Unification News for October 1996


Meditation: The Search For God and His Truth

Carl Redmond-Sandy Bay, Tasmania:

In his search for truth, Sun Myung Moon walked alongside endless rivers and lakes, crying out to God for the answers to his questions about life and the universe, crying out to God for His truth. The questions he asked God went beyond the conception of human comprehension. These were battles, interminable wars against the entire forces of evil that were desperately seeking to destroy him. Completely alone, Sun Myung Moon faced this unending battle.

How about you my dear reader? How did you come to find God, or should I say "in what manner" did you come to find God. Did you walk along the side of endless rivers and lakes, fighting battles against the entire cosmic forces of evil that were desperately seeking to destroy you? Or did you, as many of us did, sort of go through certain things in your life and then amble pleasantly along to a few evenings of Divine Principle lectures that enabled you to "see the light".

It is a matter of great serious-ness that we cannot even comprehend the grace of the One who came to Be with Us, the One who all mankind has been longing for, the Holy One, The Lord Anointed, The Christ. Consider it to the scenario of taking bite-size chunks out of a mountainside. You might be able to take a bite here and there, and chew it over thought-fully and digest it, but you are aware in doing so that is not the "true picture". It's only a bite!

How does God feel about the situation? Let us ask Him (or Her) about the situation. Dearest God, how do you feel about Father, The Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Do you have any comments you would like to share with us about him. And God just smiles and turns away, deep in thought.

Reading as I was, that morning: through Fathers' Words in the Book of Translated Speeches, I just had to turn away. It's too much. Just a few words, taken from the "early days" with True parents, and I had to turn away. To contemplate, to reflect, to digest, to empathize with : what use is there going on just reading and reading without ever reflecting on it.

And the world rolls on. And the day comes to an end, and a new day dawns already. Look to the Sun! It is risen already. A new day has begun. The One we longed for, who even we could not imagine, has come and is waiting patiently for us to run to him.

Abba Father! Forgive us, for we did not know, could not even comprehend, could not even imagine the grace you poured down upon us.


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