Unification News For March 1996


Interview with Internet Consultant Philip Loveless

Pawling, NY

Phil Loveless is an Internet Marketing consultant who is helping the Unification community get on-line.

QUESTION: How did you get involved with the Internet?

ANSWER: About four months bought a computer for my children to use at home- these days it is hard for them to get time on it. I started exploring the internet about 3 months ago. what i have found is simply astonishing. the internet is in my opinion a gift from God. It is so many things it is hard to point in one direction It can be used for education, research, global commerce, entertainment, and the list goes on and on. But most importantly it is the most powerful communications tool yet developed. It will literally change the world forever-kind of like the telephone, automobile and airplane did in the past.

QUESTION: How does one get on the "NET" anyway?

ANSWER: I know it is a bit intimidating at first. It is kind of like learning to drive a car. You don't need to know about how it all works, you just need to know how to use the navigational tools to get around Once you know it, it is a piece of cake

QUESTION: Where can you learn this stuff?

ANSWER: there are many ways to learn the basics. I recommend either buying a video tape that you can review many times, or taking a course about Internet basics . I will be having courses in the NY area starting in April called Internet Boot Camp which not only teach the basics but show how to explore the vast resources available there. It is quite a dynamic course and will be held at either the New Yorker hotel or Manhattan Center Studios or both

QUESTION: What about all the negative stuff you hear about the Internet?

ANSWER: The Internet is basically a super communications tool. It is, in itself, is not good or bad It is like love or money they can be used for both purposes good and bad.

QUESTION: How do you see church members using this tool?

ANSWER: The potential is phenomenal!! I believe the most important way is as a witnessing tool which is already being done by several members around the country. We are creating a Family Resource Center up in Westchester to communicate our core values of real true family love on a community level. The beauty of this is that this virtual community can exist and prosper worldwide without geographic boundaries and people can communicate and share ideas simply and easily through e- mail. We have big plans for this project working with Pastor Eric Holt and Asst. Pastor Mike Inglis of the Westchester, NY community. Who are already doing a fabulous job of building that real community there!

QUESTION: What else can it be used for?

ANSWER: Being a successful businessman i can't help but see it's commercial value and marketing power!! In my opinion, this tool will revolutionize the economies of the world by creating a competition of ideas rather than capital. How many people in the past have had great ideas but no resources to make them a reality The Internet will empower both large businesses and especially small entrepreneurs to compete effectively in literally a global marketplace!!! Now that is powerful. May times our members have trouble witnessing because they have financial difficulties and burdens that require a lot of time and energy which hinders their witnessing as well as they lack proper training in communications skills that are necessary to effectively articulate the principle. The Internet can help change all of that rather quickly!

QUESTION: What has been your involvement with our church community?

ANSWER: I've been a member for almost 22 years, first with MFT for 6 years then 5 years at East Garden Security then Ilhwa 2 years and for the past 9 years I've been working as a financial planner on Wall Street and now in Tarrytown

QUESTION: If members are interested in getting involved more in this area, what do you advise?

ANSWER: Buy a computer and get the training! It has literally changed my life and re-inspired me to a complete new level!! If any members need assistance I am happy to help; they can call me at (914) 855-3813 after 7, EST.

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