Unification News For March 1996


Love and Life

Welcome to Love&Life, a new publication that is being born in the womb of the Unification News. To give it birth, all you need to do is remove it from its mother paper. That's right, just gently pull the inner two sheets (pages -- through -- ) out, keeping them neat, and voila! you have in your hands the first number of Love&Life (a collector's item to be sure). Who is Love&Life for? Whomever loves life and whomever you'd like to have as part of your love and life: your brother, your grandma, your aunt in Hoboken, your neighbors across the way.

Send us your input and comments. Love&Life stands alone for you to share. We'll develop it. We'll change the name. The purpose is the same: if the UNews is pizza-style Doritos, then Love&Life is cooler ranch. I wouldn't have understood that either, without a lesson from my kids a couple of days ago at the grocery store.

Go ahead, pull it out. We'll make more.

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