Unification News for May 1996


An African Folk Tale

by David Iversen-8 years old

Once upon a time there lived a cheetah named Atar. Atar lived in beautiful grasslands. One day, Atar was hunting and he saw an antelope. He caught it and ate part of it. There was another cheetah whose name was Kano and he just missed a deer. Atar said, "Do you want some antelope?" "Yes, please," said Kano, and he ate the rest.

The next day Kano was hunting and he caught a wolf. Atar tried to catch a hyena. Kano saw that Atar missed the hyena, so before Kano ate he said to Atar, "Do you want some wolf?" Atar said, "Yes, please," but while Atar was eating, he realized that he should have offered the meat to Kano first. After Atar shared the meat, he realized that he should have offered the best to Kano the day before.


The best teachers teach by example.

Also, one should give the first and the best to others.


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