Unification News For January 1996


Family Witnessing Nourishes Children

Mrs. Kelly Coryell-Boise, ID

First, I would like to thank Heavenly Father and True parents for giving wonderful Blessing to our family. I was honored to be asked to write this article for the Unification News about witnessing. I have given it a lot of thought and as much time as I can with five children.

This past year has undoubtedly been the best year for me in witnessing of all the years in my church life. When I reflect on why I think there are a few things that have been crucial. When I met with True Mother there were two main things which she said that struck me. In Portland she mentioned that Americans were raised without much interaction or relationship with their parents so they are so lonely. True Mother said we should study the Divine Principle a lot to overcome this. So, I try and when I do study I feel a lot of life and then I feel a need to share it with others. I believe that giving really does bring life, giving and receiving.

I stay at home with my children and I want to contribute to the society, my community. I believe that teaching people the Divine Principle can do a lot to help them overcome their problems and prepare them for their inevitable physical death and life in the spiritual world. Here in Boise, two years ago when True Mother was speaking to the members she said that people are dying without hearing the Principle. I felt a greater need to share the Principle also I know for myself, when I see religious people going door to door witnessing and standing up for God I am moved. I feel a greater desire to do it myself. I make small commitments (time is limited) and fulfill them. Spirit World has sent some really wonderful people who have really appreciated the Principle. My husband and I met a very nice lady who had so much faith that God would put the right people in her life at the right time. And she studied with us four months and then signed membership.

Also one day I went to the park with all my children. I had planned to witness to at least one person. I saw a young girl under a tree twirling some colorful sticks. I went down to talk with her and to invite her to our evening program. She was so interested and was a perfect person for the children to meet because besides teaching them to use the "sticks." She had a harmonica and drum in her back pack which the children lived. She came to our next evening program and was excited by the Principle of Creation. She has been studying with us for a while and is now studying the mission of Jesus. She also had a good expression up in Seattle at the Woman Peace Conference. On my birthday she brought one of her art picture gave it to me. My heart was moved by her kindness. The people we have met have loved and given a lot to our children. It is so refreshing to offer all to Heavenly Father. He seems always to put important circumstances and knowledge in my path.

One example; my husband, Dave and I were having lunch with our children at a Burger King Restaurant. I saw a young man praying over his meal. When he finished praying I walked over to his table told him how nice it was to see someone pray before eating and asked him if he would like to attend a Bible study at our home. He came to our home a week later and was excited about what he had learned from our Church director whom we also invited. We attended a special meeting at his church the next week where I spoke to his minister. I commented on that fact that there were many younger couples in his church. He said that he did not know what happened but that most of them had come within the last few months. I thought about our small church in Boise and said to myself "It could happen." I think it helps to envision our church filled with members. With lots of members we can move out of the growth stage and get involved with creating a Heavenly Community.

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