Unification News for May 1996


Annual Lecture Contest at UTS

by Gareth Davies-Barrytown, NY

Given the task of explaining the decision of the judges of this year's Divine Principle Lecture Contest at the seminary, Dr. Dietrich Seidel spoke of the need for balance between a precise knowledge of the Divine Principle and the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to a diverse audience. The three prize winners, he said, were the ones who best succeeded in maintaining that balance.

Once again, the audience was treated to a cosmopolitan array of contestants, with two Africans, two Japanese, one Filipino, one Hungarian, one Englishwoman and a French Canadian. These eight were selected from an original field of 16 entrants.

There are many ways of presenting the Divine Principle, as our Founder has dramatically illustrated, and these finalists covered the full range of possibilities, from the calm, persuasive tones of Rachel Carter, who lectured on the invisible substantial world, to the dramatic, impassioned presentation of Victor Nyarko whose high-energy assault on the question of where Christ will come again almost took the first prize.

Eventually, however, it would be Sandor Vamos of Hungary who captured the honors. Lecturing on the last days and the present days, Sandor effectively combined personal testimony with a clear presentation of the Divine Principle content. Victor Nyarko was given second place with Rachel Carter taking third.


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