Unification News for May 1996


The Ocean Era - 21st Century

Terry and Annie McMahon-Jersey City, NJ

On May 18 - 19 Ocean Church hosted "Ocean Festival `96" at Liberty Harbor Marina of Jersey City, NJ. under the theme of "Ocean Era - 21st Century". This Ocean Festival was prepared as one of three festivals to occur this year at Liberty Harbor Marina, the next being held on July 4th. Ocean Festival `96 was created so that we could have an opportunity to connect to the ocean, and to share Father's vision for the ocean providence. It's an excellent way to witness and to keep relationship with our contacts, in a relax atmosphere. Ocean is also the best place to connect with God.

Ocean Festival `96 began with an opening ceremony at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday morning. True World Group Vice-President, Mr. Kobayashi, gave the introduction and spoke about the meaning of the theme "Ocean Era - 21st Century". Mr. Kobayashi later received a certificate of appreciation from the Jersey City Police Dept. for the donation of a 28 foot Good Go boat last year. We took this opportunity to inaugurate this boat, which will be used for water rescue and diving operations.

Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler attended the opening ceremony with his little daughter and gave appreciative remarks, recognizing the festival as a family oriented event. Although Mayor Schundler had planned only a brief appearance, he stayed for lunch and was later introduced to many of Ocean Church's activities and projects.

Also U.S. Congressional Candidate, Mr. Kenneth C. Suria attended the ceremony along with several guest speakers including Mrs. Linda Howard, manager of Liberty Harbor Marina; Ron Gurtatowski, N.J. Family Federation for World Peace President; Dr. Kyung Hee Chin, President of Bridgeport University; and Rev. Sun Jo Hwang (who was N.J. regional leader at that time), who gave the invocation.

Ocean Festival `96 included all the things that should be included in the connecting point between us and the ocean. Mr. Paul Durgin descended from Westbrooke, Maine to present three "Ocean Awareness" programs throughout the weekend. Mr. Durgin's education program presents a serious challenge to today's computer-based education culture. His presentation is really surprising for those who don't know much about the ocean creatures! It opens the mind to something greater, different, and future oriented, proposing solutions for world hunger, and a new way of life based on the ocean.

Mr. Frank Zochol gave information on the new fish farm (at Tongil Farm), several boats went out as part of a Captain's Training course, and the U.S. Coast Guard had set up a booth to provide on boat inspections (without fines) to promote boating safety and education. And of course, there was fishing and boat rides.

As food is an important part of any event, lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, squid, sushi, sashimi, cod, flounder, tuna, salmon and swordfish could all be found in abundance. Liberty Seafood Market presented a full variety of fresh local fish filleted or whole.

Live music was also part of the event, with Mrs. Miyuki Harley, and several other groups and singers that offered their talents to the Ocean Festival.

Raffles, ocean crafts, karate demo, sushi class, pond fishing, eel catching, pi, ata, miniature golf, and coin toss completed the cultural circle for Ocean Festival `96.

As connecting to the ocean will connect us to God, who will invariably connect us to the Completed Testament Age, a special Blessing Registration for the International Holy Wedding of 1997 was held during the festival for those who felt drawn directly to the Completed Testament Age. The "Ocean Education Center" above Liberty Seafood Restaurant was transformed into a banquet room, bookstore, and video center presenting "True Love, True Families", a 10 minute video. Many festival participants were able to watch the video and take part in the "Blessing Atmosphere" under the guidance of Ron Gurtatowski. On Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to welcome Mr. Gary Pobanz, who gave a lecture about "True Family Values". Several guests attended. Throughout the weekend, 12 people signed our guest book for attending a lecture about "True Family Values" in a near future. All were curious, all were inspired, all were positive.

Ocean Festival will come again, you can be sure. Liberty Harbor Marina should eventually become a model center representing the Ocean Providence. It should be the place where Father's vision for the ocean can be realized. Take part of this great vision on July 4th, in participating with your guests to a similar event, including also a Lobster Dinner Cruise!

If you'd like to participate in any way in an upcoming festival, please contact Mrs. Annie McMahon at 201-451-0010. If you'd like to go fishing this summer, please contact M.M. Tackle & Bait at 201-451- 6272.

Many thanks to the supporting army of Bridgeport University students whose spirit and labor made this event possible, and for all the volunteers that helped organizing this festival. Thanks also to all the sponsors and participants! Your presence and help was greatly appreciated. See you again on July 4th!


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