Unification News for February 1997

Boston Globe - Bashing Hassan

Subj: Boston bashing
Date: Mon, Feb 10, 1997 1:14 PM EST
From: pder@napanet.net
X-From: pder@napanet.net (Peter D. Ross)

To: Unews@aol.com

Hi Richard:

We must conclude our review of the Globe with a "Call to Civil Action." An introduction to whatand how is necessary. This should be printed in an appropriate place in this extraordinary supplement to the UNEW after they have read all the materials.

After folks read the material we do want them to be primred and ready to storm the Bastile. But as you and I know, in our beloved community we have a wide range of dappled characters and so we have to shepherd them wisely!

And so my thoughts are:


We invite you to act in order to protest this unwarranted attack. Moreover, as a community we must act together and expose the culture of contempt that is propagated by the Boston Globe. In addition, please invite your friends, neighbors, and family to do likewise.

We invite you to write to the 3 parties listed below. Steve Hassan is NOT one - please do not waste your time. Poor Steve is not the object of our concern but the decisions and actions of the Boston Globe are. Please be brief in content and civil in tone and the two main issues that need to be expressly referenced are:

A. To protest the Globe's conscious and deliberate decision to refer to us with epithets.

B. To protest the violation of our civil rights by the Globe and the perpetuation by the Globe of a culture of contempt that will foreseeably cause the violation of our civil rights by others.

Your correspondence should be forwarded to all 3 of the following:

(i) Mr. Richard Cole, A.A.G. Office of the Attorney General Civil Rights Division 1 Ashburton Place, 19th floor Boston, MA 02108

(ii) Victoria L. Williams Office of Civil Rights 1 City Hall Plaza, Room #966 Boston, MA 02201

(iii) William O. Taylor Publisher, Boston Globe 135 Morrissey Boulevard Boston, MA 02107-2378 Richard, these names/addresses can be placed in separate boxes or otherwise clearly delineated in an appropriate place after folks have read everything else! Thanks.

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