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New Hope Academy Establishes Scholarship Fund, Seeks Donations"

Ted Agres-Washington

The New Hope Academy is seeking donors to help establish a special new scholarship fund for qualified elementary-age students. New Hope Academy, a private elementary and pre-school established by Unification Church members six years ago, offers high-quality academics combined with Shimjung education (heart and character).

Due to the lean finances within our movement, the level of corporate sponsorship among businesses has decreased over the last two years. This new scholarship fund, therefore, is especially important since it will allow many more families to enroll their children.

New Hope currently has more than 100 elementary students in grades K-8 and 60 additional children enrolled in day care/pre-school. The school is fully diversified with more than half of these children coming from 20 different faiths and with students and staff representing some 30 different nationalities.

"New Hope provides a beautiful, creative and safe environment that fosters learning and character development," said Joy Morrow, New Hope's principal and administrator. "In addition, results from annual Stanford Achievement Tests place New Hope in the top 20th percentile of all schools -- public but mostly private -- taking that standardized exam," she added.

Equally important, Mrs. Morrow continued, "Shimjung education encourages students to use not only their critical thinking skills, but also to use their conscience and to recognize God's intrinsic presence in all things."

New Hope was started in 1990 when 40 Unificationist families in the Washington, D.C. area pledged $300,000 to handle the costs of starting up a school. "Divine inspiration showed us which building to buy -- a $1.1 million former public school building in a working class neighborhood just outside Washington," said Mrs. Morrow. Dr. Bo Hi Pak, who was at the time in charge of certain businesses in the area, agreed that those businesses would contribute toward the $6,000 per month mortgage payments as well as cover some renovation if the members would handle all the other expenses.

"Father personally approved of this school project and gave it its name -- New Hope Academy," Mrs. Morrow said.

However, over the past few years, the businesses no longer were able to donate the needed funds for the mortgage payments, so the entire financial responsibility has fallen on the member community. "Last year we approached Father about New Hope's finances and he said that we were a project of the American movement and that American families and businesses should sustain it," Mrs. Morrow said.

"This is part of the reason we are approaching the members outside of the Washington area," she added. "We also believe that New Hope's success will allow it to become a model for the same kind of school in various communities all across the country," she said.

The new scholarship fund will provide scholarships to worthy students. Arrangements may be made for older elementary students from around the country to attend New Hope and stay with a local family for a period of time.

Donors may pledge anywhere from $5 a month on up. A donation of $210 per month provides a half scholarship, $105 a quarter scholarship, and smaller amounts may be pooled together to offer additional half and quarter scholarships.

Tax-deductible contributions may be earmarked for preference to grade level, religion, ethnic background, learning disability, talented and gifted, and so on.

Mrs. Morrow also reminds families that an end of the year tax donation to the scholarship fund, or to the school in general, is the perfect way to make sure that you have your full tax deduction for 1995.

Checks and/or pledges should be made out to Unification Educational Foundation, Inc. (UEF) and mailed to: UEF, 7009 Varnum St., Landover Hills, MD 20784. Write for additional information or call: 301/459- 6271.


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