was so excited.

He said it was his birthday and he was going to treat himself to anything that he could get about us. He was calling to make sure that we were there. His name is Bernard Mitchell.

When he came, we were in the middle of our True God's Day preparations. The front door of the church was locked because, except for Sunday, we always used the back door. He stood at the front door pounding on it until one sister heard him and let him in. She and I were able to talk with him for about 30 minutes and loaded him up with literature and an old Divine Principle book (we were all out of the new editions).

I called him two days later to see how he was doing. He said he and his wife were both sitting up until 3:30am reading the Principle together! He had her promise that she would read it after he finished.

I invited them to come and join us for Sunday service on a Sunday when they were free. When they came, they were so happy! They stayed to talk to Rev. An, our regional director, for a long time afterwards.

We didn't see them again for several weeks after that. Mr. Mitchell is a car salesman and his wife works for an insurance company. I called them every week to see how they were. Mr. Mitchell told me that he brings his Principle book to work with him every day so he can read it. He said he didn't want to get caught up in the secular give and take of car salesmen when business is slow.

On one of my calls to them, I mentioned the marriage rededication ceremony. Mr. Mitchell started yelling for his wife to pick up the other phone. He said that she had been talking about that for a long time. On their second visit to church, they received the pre-Blessing. Mrs. Mitchell was really excited. She said she felt like a new bride.

We had dinner and entertainment afterwards and Mr. Mitchell said, "God spoke to me and said, `Son, this is what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like'." He was pointing down the row of tables to all of our brothers and sisters. Although our church family here isn't huge, we represent over 20 nations. For new guests, that's always so amazing.

As they were leaving, Mrs. Mitchell said, "I feel like we should be heading for a cruise!" (They have a four-year-old daughter.)

Since then, they have been diligent in giving tithes and offerings. When the second order of Divine Principle books came in, I called the Mitchells at 6am to let them know. Mr. Mitchell came down on his lunch hour to buy one because he didn't want to wait until Sunday.

I am very grateful for this couple. They have made me look at myself and have caused me to repent. I can't remember the last time I felt like they do. Mrs. Mitchell said, "After reading the book, I felt I

had to go door to door and tell everyone about it."

Thank you, Father and Mother! Thank you, Rev. Pak and headquarters staff!

We are continuing our efforts here in Atlanta. It's truly the harvest time and we feel a lot of hope.

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