Unification News for November 1996


New Music: What's Your Favorite Song?

by Kate Tsubata-Silver Spring, MD

Everyone knows that the music that you listen to affects your moods. There is a logical reason for this. Songs are composed of words, which express ideas and emotions, combined with sound, which is the result of vibration or energy. When you take words and set them to the melody and harmony, you create a very powerful way of communicating a message.

People have known the strong power of music to sell an idea for centuries. Music has been used for both good and evil, because it works so effectively. In the case of evil, words of hate, seduction, or betrayal are cloaked in pleasant sounds and beautiful instrumentation, so that we don't even know how ugly the message is that we are allowing into our mind. On the other hand, good and inspiring messages are greatly enhanced by beautiful musical composition. Thus, even saints said that a single song was equal to a thousand prayers.

True Parents have long been aware of the powerful effect of music and art on people's thinking, however. They founded the Little Angels, even in the early, difficult years of their ministry, and continued until today with such projects as the New York City Symphony, the Kirov Academy of Ballet, the Manhattan Center, and dozens more. In 1978, Father called many musically-trained members to Europe to form the Go World Brass Band teams. For months, Father gave the band members in-depth guidance on the importance of music, and the need for them to develop original songs which could move .people's hearts to feel God. He instructed the members to perfect their skills and explained that music would be a stronger force for restoration than official witnessing.

Mehrdad Mizani was one of the members who received this special mission at that time. Previously, he had received classical training, followed by a performing career in the popular music realm. As one of the Go World Brass Band team, he determined to carry out True Parents' direction to create original music which would express God's viewpoint.

After moving to America with his wife, Anna, Mehrdad searched for someone with whom he could collaborate. In 1992, he agreed to compose music for a piece about Christopher Columbus for the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, which was organized by New Hope Academy dance teacher Concha Egea. At the same time, Kate Tsubata was asked to write the lyrics. When, after the words and music were written, Mizani and Tsubata finally met, they found they had a common dream of creating principled lyrics and beautiful music to express God's viewpoint.

The Columbus project became "Go West," in which song, drama and classical Spanish dance were combined to recount the tale of the man whose dream resulted in the discovery of America by the Spanish expedition. From that time, the two have been producing songs and musicals which reflect the deepest desire of humanity and God. Each song reflects either the incredible value and potential of each person, or the importance of loving families, and a loving society.

Four years and some thirty songs later, the team published their first album, "Crazy Quilt," in July of 1996. One song, "Innocence", was used as the background music for the WFWP video about the first set of sisterhood ceremonies between Japanese and Korean women. Another "Don't Give Up," was written for Blessed children, although people of all ages like its inspiring message and rock tempo. "I Have a Dream" took its theme from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who True Parents have called the greatest American of the 20th Century. "Common Victory" testifies to the love of a couple who have weathered difficulties by working hard, side by side, and whose love has grown as a result.

The team is publishing their second album, "Jewels Against the Night," this month. This collection focuses on the unique, eternal and unchanging value of each human being, as a reflection of the Creator. "Diamonds in the Rough", "What is your Magic", and "Clay" are just a few of the titles on this album.

Because they want to market the music internationally, the team has gotten translations of the lyrics into Japanese, German and Russian languages already. They are seeking translators for Korean, Spanish and French versions as well. The tape is fully guaranteed. If not completely inspired by the music after listening to it several times, Original Heart Productions will refund the purchase price of $10.

To the authors' surprise, the songs' appeal reaches far beyond the contemporary adult audience; children, young adults and grandparents .have become some of the biggest enthusiasts. Also, some Unificationists report that the music is a great witness; parents, relatives and friends listen to the songs a few times, and begin to feel the natural joy of living with God's heart as the focus.

As the season of gift-giving approaches, you may be faced with the typical gift needs. If you would like to give a gift that surpasses a tie or a box of chocolates, both in usefulness and in enjoyment, Original Heart Productions will gladly help. Either send us your list of recipients, and we will gift wrap and ship them the tapes directly, in plenty of time for the holidays, or we can send them to you, for you to give personally. Or, you can call the toll-free phone number, for verbal orders. Your check or money order can be made payable to Mehrdad Mizani or Kate Tsubata.

We pray that you and your families will have a loving and safe holiday season, and that "Peace on earth, Goodwill towards men" will be firmly established at last.

For more information, call 1-800-484-6807 (access code 5301) or write to Original Heart Productions P.O. Box 3145, Silver Spring, MD 20918- 3145.


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