Unification News For April 1996


World Unificationist Student Review Publishes First Issue

by Gareth Davies-Barrytown, NY

Seven UTS students representing virtually every continent of the world, as well as both the Divinity and Religious Education programs, recently joined together to create UTS's first student-initiated and student-supported theological review. The first monthly, 20-page issue, published March 1, included student articles on Indemnity, the Third Blessing and the role of international blessed couples; an article introducing the review; an interview with Dr. Mickler, UTS Academic Dean; a short story feature; an editorial on the meaning of "family," and a review of Carlos Rangel's study of Latin America, From the Noble Savage to the Noble Revolutionary.

According to WUSR editor Christopher Mckeon, WUSR hopes, in succeeding issues, "to receive submissions from UTS graduates, faculty and others who have something serious to say about Unificationism in both the American and world context." He notes that Dr. Kathy Winings, Dr. Dietrich Seidel and Dr. David Carlson have agreed to become the first members of WUSR's Academic Advisory Board whose purpose is to help the Review to develop and maintain high academic and professional standards.

The hope is to quickly develop a large and diverse Editorial Advisory Board from among UTS graduates and friends worldwide to help with the process of soliciting and receiving submissions, as well as furthering WUSR's subscriber base.

Subscriptions for ten issues per year cost $25 in the U.S. and $35 per year for foreign subscribers. Anyone who would like to participate in or subscribe to this review is invited to contact WUSR by writing to WUSR, c/o Christopher Mckeon, 10, Dock Road, Barrytown, NY 12507. The e-mail address is studentrev@aol.com or cmckeon@mhv.net.

Reprinted from The Cornerstone.

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