Unification News For April 1996


40 Days Pioneering - News from the Second Generation Office

by J. J. VanderStok-Hose

On Dec. 30, 1995 True Father spoke at East Garden to the Second Generation. He asked all second generation 17 years old and above to go pioneering in a foreign country for 40 days this summer.

For all you Second Gens out there who haven't heard the news yet, the 40 Days Pioneering will be from July 20 to Aug. 30. Please make time in your summer schedule to take part in this awesome activity. Nothing is as mind-expanding as getting to know new people and a new culture in a strange and foreign place.

Years ago Father asked members to go out to pioneer in almost every country. They had to learn about the customs and culture of that country, and try to survive in it. They went out to find people who were willing to change their life, receive the Blessing, and live for more than just themselves. Father is giving you a chance to learn from these members, by participating in the activities of center life in each country. Life is all about growing that heart of yours as much as possible, so take this opportunity and take part in something which could become the most unforgettable experience of your life. Hey, life is short, so live it to the fullest, deepest and highest!

* We will organize teams consisting of five to ten members, so that you will have the support of other 2nd Gen. friends.

* We are trying to find possibilities for you to make the necessary money. (The amount necessary for the 40-day pioneering would vary depending on which country you will go to-from less than $1000 to possibly more than $3000. We are trying to arrange work positions for the summer with some of the church companies. World CARP MFT would be one option, as well as flower selling on Mother's Day and other possibilities.)

* We will try to help you in your travel arrangements.

* We will hold a preparation workshop before you depart, and you will have an orientation period in each of your countries, for you to adjust.

* We also hope to encourage each country to offer some form of service project.

* Please apply for a passport a.s.a.p. (like: today!) even if you are not sure about going. Just do it.

* Get at least a part-time job, and start saving up for this unique experience.

* Try to find your own sponsors; ask parents, local church, rich uncle, neighbors, friends, basically everyone and their grandma, to support you with some donation or contribution.

* Note: Jin Hun Nim defined the qualifications for the participants as: age 17 years or older, and grade High School graduate June 1996 or higher.

* Please direct all questions to bcoffice@aol.com or (212) 382-3821.

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