Unification News For April 1996


Marathon Runner

Nine UC members ran the 1995 New York City Marathon! The Marathon was held November 12, 1995 but we just recently were given the photo of one of them--George Aoyama (#1661 with white forehead band), who received a medal at the finish line. George is a dental lab technician in charge of the Ideal Dental Lab in Manhattan and was blessed in the 30,000 Couple Blessing in August 1992 with medical internist, Dr. Yasue Yoshino. This Marathon, incidentally, takes a lot of stamina. The race starts on Staten Island, runners then cross the Verrazano- Narrows Bridge to Brooklyn, up to the Queensboro Bridge to Manhattan and up to Central Park. George finished in 4 hours 51 minutes. The other eight UC members were from Ten Kai Restaurant in Manhattan.

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