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Unsuspected Cause Of Many Illnesses

I still remember the face of the middle-aged gentleman as he stood before me with a face full of excitement. His eyes were so big as he told me what had happened to him just the day before. I had known this man for quite some time. He was suffering from myasthenia gravis, a condition marked by muscular weakness and progressive fatigue, for many years. Even so, he had managed to build a successful business. A few months earlier he had finally decided to start my Internal Cleansing Program since nothing else seemed to give him any relief from his health problem. Now, there he stood, telling me how the day before he had passed, what he described as thousands of small, seed like parasites. What's more important though, this was the first big event that signaled his victory over his long time sickness.

Since that time I have encountered testimonies from many people in books and articles saying the same thing. They all overcame a variety of health problems when they were able to free themselves from parasites in their body.

Do you experience gas, constipation or diarrhea? Do you suffer from food sensitivities? Do you have allergic reactions and don't know why? Do you have weight management problems-you can't gain or lose weight? Or do you simply sense that something is not quite right with you but you just can't figure out the cause-and neither can your physician? If so, take steps now to rid yourself of intestinal parasites.

Over the last six months I have shared with you the reasons for so many of our nation's health problems. I showed you how properly combining foods for optimal digestion and cleansing your intestinal system, together with cleansing your circulatory and lymph system, can make a huge difference in the way your body functions, the way you feel and the energy you have. In addition, you can avoid many of the so called unavoidable health problems of getting older.

Infestation by intestinal parasites may be one reason why your health is not what it should be. Let's look into this rather unusual subject area of parasites. When you hear the word parasites, chances are that you think about a poor nation in the developing world. Statistics, however, prove that worms are a health hazard, not only in third world countries, but equally as much in the developed world.

"We have a tremendous parasite problem right here in the United States-it's just not being identified," says Peter Weina, Ph.D., Chief of Pathobiology at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. A huge problem is the fact that correctly diagnosing parasite infestation is quite difficult due to the fact that parasitic infections can mimic a number of well known health problems.

According to the American Medical Association, physicians correctly diagnose a disease 16% of the time-that's one out of six! A `scientific' laboratory, (Medical University) will diagnose correctly almost 50% of the time-or one out of two. Indeed, a physician might not be likely to connect an illness to a person's predilection for hot dogs, pork, or playing with pets.

As a known cause of weight problems, the worms are being well fed, while the body is only getting calories, water and a fraction of the nutrients, according to Dr. Donald W. Kelley.

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta warned about the rise of fish tapeworm in America. We eat meat and fish not thoroughly cooked. The diseases are often transmitted by domestic animals. We hug and kiss and sleep with our pets. We handle the dirt in which their contaminated feces is deposited.

In one case, a seven-year-old boy had picked up a worm infestation from his pets. He slept with his animals. He suffered from constant fatigue, was bloated, and had a problem focusing in the sunlight. One specialist suggested leukemia. The animals were kept out of his bed and an intestinal cleansing conducted. In one week the boy was out playing and appeared normal.

Worms overlooked

"Often, the problem is simply overlooked," says nutritionist Ann Gittleman, MS, formerly director of nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center and also staff nutritionist at New York's Bellevue Hospital and the Yale Hill Health Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

"Tapeworms can grow to 50 feet long. You are not only feeding a monster within you but also absorbing the toxicity of its waste products. The most famous tapeworm of recent years belonged to the late opera singer Maria Callas. She had a serious weight and skin problem. When the tapeworm was detected and removed, her weight dropped, her skin improved and her temperament mellowed," said Gittleman.

"Once the intestines are cleansed and the worms and eggs eliminated," she added, "many of the symptoms disappear."

I introduced my Parasite Package in 1990. It consists of two bottles: DIAMIN (which shreds the clinging worms) and DC#1 (which flushes them out). Take these two supplements for one month and you may experience a significant improvement in your overall health. Why one month? The gestation length for Mrs. Worm is about 22 days. Thousands of babies every 22 days, plus all their excreting piles up into problems. That's why we should not miss one day of the simple 30-day program. This program is even more effective if you are already participating in my Internal Cleansing Program. Many parasites become embedded in the intestinal wall, and no amount of DIAMIN or medication can reach them until the mucus and encrusted waste matter overlying the worms are softened and removed.

Knowing farmers have been using diatomaceous earth for years to stay on top of parasitic infestation with their farm animals. They simply mix this natural mineral-laden, soft rock phosphate with meals to avoid parasite problems. So if you are in contact with animals or frequently dine out, I would advise that you make efforts to remove unwanted intestinal parasitic hosts by taking the parasite package more frequently. In recent years many Unificationists have traveled more extensively to developing nations in Latin and South America, Africa and Asia. Picking up parasites through the food and especially the water is rather easy on such trips.

This treatment will do you no harm, even if you feel that you don't have a parasite problem, on the other hand, when one considers the hardships quite a few people experience because of parasite infestation, it is quite amazing how quick, easy and cost effective the solution to the problem can be.

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